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Business quiz finals


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Business quiz finals

  1. 1. THE B-QUIZ (FINALS) Shrey Manish
  2. 2. ROUND 1
  3. 3. INSTRUCTIONS ▪ 12 Questions. ▪ Infinite Bounce. ▪ +20/-10 on pounce. ▪ +10 on bounce.
  4. 4. 1. SBS Prince Bevarages Pvt. Ltd. seeking to cash in on the popularity of X launched the product "X Cola" sometime in February this year. With the slogan, "Drink and fight for your right", Mr.Kailash Kesarwani, the owner, claims that the product is intended for the "common man". X please?
  6. 6. AAP Cola.
  7. 7. 2. PricewaterhouseCoopers, the global audit firm, is heavily invested in the success of ______.They are well known as the "accountants to the ______". The service PwC is most famous for is safeguarding a "tally" and keeping it a top secret. What tally?
  9. 9. The Oscars.
  10. 10. 3. X is a product developed over ten months beginning in early 2013 based on concept drawings by artist KenWong and subsequently, published by an indie studio Ustwo. Its visual style was inspired by Japanese prints and minimalist sculpture, and was compared by critics to M. C. Escher's drawings and Echochrome. The product witnessed an insane increase in its popularity due to this "event".
  11. 11. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  12. 12. Monument Valley; House of Cards.
  13. 13. 4. Born in Oxford, David Ligertwood was an English cricketer with a not so illustrious First class cricket career. He went on to establish Zing International, a manufacturing firm, where he manufactured "The Zing _____ system". What did he create?
  14. 14. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  15. 15. The Zing Wicket System.
  16. 16. 5. The Weinstein Co. has acquired U.S. distribution rights to "The Founder," an upcoming drama film. Directed by John Lee Hancock, "The Founder" is to tell the story of how Ray Kroc (portrayed by Michael Keaton), a salesman from Illinois, met this brother duo in 1950s Southern California and parlayed their company into a billion-dollar empire. Which company’s story is the inspiration behindThe Founder?
  17. 17. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  18. 18. McDonalds.
  19. 19. 6. Founded more than half a century ago by Mr. Bishan Lal Khandwal, B.L. Agro has a near monopoly with this product in North India. What is this very famous product which shares its name with an Hindi Idiom which loosely translates to a person who does menial, distasteful, hard physical work. ID this brand by B.L. Agro.
  20. 20. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  21. 21. Bail Kolhu.
  22. 22. 7. He was born in the year 1935 in Great Britain and dedicated himself to confectionary and sweets production. He was made famous by a mistake he made: while trying to create sweets from food, he dropped something accidentally in the experiment and the taste somewhat spoiled. Recognizing the sales potential of sweets that presented a "a risk with every mouthful", he started commercializing them after his own name. Who? Or what brand?
  23. 23. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  24. 24. Bertie Bott.
  25. 25. 8. This name is Scandinavian, a short form of a very common Norse name meaning "beauty" and "victory", and comes from the intended name for the original developer's first child. Which very famous application, used worldwide, am I talking about?
  26. 26. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  27. 27. Siri.
  28. 28. 9. From 1965 until September 1975, ____ ranThe Best of Carson reruns of "TheTonight Show", airing them on weekends at local affiliates' discretion . In 1974, Johnny Carson announced that he wanted the weekend shows pulled and saved so that they could be aired during weeknights, allowing him to take time off. Which very famous show now, was started as a filler so that Johnny Carson could have some time off!!
  29. 29. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  30. 30. SNL.
  31. 31. 10. X falls in the category of Repetitive Stress Injury, which occurs due to repetitive use of a device, as indicated by the name. X is a diagnosis for the bilateral wrist pain due to stress on the thumb joints. What has X been named after.
  32. 32. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  33. 33. Whatsappitis.
  34. 34. 11. On July 17th, 1941 NYYankees center fielder Joe Dimaggio failed to get a hit against Cleveland Indians, which brought his historic 56-game hitting streak to an end. He also missed out on some big sponsorship money that would've come his way if he had gotten that hit against the Indians. Who might’ve been the sponsor of that last hit?
  35. 35. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  36. 36. Heinz.
  37. 37. 12. Founded by Kihachiro Onitsuka, X is a Japanese athletic equipment company which produces high end footwear and sports equipment designed for a wide range of sports. The underlying philosophy of the company is referred to in the Latin phrase anima sana in corpore sano which translates as "a healthy mind in a healthy body". Which company?
  38. 38. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  39. 39. Asics.
  40. 40. ROUND 2
  41. 41. INSTRUCTIONS ▪ 6 Images. ▪ Connect. ▪ +20 on or before the 3rd image, 10 otherwise.
  42. 42. +20
  43. 43. +20
  44. 44. +20
  45. 45. +10
  46. 46. +10
  47. 47. +10
  48. 48. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  49. 49. Mad Men.
  50. 50. ROUND 3
  51. 51. INSTRUCTIONS ▪ 12 Questions. ▪ Infinite Bounce. ▪ +20/-10 on pounce. ▪ +10 on bounce.
  52. 52. 1. The _______ effect is a cognitive bias that occurs when consumers place a disproportionately high value on products they partially created. The results suggest that when people use their own labor to do a work, they value it more than if they didn't put any effort into the work, even if it is done poorly. Fill in the Blanks.
  53. 53. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  54. 54. IKEA.
  55. 55. 2. ▪ Daniel Jacob Haugaard is a Danish comedian. He ran for every parliamentary election as a joke from 1979 onwards. Among his outrageous campaign promises were: ▪ 8 hours of free time, 8 hours of rest and 8 hours of sleep ▪ More tailwind on bicycle paths ▪ Promises of better weather, and ▪ _______ in field rations (was actually implemented) ▪ FITB for the yummiest confectionary product (inarguably) from Italy which consumes 25% of world's hazelnut.
  56. 56. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  57. 57. Nutella.
  58. 58. 3. X, a for-profit organization headquartered in Fort Lauderdale was founded in 1938 by Stanley H. _______, who started the business by tutoring students for the NewYork State Regents Exam in the basement of his parents' Brooklyn home. He eventually opened locations around the country. In 1984 the company was sold toTheWashington Post Company. ID X.
  59. 59. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  60. 60. Kaplan.
  61. 61. 4. Path-E-Tech Management is a one of it's kind company which resulted from a merger between Path-Way Electronics and E-Tech Management. According to reviews, the management in the company is horrible and the products are awful. Despite all of this, the company has been successful and made lots of money, becoming a multi-billion dollar company. Who is the most famous employee of the company?
  62. 62. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  63. 63. Dilbert.
  64. 64. 5. Red dot productions is a division of NDTV which caters to the company's Corporate solutions andTelevision programming needs. However, they claim to specialize in unique "person to X" technology. They say, “In the most well guarded corridors of political power, no aspirant can claim to have "arrived" until they feature on _________.” What speciality are they bragging about?
  65. 65. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  66. 66. NDTV Puppets.
  67. 67. 6. The Basset Hound is a short-legged breed of dog of the hound family. They are scent hounds that were originally bred for the purpose of hunting rabbits and hare. The name Basset is derived from the French word bas, meaning "low". What’s this got to do with a business quiz?
  68. 68. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  69. 69. Hush Puppies.
  70. 70. 7. X is an American media conglomerate founded by Edward Willis _______ in 1922.The company is headquartered inside the _______ Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its corporate motto is "Give light and the people will find their own way" which is also signified by it's logo. However we know this company for an altogether different reason as a sponsor of a major international event. Give me the event.
  71. 71. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  72. 72. Scripp’s Spelling Bee.
  73. 73. 8. X started operations as "Dandekar & Co." with "Horse Brand" Ink powders and tablets in 1931. It was incorporated as a private company in 1946, and was converted into a public limited company in 1988. In May 2011, Japanese firm Kokuyo S&T, acquired a 50.74 per cent stake in X. Which iconic company am I talking about which left a mark on all of us?
  74. 74. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  75. 75. Camlin.
  76. 76. 9. Founded by Mr. Janki Das Kapur in an improvised shed at Sonepat in 1951, this company had very humble beginnings. The motivation behind this venture was to provide quality _______ to his countrymen at reasonable prices. By 1965, it had emerged as India's largest _______ manufacturer. Which company?
  77. 77. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  78. 78. Atlas Cycles.
  79. 79. 10. Shree Sant Kripa Group of companies was started under the guidance of Mr. Jeevan Uttamchandani. The company took off with the distribution ofT-series audio cassettes and Cds for Maharashtra. It has now diversified and is a big player in Electronic Appliances. What is the company's most recent and best known product which is a word play on the parent company's name.
  80. 80. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  81. 81. Name of company abbreviates to SSK, hence Syska.
  82. 82. 11.
  83. 83. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  84. 84. The DuPonts.
  85. 85. 12. Mary X is the protagonist of P. L.Travers' Mary X books and all of its adaptations. A magical English nanny, who arrives at the Banks' home at Number 17 CherryTree Lane, London where she is given charge of the Banks' children and teaches them valuable lessons with a magical touch. Give me X who also shares her name with an Indian candy.
  86. 86. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  87. 87. Poppins.
  88. 88. ROUND 4 (LVC)
  89. 89. INSTRUCTIONS ▪ 5 Questions on Pounce. ▪ +10/-5 ▪ Points for connect are indicated against each question.
  90. 90. 1. +60/-30 Since 2007 X had a trademark (Pantone 2865C) in the United Kingdom for the distinctive "appearance" with which it would wrap one of its product.This was originally introduced in 1914 as a tribute to Queen Victoria. In October 2013, however, an appeal by one of it's comepetitor succeeded in overturning that court ruling. ID X, which also has an in-house film production unit called "a glass and a half full productions".
  91. 91. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  92. 92. Cadbury.
  93. 93. 2. +50/-25 X was founded as the Battle CreekToasted Company in February 1906, byWill Keith X as an outgrowth of his work with his brother John Harvey X at the Battle Creek Sanitarium following practices based on the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The company was hugely successful and was renamed X in 1922. It became the world's second-largest snack food company by acquiring a brand from Procter & Gamble for $2.7 billion in a cash deal in 2012.
  94. 94. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  95. 95. Kellog’s.
  96. 96. 3. +40/-20 In the 1920's, X produced so much factory wood that they manufactured it into charcoal and sold it under the name X charcoal. The company was later renamed to Kingsford Charcoal, after a town in Michigan.
  97. 97. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  98. 98. Ford.
  99. 99. 4. +30/-15
  100. 100. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  101. 101. Knorr.
  102. 102. 5. +20/-10 ▪ X Syndrome is the development of a flawed outlook on life. Little girls think there's true love and a "happily ever after" for all of them. ▪ That and their outlook on love is molded into an idea that love is romance and a hot, strong guy that will sweep them off their feet is what romance is (and thus what love is). ▪ While in fact none of these things are true. ▪ ID X?
  103. 103. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  104. 104. Disney.
  105. 105. AND THE ANSWER IS…
  106. 106. Logos adopted from founder’s signature.