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Sse gaming steep_group5b_2011


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Group assignement in SSE course Media Management

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Sse gaming steep_group5b_2011

  1. 1. STEEP ANALYSIS ON GAMING– How economics affect serious games and cloud gaming Henrik Engervall ( Erik Ingemansson ( Karl Nielsen ( Teresia Schullström (
  2. 2. Core concepts• Serious games➡ Used for training, education and simulation• Cloud gaming➡ Streamed online games (both casual and serious games)
  3. 3. STEEP Analysis• A method for external analysis from different perspectives:➡ Socio-cultural➡ Technological➡ Economic➡ Environmental➡ Political
  4. 4. In a period of 2-3 years; How does Economicforce affect cloud gaming?• Cloud gaming subscriptions increases, fewer consols = more players? => Lower "entry barriers". ➡ Recession increases gaming ➡ New markets – no entry barriers ➡ If venture capital needed, general economy affect
  5. 5. In a period of 2-3 years; How does Economicforce affect serious gaming?➡ During recession people study more which leads toincreased serious gaming➡ If turn in economy: Serious games can be used duringrecruitment and training of new employees➡ Unemployment increases gaming on a general level
  6. 6. Thank you for listening!
  7. 7. Reference list1.