Search Engine Marketing Overview BMA Aug 2013 Holladay


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Search Engine Marketing
SEM Behind the Curtain: Introduction and Overview
Presented to the Business Marketing Association, Houston Chapter, August 2013.

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Search Engine Marketing Overview BMA Aug 2013 Holladay

  1. 1. Search Engine Marketing SEM Behind the Curtain: Introduction and Overview For the Houston Business Marketing Association August 15, 2013 Erik Holladay, Global Marketing Director Intertek Commodities Business Lines
  2. 2. About Intertek Intertek is a Global B-to-B Services Company • FTSE 100 Company on the London Stock Exchange (ITRK.L) • 35,000 Employees in over 100 nations • 3 Billion USA Revenue in 2012. • 17% Growth in Revenue, 19% Growth in Profit in 2012 • Business Roots going back to 1885 • Technical services provider: Testing, Inspection, Certification, Consulting • Industries & Markets: Consumer Goods, Electronic Products, Oil & Gas, Refining, Chemicals, Food & Agriculture, Mining & Minerals, Automotive, Aviation, Manufacturing, Environmental, Regulatory, and more • Learn more at:
  3. 3. About Erik Holladay Global Marketing Director for the Intertek Commodities Business Unit for 10+ Years. 14 total years with Intertek. Supporting diverse industry niches as Intertek has grown. Targeting global markets, nations, and languages, for 24/7 lead generation. Transformed a non-performing a small 3,000 visits/month website in 2003 into a hundreds-of-thousands of visits/month lead generation website today- team effort! Called a lead generation “Secret Weapon” by an executive VP, it is SEM lead gen skills which really deserve the title. President’s Club Winner 3 Times, Rookie of the Year, B-to-B Business Development prior to full-time marketing. I know both “sides of the street”, sales & markeing. Business travel to 25 nations and 77 airports, and counting. First Website Project: 1998 First Website Lead: 7 days later. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Marketing. Minor in Biology/Chemistry, San Jose State University. Graduate marketing & management classes at Golden Gate University and Florida International University. Married, with two children.
  4. 4. Why I’m really here: I owe it all to Google Veteran Google SEO and Adwords manager since 2003. Been to Google HQ Twice. Showed up uninvited the first time. “What, No Gift Shop???!” Invited the second time for an official tour.
  5. 5. Marketing Tools Help Your Business Grow Webpages Display Ads Paid Search Organic SEO Video & Internal Messaging Trade Show Banners & Exhibits Trade Show & Event Support Brochures & Fliers Promotional Items Print Advertising PR Social Media Market Research & Intelligence
  6. 6. Search Engine Marketing Brings Visits Search Engine Marketing Drives in Visitors: June 2013 website visits to select Intertek websites: 490,627 total visits 390,093 unique visitors 258,329 visits from organic search engine sites 51,435 visits from paid search engine sites 309,764 total visitors (63.1%) came from SEARCH ENGINES
  7. 7. Search Engine Marketing Brings Visits 180,863 303,607 61,669 June 2013 Web Visits Sources: Other Organic Search Paid Search
  8. 8. Search Engine Marketing Brings in Quality Leads Over 4,000 quality leads worldwide are generated every month: Web-forms Website Origin Emails Website Origin Telephone & Chat At least 85% of the leads are generated from Search Engine Marketing (conservative estimate). Lead generation figures are for global business lines managed or monitored by Erik Holladay only.
  9. 9. Search Engine Marketing Brings in Quality Leads Over 4,000 quality leads generated a month from web-forms, emails, and telephone. Over 3,000 quality leads generated a month from web-form and email only. Website telephone enquiries bring in 1,000 quality leads a month (conservative). Lead generation figures are for global business lines managed or monitored by Erik Holladay only.
  10. 10. Search Engine Marketing Benefits 10 years of Search Engine Marketing experience: Conservatively estimated, over 20 Million Dollars in revenue from search engine generated leads are generated annually on a global basis. The website leads generated produce higher gross margins and open doors to new, previously unknown clients. Quality leads generated range from transactional projects ($500 to $50,000) to major outsourcing and acquisition opportunities in the multi-million dollar range. These figures do not count repeat business. Search Engine Marketing is a significant contributor to Intertek’s organic and acquisition growth. It can even be a game-changer from revealing strategic opportunities. Lead generation figures are for global business lines managed or monitored by Erik Holladay only.
  11. 11. Search Engine Marketing is High Stakes
  12. 12. Search engine traffic is not like other web traffic: Search marketing attracts customers and prospects when they are actively seeking information. Searchers are researching. They are in hunt mode. Searchers are solving a problem. Searcher wants to learn more - NOW. They want relevance and answers - FAST. They want tangible solutions to their problems. Search Engine Marketing is High Stakes
  13. 13. Lead Generation: Who’s Really Running the Show? Search & Web have Changed B-to-B Lead Generation: Customer Behaviors are Quickly Evolving. 80% of B-to-B buyers contacted the solution provider. Less than 10% of buyers were contacted via cold call. 75% of leads to come via web by 2015. Lead Generation Data Source: HubSpot
  14. 14. Pull, Not Push, Lead Generation We must be ready to catch the potential customer’s attention at the right time of their choosing: Be found. With the right content. The right call-to-action. When they are looking. Where they are looking. Search Engine Marketing does all that.
  15. 15. Where People Search Google, BING, and Yahoo Dominate USA Search. COMSCORE USA June 2013: Google: 67% Bing: 18% Yahoo: 11.5% 19.2 billion core search queries: Google: 12.8 billion searches Bing: 3.4 billion searches Yahoo: 2.2 billion searches
  16. 16. Organic and Paid Search Engine Marketing Both Organic and Paid Search have unique advantages and play important complementary roles in lead generation.
  17. 17. Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Organic Search Results. “Natural Search” Source: Paid Search
  18. 18. Organic Search Engine Marketing Organic Search Engine Marketing and Characteristics.
  19. 19. Organic Search Engine Marketing Organic Search Optimization (SEO): • People “trust” organic (natural) search results more than paid. • Professionals & Technical People to prefer organic search results over paid. • Organic search success is “free”. • High Organic Rankings for desirable search terms is extremely valuable. • Just one catch: You’re at the complete mercy of Google & Bing Search Algorithms for SERP results. Organic Search Engine Marketing and Characteristics.
  20. 20. Paid Search Engine Marketing • Obtain high rankings if organic SEM fails. • PPC is cost effective for leads & conversions if properly managed. • Targeting by language, location, demographics, keyword type, more. • Branding tool – Impressions are free exposure. • Combined with organic search rankings, ads build an impression of trust and competency. • Display Ad network reaches far beyond pure search. • Just one catch: Needs $$$$$$, time, and competent management. Paid Search (PPC) brings flexible approaches to lead generation.
  21. 21. Great Search is like a Great Concert Successful Search Performance Needs: Concert Hall = Website Orchestra = Webpages Music = Content
  22. 22. Great Search is like a Great Concert The Well Designed Website: • Webmasters are true collaborative partners • Hire Webmasters who get Search and SEO • “Don’t Make Me Think” Website Design and Navigation • Crawlable Links for Search Engine Bots • Clean, well structured Code on Website • HTML Text, Links, Descriptions (Google Friendly) • Careful use of Flash, Images, Video • A lot more. Follow best practices. • Webmasters create the foundation for SEO Success or Failure. Hire Good Ones! •
  23. 23. Search Engine Bots: Source Code View of a Webpage: WE NEED (Good) WEBMASTERS is WHY THIS
  24. 24. Great Search is like a Great Concert Webpages work together: • Webpages are organized and logical • Organize pages by theme, content • Mini “Home Pages”, Pages are Hierarchical • Webpages complement each other • Minimal content duplication • Clear and easy navigation between pages • Silo by Industry, Niche, Content Theme • More
  25. 25. Webpages Organized Logically by Hierarchy and Niche Content: Petroleum Services Petroleum Testing Petroleum Laboratory Petroleum Sulfur Analysis Petroleum Inspection Petroleum Loss Control Enhanced SEO!
  26. 26. Great Search is like a Great Concert Webpage Content: • Concise • Precise • Relevant • Contains Desired Keywords • Crafted for your Target Market • Lean, Mean, Focused • Cross-linked to related pages • Not too long, not too short, just right! • Human Friendly means Google Friendly
  27. 27. How do People Search? • People search for information and solutions as individuals, using their own frames of reference, prior knowledge, and vocabulary. • The sheer diversity of search terms used by your potential customers will be broad and surprising. 67,000 Organic Search Term Variations of “Testing” in 6 months.
  28. 28. Learn How People Search • Don’t ASSUME what keywords prospective clients will use. • Research for the Search Terms your potential customers are using. • Reference your own client interactions, and those of your colleagues. • Research Website Analytics for search terms. • Research Paid Search accounts for search term popularity. • Use Keyword Research tools (Google, WordTracker). • Experiment with search terms on Search Engines – do you rank? Should you? • Avoid internal company jargon terms no one else uses. • What are your competitors doing?
  29. 29. Researching Keywords “Search Engine Marketing”
  30. 30. “Long Tail” Search Term Tactics Widget Widget Testing Widget Testing Lab Widget Testing Laboratory Source:
  31. 31. Search Engine Battleground: Rankings for Organic & Paid
  32. 32. Google liked this landing page better than 113,000,000 other webpages for organic relevancy for “Fuel Testing”. This webpage is a prime lead generation tool. So What Happened?
  33. 33. The Same Webpage, from behind the CMS Curtain. C CMS = Content Management System Pick a robust, proven, CMS which produces clean webpages for SEO.
  34. 34. Keywords and SEO: An Art and a Science Keywords on Webpages for Organic SEO: • Use keyword(s) in first paragraph on webpage. • Keyword(s) in Title and H2. • Keyword in link URL: • Don’t “over-stuff” keywords on a webpage. • Content must be ‘natural’ and make sense to humans. • Too many different keywords on one webpage will dilute SEO. • Split long webpages into shorter more targeted webpages. • Focused each webpage on a core topic or keyword(s).
  35. 35. Search Engine Optimization • More SEO Basics for Organic Search Optimization: • Benchmark and evaluate SERP results • Use Analytics to ID opportunities, trends, threats • Don’t use “Black Hat” tactics • Use local search tactics • Don’t let good webpages age – update and refresh • Incremental, intelligent, continuous, content updates • SEO tactics, chatter, and fads abound, but the basic principles remain • Don’t produce spammy pages of little value
  36. 36. More Organic Search Engine Optimization • Focus on value proposition and call-to-action • Conduct keyword research • Use “long-tail” search tactics • Research current rankings, act upon results • Organize and prioritize pages • Cross-link relevant pages • Clear and easy navigation Image source: PPCBlog
  38. 38. CONTENT IS KINGCONTENT IS KINGCONTENT IS KINGCONTENT IS KING Great Content Attracts Great Leads. • Content is king. • Effective Content brings quality visitors and professional links. • Search Engines reward Concise, Precise, Relevant content. • Avoid lengthy webpages. • Reduce verbiage that is ‘fluff’ and not needed. • Have a clear, obvious and effective call-to-action. • Be careful, effective, and efficient with content.
  40. 40. Paid Search Engine Marketing: Pay Per Click (PPC): • Google Adwords – DOMINATES. PPC Campaigns on Adwords is essential. • Microsoft Bing – Number Two and trying hard. Worth using • Other Platforms – All Minor or using Adwords and Bing • Advantages: Market Research. Keyword Research • Beware: It is easy to “waste money” on paid search • Pay close attention to key metrics and monitor for changes and trends
  41. 41. Adwords: Clicks Versus Ad Position:
  42. 42. Paid Search Basics: • Campaign Structure • Adword Group Structure • Keywords • Negative Keywords • Ad Content • Landing Pages • And more…. • Y mas…. (Language)
  43. 43. Paid Search is a Parallel Universe to Organic: • Impressions • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) • Clicks • Click-Through-Rate (CTR) • Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) • Conversions • Conversion Rate • Quality Score • Ad Types • Budgeting • Geo-Targeting • Scheduling • More, More, More
  44. 44. Search Engine Marketing Feeds the Sales Funnel Search Engine Marketing feeds quality business enquiries, and helps promote our business to the global marketplace, and inside the company. Helping Grow Top Line Revenue @ Superior Gross Margin since 2003. Image Source:
  45. 45. Search Engine Marketing: A Strategic Role in the Marketing Mix
  46. 46. SEM Educational Resources: Books, Videos, Newsletters, Websites, Blogs, Conferences, Classes, Seminars. Google ‘em to learn more. Google: Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide .pdf Search Engine Optimization (SEO) website Adwords Seminars for Success Matt Cutts, Chief Google Search Quality Officer Search Engine Strategies Conference (SES) Search Marketing Expo Conference (SMX) “Internet Marketing, An Hour a Day”, Matt Bailey, SiteLogic Marketing Brian Geddes, Paid Search Expert and Trainer “High Rankings Advisor”, Jill Whalen, SEO Expert Search Engine Watch Search Engine Land Many other resources!
  47. 47. Search Engine Marketing is a Team Sport: Special thanks and recognition is given to individuals who have supported and played key roles in our global search engine marketing success: Mark Loughead: Visionary, COO, and Executive VP, Retired. Blake Barr: Web Strategy Director. A Digital Mastermind for Good. Brian Lerche: Webmaster since 2004. Worth his Weight in Gold. John Morris: Talented Web-design and Multimedia Resource.
  48. 48. Search Engine Marketing Will Grow Your Business:
  49. 49. Search Engine Marketing Will Grow Your Business: Content is King. Precise, Concise, and Relevant. Good website hierarchy, structure, coding, and navigation. Use Organic and Paid Search for maximum benefit. Constant incremental updates & improvements bring success. Be focused, patient, consistent. Play to win for long-term.
  50. 50. Thank You for your time. For more information please contact: Erik Holladay Global Marketing Director Intertek Commodities Business Lines Email: Email: Tel: +1 713 407 3533 Skype: erik.holladay.intertek Marketing Blog: Linkedin Profile: “Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity” - Lucius Annaeus Seneca