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  • This isn’t the whole family but this is some of them. Top left is me, top middle is my cousin Kayla, top right is my sister Marysa, bottom left is my aunt, bottom middle left is my uncle, bottom middle right is my grandma, bottom right is my grandpa.
  • Robichaud

    1. 1. Hi my name is Regina Marie Robichaud I am a 12 year old girl going on 13. I’m in seventh grade. I used to live in East Boston but then we moved, so now we live in Revere. I am going to make a story about my life. I will talk about my family, my cat family, myself, and maybe a little bit of my childhood. There are many stories and events that have happened in my life, but unfortunately I will not be able to tell each and everyone. My Story
    2. 2. I have a wonderful family. I have my mom, my dad, my sister, my brothers, my grandma and grandpa, my aunt and uncle, and my cousins. My sister Marysa is 10 years old, my brothers Mark and Kevin, Mark is 27 and Kevin is 20. I love my brothers and sister they are great. My aunt and uncle are the best they take me and my sister out to like movies or something like that. Cousins! I love them but they sometimes can get really annoying, because we recently got a new baby cousin well not that recent, she is going to be 4 in December. Her name is Violet and she can be pretty annoying. There are more cousins but I’m not going to tell their names because there are too many, so this was a little about my family. Here I will talk a little about my family.
    3. 3. My Cat Family My cat family that I loved so much but I don’t have them any more because I had to give them away. Here is a little story of how I got my cats. When I was little like around 5 years old someone who knows my aunt asked my mom if we wanted a little kitten, so she said yes. We named him Smokey. Then a few years later during summer, my sister and I found a cat.
    4. 4. My Cat Family Continued Here’s how we found her, my sister and I were outside just sitting waiting for the neighbors to come back from shopping. All of a sudden we looked and there was a cat walking up the stairs right to us, I couldn’t believe my eyes. So I went and grabbed her before she ran away, then I took her inside my house. I asked if I could keep her and my mom said yes but my dad said no, so I convinced him to let us keep her. We then kept but she might have had flea but luckily my friend was a veterinarian. So I called him and he brought a flea shot and gave it to her. We named her Stella.
    5. 5. My Cat Family Still Continued A while later Smokey died January 29, 2009. We still had Stella, and then during April I found a liter of seven kittens one week old. Their mother had abandoned them so I took them home and took care of them until they were old enough. When they were old enough we gave four away to friends and we kept three. There was two boys and one girl, we named them Smokey Jr., Mimi, and Blackie. Smokey Jr. and Mimi are the boys and Blackie was the girl.
    6. 6. About Me Now about me, you know that my name is Regina Marie Robichaud and that I’m 12 years old. What you don’t know is that I was born March 17, 1998. I love kittens and cats, big or small. I love my family. I don’t like school, but I like some subjects like creative thinkers, math, and gym. I have recently moved from East Boston to Revere. I kind of don’t like Revere because I really miss my home town which is East Boston. I also miss my old school Mario Umana Middle School Academy. There are so many memories in east Boston for me I hope that I move back there. One memory is all of my friends over there I really miss them so much.
    7. 7. Conclusion This has been a short story about me and my life. There is much more to learn about me but I will have to talk about that another time. I love my life the way it is and I wouldn’t do anything to change it. I hope that you liked it even though it wasn’t much. Thank you for reading.
    8. 9. Where I used to live Shore Plaza East Where I live now
    9. 10. Old school Mario Umana Middle School Academy New school Garfield Middle School