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Healthcare It Security Necessity Wp101118

  1. 1. The Healthcare IT Security NecessityCenturyLink Meets the Healthcare Securing Your NetworkIT Security Necessity Where to StartLeveraging technology to serve patients requires an Most healthcare practices know the dangers ofinvestment in IT security and risk management. data disclosure; however, knowing where to startHowever, if the system is breached and confidentiality securing their system is often not well compromised, consequences such as lawsuits, fines,and a loss of reputation and public trust may follow. • Know Your VulnerabilitiesMoreover, because medical devices and applications Where do your threats come from?are network driven and talk to a multitude of applications, Internal vs. external threats?they too are subject to intrusion–yet often overlooked.The cost of these devices failing is beyond measure as • Test Your Current Systemlives would be at risk and high-cost replacement or repair Where are your current system gaps?may be needed. • Understand Security StandardsSimply put, healthcare companies and practices cannot What are the current and upcomingafford compromises within their network. healthcare security standards?Protect Operational Integrity with • Gain a Trusted Partner to Build Your Healthcare SecurityCenturyLink Security Solutions What vendors are trusted within theCenturyLink’s security solutions help protect you from healthcare community for security?dangerous viruses, spam and other threats from reachingyour business with state-of-the-art firewalls, disasterprevention, recovery products and on-demand auditreports. In addition you will be consulting with CenturyLinktechnical and customer service teams that work withthousands of healthcare providers. ©2011 CenturyLink, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Not to be distributed or reproduced by anyone other than CenturyLink entities and CenturyLink Channel Alliance members. WP101118 07/11
  2. 2. CenturyLink Security Analysis Services CenturyLink ManagedUnderstanding Vulnerabilities and Testing Your System Security Services Trusted by Healthcare Providers NationwideOur analysis services enable both macro and microinspections of your current network integrity to determine Our Firewall and VPNs, Network Intrusion (IDS/immediate short-term and strategic long-term steps in IPS), Host Intrusion (IDS/IPS), and Two-Factorstabilizing your system. Authentication services are used by large and small healthcare providers. These services provide:Attack and Penetration (A&P)Identify vulnerabilities and attempt to exploit to gain access Intelligence and Early Warningto system/ information from either the WAN or LAN Global event correlation and intelligence feeds deliver up to date information on significantWeb Application Security (WAS) Reviews potential threats and vulnerabilities via portal,Assess Web applications for various vulnerabilities e-mail, or pager to youand misconfigurations Health and Wellness MonitoringInformation System Security (INFOSEC) Monitors security infrastructure’s current healthRisk Assessment to identify system failures or weaknesses that may16 area security risk assessment, based off NSA IAM affect performanceguidelines/ISO standards, creating an action plan fromcurrent state to desired state Change Management Changes security policy upon request andCross Compliance Support maintains equipment to current validated levels.Develop a cross-utilized matrix for each regulation to Changes are documented in portal and coordinatedreduce scope and increase efficiency (GLBA, HIPAA, SOX, with youPCI, FISMA, NERC CIP, TG-3, etc.) Event/Incident ManagementCenturyLink Customer Service Aggregates all events for review 24/7 by securityBuilding a Trusted, Vendor Partnership analysts. Our analysts investigate events, manage incident, and provide postincident root-causeCenturyLink’s extensive experience has shown that analysissound security is acquired by providing holistic service.Our security services are comprehensive and built onaward winning customer service. Our experienced projectmanagement team, customer service, and expert technicaldesign and support teams will be at your side step bystep to secure your network correctly. Your CenturyLinkProject Manager will oversee the implementation includingassisting you with planning, development, and executionof your security services to help you meet HIPAA andFISMA standards. ©2011 CenturyLink, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Not to be distributed or reproduced by anyone other than CenturyLink entities and CenturyLink Channel Alliance members. WP101118 07/11