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Peace solutions rotary int'l presentation


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Here is a powerpoint version of my keynote presentation last Tuesday.

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Peace solutions rotary int'l presentation

  1. 1. Peace Solutions
  2. 2. Our Vision Creating a more peaceful world
  3. 3. How We do that is our Mission Creating a more peaceful world though: • being of service to others promoting integrity advancing understanding and good will
  4. 4. How that Shows Up Building a water line for 767 children in a remote Myanmar High School so they don’t spend hours each day carrying water to their school.
  5. 5. Peace Solutions My role in WE Rotary envisions being a messenger on what has worked Focus on solutions bringing more Peace It’s about putting intention and energy to results and outcomes How its already much better?...
  6. 6. Focus on Peace • Most Media Purposefully Opposite of What is True • Sensationalizes the Bad • Ignores What is Positively Working • If we Desire a More Peaceful World— Then I Choose to Focus on What Already Works to Show.....
  7. 7. The World Has Never Been More at Peace Than Now Let me share some key facts and data with you Promise not to be dull and to keep it short...
  8. 8. • Safer Today Than Ever Before • Locally • Globally • Statistically
  9. 9. Even NGOs Despite Good Intentions Skew Truth. A few Quick Facts: From 250 down to 10 per million; 1950s, there were almost 250 deaths caused by war per million people. Now, there are less than 10 per million. “There is not a single country in the world where infant or child mortality today is not lower than it was in 1950,” — Angus Deaton, Princeton economist on global health issues. (WHO study confirmed too.) Bill Gates Foundation report on less poverty ever; FBI Crime Statistics show we are safer today than in the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s.
  10. 10. Human Security Project
  11. 11. The Great Green Wall = “Peace Wall” •4,300 miles long •9 miles Wide •Wall of Trees Planted Across The Saraha •Encompass 11 African Nations Coast to Coast •Communities & Nations Come Together •Doing That Produces Viable Solution on Climate Change The Future is even more Promising; Peace is a byproduct...
  12. 12. Erik Fulkerson Membership Chair +1-714-497-8645 Twitter: @BigErik THANK YOU! Please Contact Me for More Info: