Design Brief from Team 12


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Design Brief prepared by team 12 located in Canada for team 10 located in Korea

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Design Brief from Team 12

  1. 1. DESIGN BRIEF Bellefleur Gauthier, Leah Charbonneau, Juliane Cyuzuzo, Nadine
  2. 2. PROJECT OVERVIEW A TRADITION OF CELEBRATING WINTER The winter season plays a big part of quebec culture. Although we have four seasons, more than half of the year is dedicated to the winter season. The Quebec Winter Carnival is a world-renowned two week festival that aims to give people a reason to discover, to celebrate and to appreciate the winter season and all it has to offer. This winter celebration began in 1894 from a tradition of bringing together the habitants of New France in festive gatherings before the celebration of Lent. It also served to elevate their spirits during the harsh winter conditions. The first official Quebec Winter Carnival was held in the winter of 1955 and the “Bonhomme Carnival” made its first official appearance as the representative of the Carnival.
  3. 3. PROJECT OVERVIEW A TRADITION OF CELEBRATING WINTER Many rituals and activities were created to occupy and entertain people during the cold winter months. Here are some of the traditional ways to celebrate winter during the Quebec Carnival that still exist today: Snow and ice sculpture   Sliding on toboggans Dog sled races  
  4. 4. Sleigh rides Ice hockey Snowshoes St-Lawrence canoe races  
  5. 5. PROJECT OVERVIEW DIVERSITY OF POPULATION AND CULTURE One of the main richness of Quebec comes from the diversity of its cultural communities, which makes the province a pluralist society. More than a hundred of cultural communities cohabit on Quebec’s territory and more than 80 different languages are being spoke. Quebec’s culture is the image of it’s population: diverse, colorful and original. Quebec has developed a culture that is vibrant, definitely contemporary and open to the world, a culture at the crossroads of European and American trends. More precisely, the city of Montreal has a mixed cultural heritage, and it would be impossible to discuss Montreal’s French speaking heritage whitout taking into account the various cultural influences that have had an impact on it and brought renewal to the city. Since Quebec is a province that welcomes a lot of immigrants, it is important to consider how newcomers experience their new lives in the province and the process of integration. Immigrants can experience culture shock when leaving their country for a new home. Children that haven’t experienced cold weather and the presence of snow don’t necessarly understand the pleasure and the fun aspects that come with winter.
  6. 6. PROJECT SCOPE TARGET MARKET: IMMIGRANT CHILDREN The population of Quebec is mostly growing because of immigration. A good effect of immigration is the cultural mashup that occurs when people exchange on their origins and new discoveries. With this project we want to focus on immigrant children of 7 to 10 years old, who are living in cities. We imagine that they would have access to a small or medium backyard, as well as a district park. The celebration of winter can provide an opportunity to facilitate the process of integration. The developed concept should adress: Children of 7 to 10 years old that are immigrants, newly arrived in Quebec with small to medium backyards living in cities OR access to a park
  7. 7. EXPLORATION AVENUES MOTIVATION INTERACTION INTEGRATION something that you own motivate you to go outside and to interact with others THE MORE THE MERRIER more possibilities of creation with more people a whole that is completed or transformed by interaction with others
  8. 8. EXPECTATIONS DIRECTION OF THE TASK Imagine a new way to celebrate winter and encourage the integration of the child through interaction 1 the primary objective of the item is to motivate the child to play in the snow, to be curious and eager to find out all the ways one can enjoy winter 2 the object should promote the interaction with the other children 3 the developed concept should be inspired by the enthusiasm of the Quebec Winter Carnival OUR RESOURCES We have three workshops: wood, metal, plastic We also have access to laser cutting and sewing machines
  9. 9. TIMELINE You have from the 17th of october until the 6th of november to develop, refine and present your final design concept. oct.17 Begin developping design concepts oct.23 Provide 12 initial design concepts oct.30 Present 2 variations of the refined concepts nov.6 Upload final design concept, technical drawings and instructions
  10. 10. REFERENCES QUÉBEC WINTER CARNIVAL: ETHNIC DIVERSITY AND IMMIGRATION CASE STUDY: focusing on how to encourage children to participate in winter-based outdoor activities and to cultivate a more “positive” attitude toward the cold, snowy season. INFORMATIONS CONCERNING CULTURE SHOCK vivre_a_quebec/choc_culturel_et_adaptation/ ADAPTATION TO A NEW CULTURE
  11. 11. THANK YOU! Bellefleur Gauthier, Leah Charbonneau, Juliane Cyuzuzo, Nadine Contact infos: