Hummingbirds out your window


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My 3rd grader's report on the hummingbirds outside her bedroom window

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Hummingbirds out your window

  1. 1. Hummingbirdsout yourwindowBy Eleanor Thornes(Anna’s Hummingbirds)
  2. 2. Humming are very very shyI am so lucky that I got one outside mybedroom window. Do you know how shyhumming birds are? How well manneredthey are? How fast they flap their wings? Well you’re just about to find out!
  3. 3. The egg and nestsI know what you are thinking, “wait an egg!”but they are very fascinating, so are the nests. The eggs can fit about 18 in one chicken egg The nests are about 4 centimeters across (we’ll talk about that later) The nests are made of spider silk to stretch as they get older There are about 2 eggs in every nest
  4. 4. The baby birds are pushing thenest to do something, but what?
  5. 5. Babies need no practiceThese babies need no practice in almostswallowing their momma’s whole beak!
  6. 6. Better than dogsBaby hummingbirds are better manneredthan dogs. Do you know why? Look on therim of their nest!
  7. 7. The size is important! The thumb is two cm The nest is 1 in and ¼ across . tall
  8. 8. Weird! Traits they shareBabies look likedinos! They lay Some even eggs! had feathers they have small, pointy, orange, beaks! They have bumps on their heads
  9. 9. Extra cool facts! They flap their wings 75 times per second at average. The humming never walks on ground ever. They use so much energy that they need food every 15 minuets that’s so much calories that we would need 155,000 calories a day if we did that! We would need 285 pounds of hamburger if we burned that much!
  10. 10. I say thanks to, EstherTyrrell (for making “Hummingbirds: Jewels in the Sky”) my mom Erika Thornes (for taking pictures) And my 3rd grade teacher (for recommending this)
  11. 11. THE END