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  1. 1. Tom & Erika Madsen 100 Connemara Dr. Cary, NC 27519 919-520-6612
  2. 2. Exceptional Service Guarantee for Sellers This Exceptional Service Guarantee is your written commitment that Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston and your sales associate will perform the services stated below as part of the exclusive sellers agreement. I Will: 1. Recommend enhancements that will increase the property’s appeal to Buyers. 2. Help you develop a pricing strategy by providing information about properties that have recently sold, are under contract, and are currently on the market. 3. Create a marketing plan that includes strategies to give the property total exposure to real estate agents, local buyers, relocating buyers, CBHPW associates and Internet buyers, based on the selected level in the HOMES program. 4. Present and review all legal forms required by the State of North Carolina including an explanation of agency. 5. Review your property history and disclosure statement and deliver it to each prospective buyer. 6. Furnish and review an estimate of the proceeds that you can expect from the sale of your property. 7. Recommend professional service providers such as the home warranty companies. 8. Consult with TowneBank Mortgage to establish the most favorable financing options to a potential buyer and display those in your property. 9. Monitor feedback from showings and recommend marketing and enhancement adjustments. 10. Commit to regular communication including prospective buyer activity and feedback. 11. Communicate with you weekly to review the activity. 12. Return your phone call or e-mail within 24 hours or less. 13. Require that prospective buyers submit pre-approval letters with all offers. If necessary, verify validity of the pre-approval letter by checking with the financing institution and TowneBank Mortgage. 14. Negotiate the price, terms, and conditions to reach an agreement that is favorable for you. Continue to negotiate after the contract by providing inspection request assistance. 15. Provide Concierge assistance to help you prepare for and complete your move. 16. Coordinate showings and after-sale inspection appointments. 17. Monitor the contract status and satisfaction of contract contingencies. 18. Offer you our home buying or our referral assistance. 19. Attend the closing. 20. Follow-up after the closing to ensure that details have been completed. 21. Provide you with the opportunity to evaluate my service provided through Coldwell Banker Customer Satisfaction. Signature Date Signature Date Should Coldwell Banker Howard Perry andWalston not perform the services stated above, you are entitled to terminate the exclusive listing agreement on your property. Written termination must be presented by you in person to the Office Manager. You also agree to provide CBHPW with an opportunity to correct the situation within a 72 hour period following delivery of the termination notice. If the exclusive listing agreement with you is terminated, the termination provisions of the exclusive listing agreement shall apply.
  3. 3. Things you need to know about marketing your home… • 94% of home buyers use the Internet to search for homes. • The median age of home buyers using the Internet to search for homes is 37 years old. • The real estate agent is still the primary resource used by buyers in their home search.
  4. 4. Exposure - Increase Buyer Flow • Motivate agents • Motivate buyers • Master marketer • Over 40 Web sites
  5. 5. Advertising Your Home Where the Buyers Are… 94% of home buyers used the Internet to search for homes. 90% of sellers reported that their home was listed or advertised on the Internet, up 30% during the past six years. Around 60% of buyers were also likely to walk through homes viewed online. More than 80% of home buyers found photos and detailed information about the property online very useful when searching for a home. The median age of home buyers using the Internet to search for homes is 37 years old. Statistics courtesy of the 2009 NAR Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers
  6. 6. What does Social Media have to do with selling your home? Don’t think it is important that your Realtor® and their real estate company are actively involved in social networking? Think again. • Facebook reaches 56% of the active U.S. Internet universe, with each user spending an average of 6 hrs a month on the site • Facebook is the #3 website visited by users 65 and older • Twitter grew 500% year over year • Time spent on social networking sites in the U.S. increased 277% • The average U.S. worker spends 5 hrs a month visiting social networks at the office *(Statistics Courtesy of Nielsen Wire, Jan 2010)
  7. 7. Exposure on the Web 87% of Buyers are starting their home search online Buyers are 10 times more likely to find the home they purchase online than in the newspaper Buyers are 32 times more likely to find the home they purchase online than in a homes magazine. Let the Internet Power of CBHPW work for You and Your Home • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ­• • Yahoo Real Estate • • • • AOL Real Estate • Yahoo Classifieds • • • • • • Lycos Classifieds • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Statistics courtesy of the 2009 NAR Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers
  8. 8. Studies show that people are more inclined to do business with a company they can build a relationship with and trust. Our print advertising campaign focuses on real families that we’ve helped to buy or sell a home. In 2009, 94% of home buyers used the Internet to search for homes.* To capture this significant number of buyers, our impressive online presence features prominent advertising with emphasis on capturing home buyers and sellers immediately on leading national websites. We feature enhanced listings and additional advertising on: In addition to all of this concentrated online advertising, all CBHPW listings feed to over 40 national real estate websites. You deserve the best support possible from your real estate company. What Should Your Real Estate Company Do For YOU? *2009 NAR Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers
  9. 9. Exposure to Real Estate Agents • Hot Properties • Caravan • Weekly sales meeting • Direct email
  10. 10. Exposure to Buyers • MyAgentOnline • Advertising • Signage • 24/7 on-duty agent • Newspaper • Direct mail • Open house (Where applicable) • Yard brochure box • Home information store • Custom web address • FloorPlanOnline virtual tour *As applies within the HOMES program
  11. 11. Ineffective MLS Listing
  12. 12. Effective MLS Listing
  13. 13. Action- Generating More Offers • More action means more offers • Follow up with showing agents • Educate the buyer’s agent
  14. 14. MyHomeOnline
  15. 15. Time is Precious! - That’s why we have LeadRouter… • Customers who find your home online can submit an inquiry about your listing • Each incoming website inquiry about your property is immediately sent to your Realtor® via LeadRouter phone or email for a quick response • Customer details are recorded in the LeadRouter system, for ongoing follow up by your Realtor® • Customer assistance within minutes!
  16. 16. Price - Best List Price Results in Best Sale Price • Educate you on trends • Snapshot of how your home fits into the market • Slightly less, slightly more pricing strategy
  17. 17. What Affects the Market Value of Your Property? In understanding the market value of your property, we must deal with some factors that are “given” – we have no control over them: Physical qualities of your property: Location Age Size of house and lot Floor plan and architectural style Market Conditions: Interest rates and availability of financing Buyer demand Prices of recently sold properties State of the economy Seasonal demand The Competition: The number of similar properties for sale Their prices, financing terms, location and physical condition Some factors have no effect on the current value of your property: Original price: What you originally paid for your house Needed proceeds: The cash proceeds you want or need from the sale Opinions: What people say your property is worth
  18. 18. An Important Message About the Value of Your House Market Value Your house has many values to the tax assessor, your lender and insurance company, and to you. It also has what’s called “market value” to prospective buyers. The best price obtainable can only be determined by testing the market and challenging the competition. In the end, the market dictates the value based on current conditions, number of home buyers, etc. Competitive Market Analysis The price at which you choose to market you property will be an estimate of the “test results” once your house is placed on the market. To help determine a price for your home, a Competitive Market Analysis is included in your customized Marketing Action Plan. Buyers do “comparison shopping” and the Competitive Market Analysis focuses on properties on the market competing for buyer attention. Houses that have been recently sold, and houses that did not sell, are also examined to see what recent buyers were and were not willing to pay. The price of your house must attract enough attention among buyers and brokers to generate showings and offers.
  19. 19. Recently Sold Each mark indicates the actual selling price of a property in the competitive range. Selling Price (in thousands) Currently For Sale Each mark indicates the list price of a competitive property now on the market. Current List Price (in thousands) Did Not Sell Each mark indicates the final list price of a property that was offered for sale but did not sell. Final List Price (in thousands) Competitive Price Lines
  20. 20. Pricing Disclosure “The Hazards of Overpricing Your Property” • Your property will rarely be shown or not shown at all. • Your property will not sell within the time frame you want to move. • Your property will be used to help sell other properties. • Your property will get “stale” on the market. • Even if it does sell, your property may not appraise. • An unrealistic price discourages bona fide purchasers from making an offer. • Offers that do come in will appear low, but will actually reflect the real value. • Your property may not sell at all. Property Address: Recommended Price: Listed Price: Sales Associate has advised the Seller(s) of the dangers of overpricing, but Seller(s) has elected to price the property higher than the market dictates. Seller(s) therefore accept(s) responsibility for the above- mentioned “Hazards of Overpricing the Listing.” Seller Date Seller Date
  21. 21. Negotiate- Where a Sale Begins or Ends • You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate • Don’t alienate buyers, don’t weaken your position
  22. 22. A Word of Caution In order to maintain the strongest negotiating position, we recommend that you do not discuss the following information with any buyers or other real estate agents. • Reason for selling • Urgency to sell • Willingness to consider an offer less than listing price • Financing terms you would accept • Personal property you might be willing to include • Timing and benefits from your company (if a corporate relocation) • Any other confidential information
  23. 23. Contract Negotiations 1/21
  24. 24. Closing the Sale Handling the details We will monitor the progress of the transaction, including the satisfaction of contingencies and conditions. Working with the buyer’s agent We will continue to work on your behalf in dealing with the buyer’s broker. Keeping you informed We will stay in touch on a regular basis to keep you informed and answer your questions throughout the entire transaction.
  25. 25. Closing Responsibilities Seller Side - Resale This is a sample of the more than 200 things that should be considered. ___ Change status in MLS and Web site ___ Deliver contract to closing firm/attorney ___ Turn in earnest money ___ Contact lender, verify loan application completed ___ Verify Condo/HOA documents are ordered ___ Coordinate inspections ___ Order HOA documents if needed ___ Verify appraisal ordered ___ Send survey/title information to closing attorney ___ Verify with closing attorney the title search is ordered ___ Verify home inspection completed ___ Get status from lender/commitment letter ___ Verify well and septic report completed if needed ___ Verify title is clear and survey is ordered ___ Negotiate repair request ___ Assist in securing vendors for home repairs ___ Confirm financing status with lender ___ Send home warranty information to closing attorney ___ Verify payoff from existing lender ordered ___ Verify loan is out of underwriting ___ Advise seller of last details ___ Check in with lender/clear to close ___ Get copy of well and septic report for file ___ Confirm time of final walkthrough ___ Contact closing attorney for preliminary HUD ___ Contact seller - bring keys to closing/photo ID ___ Walkthrough completed ___ Check in with seller needs/concerns ___ Contact attorney for final HUD and post ___ Pick up signs and lockbox ___ Provide seller information for closing attorney ___ Attend closing ___ Follow up after closing to ensure all details have been completed
  26. 26. Before, During and After the Sale Through our network of more than 80 local and national companies, you will have access to a variety of products and services, some discounted. Whether you need interior or exterior improvements, moving assistance, or temporary lodging, Concierge can provide high quality recommendations that can save you both time and money. Transaction-Related Services • Mortgage • Title Insurance • Home warranty • Insurance (Auto, Home, Life and Commercial) Pre-Move Services • Mobile mini-storage • Moving van lines • Moving supplies/boxes • Temporary housing • Hotel accommodations • Furniture Rental Post Closing and Seller Services • Home repair and remodeling • Landscaping and lawn maintenance • Handyman services • Painting • Security systems • Locksmith service • Decorating • Housecleaning • Blinds/shutters • And Much More! It’s Easy! Visit us at
  27. 27. Personal Touch and Timely Response Results We will report the results of events such as open houses and property showings. Trends We will discuss current trends in buyer activity, interest rates and competitive prices. Suggestions We will share suggestions from other real estate professionals who have previewed or shown your property. Progress We will provide a weekly progress report on the promotion and sale of your property. You will hear from me regularly on the progress of our marketing activities.
  28. 28. My Company- More Than Just a Sign • National and local name recognition • Full-service company • Long reputable history • Coldwell Banker, over 100 years • Howard Perry and Walston, over 35 years
  29. 29. #1 Real Estate Company in the Triangle According to 2007 & 2008 Real Trends 500, a study representing the standard of measuring the performance of the nation’s leading realty service firms, Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston took the top spot in the Triangle Market in 2007 & 2008 for closed transaction sides and total volume. Also named the #1 Real Estate Company in the Triangle by the Triangle Business Journal.
  30. 30. HPW Foundation Through the years, Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston (CBHPW) has continued to raise the bar for supporting those in need. In the late 1990’s, the HPW Foundation was established to create opportunities for employees and sales associates to support charitable and non-profit organizations in their local communities. In turn, the company provides matching funds, allowing individual contributions to make an even greater impact. The HPW Foundation supports various not-for-profit organizations to benefit countless individuals throughout the Triangle and central North Carolina. Since its inception, the group has given more than $668,000 to local charitable organizations. The HPW Foundation recipients have included Habitat for Humanity, Susan G. Komen for the Cure/ NC Triangle Affiliate, The Frankie Lemmon Foundation, Junior Achievement of Eastern North Carolina, local arts councils, area rescue missions, Me Fine Foundation, Second Chance Pet Adoptions and Special Olympics North Carolina.
  31. 31. The Triangle’s Leading Real Estate Company Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston has been a driving force in the Triangle’s residential real estate market for more than 35 years. Today, this full-service real estate company includes: • 650+ real estate professionals and sales offices across the Triangle • The Triangle’s premier new homes division • The Triangle’s leading relocation division • A trusted and reliable mortgage company • An insurance company with personal, automotive and commercial programs • A title company with competitive rates and exceptional customer service • North Carolina’s leading real estate school • Platinum status with the world’s leading relocation company, Cartus • Voted #1 Best Place to Work in the Triangle in 2007 and 2008 - Triangle Business Journal • Named #1 Real Estate Company in the Triangle in 2009 - Triangle Business Journal The Leader in Real Estate Technology 87% of people shopping for a home now study online listings first. Who wants to drive around looking at 20 houses between 8:30 and noon, when you can disqualify all but the top five by viewing photos or taking virtual tours online? Yet Realtors still remain a vital part of the transaction equation. Like buyers and sellers, Realtors depend on technology. For the benefit of our clients and agents alike, Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston has made it a priority to invest in the newest and best technology the Internet has to offer. • Community Films and innovative video content on HPWtv • Web Presence on over 40 leading national websites • Interactive Map Search • Detailed Home Search • On-Demand Electronic Signature Service- DocuSign • “Click to Chat” and “Click to Call”
  32. 32. 2009 VITAL STATISTICS • Over $1.3 BILLION in Sales Volume • 5,949 Transactions • 4,118 Listings • Over 6,500 Open Houses • Over 650 Realtors® • Over 65 CBHPW new home communities • #1 Real Estate Company in the Triangle Area (Real Trends 500, Triangle Business Journal) • #64 Real estate company in the nation in closed sides (Realtor Magazine) • #65 Real estate company in the nation in sales (Realtor Magazine) • #1 Coldwell Banker Company in North Carolina (Closed AGCI) • #7 Coldwell Banker Company in the Nation (Closed AGCI) • Voted “#1 Best Place to Work in the Triangle” in 2007 and 2008 (Triangle Business Journal) • #62 Real estate company in the nation in closed sides (Real Trends 500) • #66 Real estate company in the nation in sales volume (Real Trends 500) • National Coldwell Banker Chairman’s Circle • Named one of the Triangle area’s “Top Corporate Philanthropists”(Triangle Business Journal) • National Coldwell Banker Golden Hammer Centennial Award (Habitat for Humanity) • Coldwell Banker was ranked as having the “Highest Overall Satisfaction For Home Sellers Among National Full Service Real Estate Firms” by J.D. Power and Associates in their 2009 Home Buyer/Seller StudySM***. *** Coldwell Banker received the highest numerical score among full service real estate firms for home sellers in the proprietary J.D. Power and Associates 2009 Home Buyer/Seller StudySM . Study based on 3,138 total evaluations measuring 5 firms and measures opinions of individuals who sold a home between March 2008 and April 2009. Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed April-June 2009. Your experiences may vary. Visit
  33. 33. CBHPW Team • Your Trusted Advisor In Real Estate© • Skillful negotiator • Consultant • Help you make good decisions • Master marketer 98% of buyers considered honesty and integrity the most important factors when choosing an agent.* *Statistics courtesy of the 2009 NAR Profile of Homebuyers & Sellers
  34. 34. Coldwell Banker Howard Perry and Walston associates have a 96.8% satisfaction rating!
  35. 35. Your Home – Your Choice