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Complex End-to-End Testing


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Learn how Parasoft SOAtest simplifies the complex end-to-end testing vital for business-critical APIs, cloud migration, and SOA / composite applications.

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Complex End-to-End Testing

  1. 1. End-to-End Testing with SOAtest
  2. 2. Parasoft SOAtest• Parasoft provides software development organizations an automated infrastructure to control and improve the process of developing business applications• Parasoft SOAtest is a platform for Web and SOA … –Quality Governance – Enforcing Design and Development Policies – Preventing Errors (e.g. security, interoperability) –Environment Management – Service Virtualization – Platform Awareness –End-to-End Testing – Advanced test construction – Easily Model Complex Scenarios – Functional Validation –Process Visibility and Control – Streamlined collaborative workflow
  3. 3. Service Oriented Architecture Meeting SOA goals of service reuse and interoperability to ensure service functionalityService Oriented Architecture Ideology:  Independent functioning business blocks  Flexible Components  Reusable “Services”Benefits:  Stop writing custom APIs  Reduce OS and platform dependencies  Reduce development time  Adapt and respond to new/changing needs  Standardizes shared functionality
  4. 4. Parasoft Test  Parasoft Test includes language, functional, load and penetration testing  Parasoft Test - overview of functional, load and penetration testing  Parasoft SOAtest  Parasoft Jtest  Parasoft .TEST  The most comprehensive support of protocols  Java  BPEL  RIA / AJAX HTTPS/HTTP 1.0  .NET Languages  XML (PoX)  JSP 1.1  SOA / Services  HTML  JavaScript TCP/IP  SOAP  CSS  VB Script/ASP SMTP  WSDL  MQ (IBM, Sonic)  UDDI .NET WCF  WS-* Standards  Tibco JMS  WSIL  REST  EJB  MTOM/MIME/DIME HL7  RMI  JSON FTP  webMethods  SQL ISO 8583Parasoft Proprietary and Confidential
  5. 5. Parasoft Test – Functionality  Functionality in a central, uniform interface  Web application / cloud testing  End-to-End testing (extensive protocol support)  Application behavior virtualization (stubbing for unavailable apps)  Load testing  Security penetration testing  Compliance verification  Manual testing  Requirements based testing  Change based testing  GUI testing (Java / .NET)  Development / QA task management and distribution  Seamless integration language products, deep analysis of servers  The key to effective usage is uniform application with minimal impact on the developer/QA workflowParasoft Proprietary and Confidential
  6. 6. Complexity Challenge: End to End Testing SOAP over HTTPS Business Partner Internet Internet Amount NO Receive Transaction Transform Send Validate > XML XML + Message Notification $10000 YES Validate Check Customer Web Status Application JMS Database updated InternetWeb Browser CRM Application Validate Validate
  7. 7. Load Testing No Scripting Reuse functional tests created by the team Highly scaleable to a large number of virtual users System Under Test Business Partner Cloud CRM Virtual ESB App Users Integration Broker Orchestration / BPM Java App Web Virtual Application Users Virtual Users Virtual SOAtest Users Master
  8. 8. Compliance Verification  Comprehensive set of a rules to check adherence to best practices  Extensive breadth of rules  HTTP  WSDL  JavaScript  Rule sets for specific initiatives  Disability Act (Section 508)  HIPAA (Data Privacy)  Security (OWASP)  Many more…  Brand enforcement.  Configure custom rules to enforce look, feel, branding and legal element of a web pageParasoft Proprietary and Confidential
  9. 9. Conclusions  Very comprehensive product  The broadest (most comprehensive) scope of functionality  The broadest support of protocols  Support test reuse and group collaboration  Requirement, change-based testing  Functionality preserved with greater productivity  Scenario, change-based testing  Extensible system for facilitate cooperation between QA and developmentParasoft Proprietary and Confidential