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Teacher appreciation week

Top Ten Reasons ELL Teachers are so great for Teacher Appreciation Week

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Teacher appreciation week

  1. 1. + Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! From the Office of Multilingual Learning
  2. 2. + Here are the top ten reasons why EL teachers are so great…
  3. 3. + 10. EL teachers can magically communicate with people with whom they don’t share a common language.
  4. 4. + 9. Are the teachers who all the students want to join when they take their small groups... “Awwww, I want to go with Ms./Mr. ______! When do I get to go with Ms./Mr. ________! It’s not fair, I never get to go with Ms./Mr. ________!”
  5. 5. + 8. They have decorated their classrooms (or carts) with beautiful art from all around the world.
  6. 6. + 7. Have tried at least three of the following foods and now eat or drink them regularly: pho soup, sambusa, spring rolls, sticky rice, tricolor desert, pupusa, empanada, kimchi, mochi, atole, horchata, jamaica, ceviche, mole, pozole, halwa, Somali rice, papaya salad…
  7. 7. + 6. Can CALP their BICS, or BICS their CALP on demand and when appropriate.
  8. 8. + 5. Have a 2nd marriage (and sometimes a 3rd, 4th, 5th …..) and have 25 or more kids with each of their spouses.
  9. 9. + 4. Never have to go to yoga class, because they are already so flexible.
  10. 10. + 3. Can swear in and/or understand inappropriate words and body parts in at least three languages other than English. #%@&! å&*$!
  11. 11. + 2. Have become experts in valence electrons, human migration, writing argumentative text, and pythagorean theorem just this year.
  12. 12. + 1. Would have a hard time deciding between hearing Stephen Krashen speak and going to see their favorite band perform.
  13. 13. + Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!! Thank you for everything that you do. From: Erika the Giraffe, Kareem, Sana & Omar, The Tall Hat People and The Short Hat People, the Emperor penguin chick, and your TOSAs.