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Alison’s newsletter

  1. 1. The Little WayAlison Wanner   3200 Old Red Trail   Mandan, ND 58554    701-214-1746    alison.wanner@focus.orgMay 2013 Missionary Update Minnesota State University – MankatoPrayer Requests:  • For the new newman center building project  • For students to continue to be formed over the summer  • For those who are discerning God’s will for their lives  • For zeal for souls - to inspire us all to share the beauty of God’s love and peace  • For my new team and campus transition and preparation for the U of MaryPeace to you this beautiful spring - I have newsof my next placement! I will be moving closer tomy hometown - to Bismarck, North Dakota tocontinue on staff with FOCUS as the new TeamDirector for the University of Mary. This bringsme great joy to be closer to my family and to beasked to lead a team of missionaries. I have muchto learn and grow in and am at peace with whatGod is calling me to be a part of mission there.As I wrapped up my time in Mankato with themany people I’ve met over the past two years,the end of the school year was filled with beautifulconversations and hope for their future.I am currently in Denver, Colorado, at teamdirector training. Next week I’ll move my thingsback to Mandan before heading to Ave Maria,Florida for six weeks to be part of new stafftraining. I will be helping new and 2nd yearmissionaries from across the nation. There willbe over 300 missionaries in one place, so I’mexcited for the great experiences to be hadthere! Right after training I will be attending myMankato teammate Andrew’s wedding in Texasbefore making my way back to North Dakota bymid-July. Then I’ll be preparing for the rest of myFOCUS team to arrive in August. What a greatsummer ahead!Students that went on a springbreak mission trip to New Jersey.Sunday night Mass oncampus is growing inattendance. As well asdaily mass in the chapel.I had to sit on the floorone Wednesday night!To the right is the designfor needed new newmancenter we are praying for.◀
  2. 2. Thank you for your faithful support know that youare in my prayers! Without your support momentslike these would not be possible.To follow more of my experiences go online to myblog at: www.alisonwanner.blogspot.comAre you or someone you know interested in supporting me?Mail a check to FOCUS with #49504 in the memo line to:FOCUS HeadquartersPO BOX 18710Golden CO 80402-9809Or go online to found I’ve grown so much in so many ways oflife. I cannot express how I’ve been transformedas well as so many of the students here. It trulyhas been a blessed past two years and I knowthe mission will continue to grow and blossom.When I came to Mankato I inherited two ofthe young women shown here. God definitelyhad some plans for several more women tostep forward in their faith to be disciples ofLexiChrist. This is what spiritual multiplication is about!To answer Jesus’ call: “go therefore and make disciplesof all nations” by inviting fellow college students into agrowing relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.And by inspiring and equipping them for a lifetimeof Christ-centered Evangelization, Discipleship, andFriendship in which they lead others to do the same.Semester Bible Studies:• 27 bible studies• 20 were student ledStudent Missionaries:• 32 students indiscipleship• 14 women inmy chain