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CHI status update


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Presented to my students on 10 May 2011.

Published in: Education
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CHI status update

  1. 1. CHILeuven, 10 May 2011Erik Duval 1
  2. 2.
  3. 3. 3 Mei status update10 Mei feedback verslag iteratie24 Mei: 12u00-16u00! demo+presentatie31 Mei eindverslag
  4. 4. verslagen...
  5. 5. vermijd algemeenheden “goal ... is maximizing efficiency and satsifaction...”
  6. 6. vat data samen grafiek, tabel, ...
  7. 7. When we talk about time and clicks to execute a scenario,we are talking about the 12 users which were guided byus. The age of participants varies between the ages of 18and 49. 6 participants were female, 14 were male. We askedthe participants about their level of education, 4 of thosehave completed their secondary education, 9 completed abachelor degree, 7 completed a master degree. The averagetime spent weekly on a computer varied wildly between 2and 80 hours. 3 of our users reported having basic tointermediate knowledge, 6 reported having intermediate toadvanced knowledge and 11 reported having advancedknowledge. 5 users preferred reading news offline, 15preferred reading online. 9 users check the newsfrequently, 7 check the news daily and 4 users check thenews only once in a while.
  8. 8. doelxyzaanpakxyz
  9. 9. problemenxyzaanpassingen volgende iteratiexyz
  10. 10. use me (once or twice)for dissemination
  11. 11. Questions? twitter: @ErikDuval 12