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Skin savvy january post facebook and twitter

  1. 1. Skin Savvy Facebook Twitter st January 1 Happy New Year #HappyNewYear: How are you going to take 10 Skin Care Resolutions to make in the care of your #skin this year? Quick tip: Don’t New Year. forget to moisturize. January 2nd 7 Products for Glowing Skin that are worth trying. ts-for-glowing-skin-that-are-worth-trying Don’t forget to check @Skinsavvy The After Glow package it will help you have a radiant skin. l January 3rd 5 tips for perfect skin January 4th Skin savvy recommend that this year you should make a promise to yourself and your skin to remove all your makeup at night before going to bed. Keep this promise all year and your skin will thank you! January 5th #Didyouknow: The Nirvana Express packages will minimize your fine lines. l One of your new year resolutions should be to manage your stress. Remember stress causes skin ailment, producing breakout to 11 #NewYear's Resolutions to Help Keep Your Skin Healthy Are you looking for a quick and easy #facial? Visit to treat your #skin! premature wrinkles. By exercising it might reduce your stress and help your skin look better. Keep your promise! January 6th 101 Ways To Make Your Eyes Pop /101-eye-makeup-tips/ January 7th Skin Savvy is offering Luxury hair removal @skinsavvy offer the best #facialservices visit the website for more information How to Wash Your Hair — The Right Way
  2. 2. plus a permanent reduction. Recommended for Everybody. Make an Appointment Soon! /how-to-wash-your-hair/ January 8th Get special skin treatment with a skin savvy professional recommend just for you! January 9th Add to your new year resolution to drink more water during the day, this is a must! Would you try this Outrageous Beauty Treatments -beauty-treatments/story?id=19852200 #Didyouknow: If you cut down dairy products you will lower the chances of getting acne. January 10th Eat your way to Beautiful Skin #Hairstyletip: The Secretfor a perfect #TopKnot is to cut the end of your sock and make it into a donut. January 11th a. #Didyouknow: Your skin is smart. It has amazing ability to care for itself, responding constantly to changes in your internal and 6 Crazy Simple Food Tips that Will Make external environments. However it needs a little help along the way! Your Skin Glow b. January 12th Are you looking for an anti-aging treatment try out our Fountain Of Youth package, Make an appointment soon! ml #Beautytip: If you want your lips to appear bigger used a toothbrush.
  3. 3. January 13th How Can You Stay Beautiful With Eczema? The Star Trek Facial is perfect for those brown spots in your face! .html January 14th #Beautytip: You should not grab your face without washing your face. Beauty Tips & Tricks Every Woman Needs to Know akeup/beauty-tips/ January 15th Have you heard about the “Egyptian Ear Candling” Services that Skin Savvy is offering? it will help you removes unwanted ear debris and wax. It natural procedure that will take out the pressure of your sinus and sore throat and more! Visit our website. tml January 16th 6 Things Women With Gorgeous Skin Do Every Day January 17th Are you becoming a bride soon? Try our “Bride To Be” for your special day. It will gently polish and exfoliated your natural face making you look exceptional! Make an appointment soon. ml January 18th Skin Savvy provides a unique experience for your skincare needs offering spa treatments, IPL Hair Removal, Organic Spray Tan and More. Make an appointment soon! @SkinSavvy is offering the “Egyptian Ear Candling” perfect for your sinus problem, Make an appointment soon! ml #Didyouknow: If you use sunscreen you are preventing skin discoloration. #SkinHomeremedy: To combat dirt and oil, wash your face twice a day. #Didyouknow: Exfoliating your skin is a great way to manage excess oil.
  4. 4. January 19th 30 Beauty Tips: Get Rid of Acne for Smooth Skin @SkinSavvy is offering the microdermabrasion services to help your skin look flawless! y/get-great-skin January 20th 15 Easy Tips for Flawless Skin #Summertips: You should add one teaspoon (5 milliliters) of salt to warm water and spray it on your face for you oil skin 4/15-easy-tips-for-flawless-skin January 21st The Swan Neck Treatment can help you for those stressful days, when your neck can’t take it anymore. al.html January 22nd 11 Best Sunscreens for your Face #Homefacialscrub: Mix ground almonds and honey to create your own facial scrub. Skintips: Avoid using drug stores products on your skin, it better to splash your face with cold water instead. ry/best-facial-sunscreens January 23rd 15 Brows Enhancing Beauty Products #Didyouknow: The dry skin could causing you to have itchy scalp ry/best-browenhancers?cid=module_more_stories_positi on5 January 24th Eight Essential #Foods for #BeautifulSkin The Good-Skin Diet: 10 Foods for Healthier Skin healthy-eating/superfoods/best-foods-for-
  5. 5. good-skin/ January 25th Skin Care: Cleansing, Moisturizing and AntiAging Tips basicskincare.htm January 26th 10 Best Facial Firming Skin Care Products: tent/gallery/best-facial-firmingproducts/p164382/page5 January 27th 5 Foods for Healthy Skin,, 20481238,00.html January 28th Have you pampered yourself lately? If haven’t you should make an appointment soon to treat your skin and body. ml Get Perfect Skin at Every Age 6 Secrets to #GorgeousSkin How to Get #Beautiful, #GlowingSkin,Glowing-Skin #Didyouknow: Cleaning your makeup brushes will avoid breakouts in your face January 29th #Beautytips: You should always Sanitizes your phone to avoid causing spots and Try our Diamond Crystal Peel for an intense irritation. exfoliation, evens out the skin, minimizes pores, and more. abrasion.html January 30th 11 Tips: How to Get Beautiful Skin #Didyouknow: If you exfoliate, your pores will look smaller.
  6. 6. January 31st Quick-and-Easy Tips for Healthy, Beautiful Skin,, 20653363,00.html @myskinsavvy is offering a one-on-one consultation, that a Skin savvy professional will recommend that right treatment for you! Make appointment soon!