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  1. 1. 1. The title of your program: You Can do it2. The concept of your program (in TV context, search term if not familiar)My show is based on the TV show and movie “White Collar,” and “Change-up” this is aReality Show about 4 random characters, whom are chosen to work for the FBI. It couldtake place anywhere inside United States. It could be anyone around the ages 25-30years old. This show would demonstrated the audience how hard is to go undercover,whether you become a celebrity, Accountant, Budget analyst, Chemist, Designer, Dancerand etc... They will also be protecting someone. Some of the duties will be hard, andwhile some of them are married with kids they might have leave them behind. But whatthey don’t know, they go undercover there would be some type of pranks that could getthem fired. We will call the first person, and tell them that they have been chosen to workfor the FBI.3. The log line of your program (brief pitch, think 1-2 sentences, could be used forpromo)“Things can get interesting!” Random characters that have normal lives, but might take arole that they might not like. They will have a lot of struggles on the way.4. Themes: (e.g. reality-based, dreams fulfilled, comedy, etc.)You Can Do It, is a reality-based series comedy and drama. The purpose of this show is tomake the characters see how hard it is to be someone else taking a responsibility that it’snot theirs, this show can help them appreciated their life better.5. Format/Genre: describe clearly, provide examplesThe format of the Reality Show is the usual and we would be casting 4 people to be themain characters. While everything we see in a action movie it’s not true, this show will bebase on real life. Some cameras will be set-up in their houses, and they will be recordedwhile each other received the call that they will work for the FBI. Each daily task wouldbe difficult for them, because they might not be only doing one thing, they might bedoing more than what they are expecting. One example would be that one of those peoplecould go undercover without training; they could take the role of being adancer/agriculture. They would have to be in a dance show and perform in front ofthousand people and after they are done, they might have to run to a farm to work withanimals. The Reality show would give a background of each person’s life and everydaythe constant will be given a task, and they might not like their task but they have to do itanyways. We will see them struggle and frustrated from taking their roles.6. Treatment: 3 paragraphs describing your program, as we would see it on TV.You Can Do It, Reality show would be based on the 4 character’s reaction. Thecamera will follow the characters everywhere they go; there is not specific set-up. Toexplain better, there would be an opening with a little music follow by a scenario ofMiami’s beach. However, the show could take place anywhere. Than it would faded-out,to a second scene showing the first person’s house, focusing on the window as the cameraenter the house, than the camera would show the first person, and a voice-over would
  2. 2. indicated what the character t is going to do and who they are replacing. Than it wouldcut into the second person, and the voice-over would also talk a little about their life andthe connection he/she has with the first person, than there would be two scenes puttogether of the phone ringing, both of them will pick up the phone they will be givingtheir first task.Than it would cut into the third person and fourth person, the voice-over will alsotalk about each other’s lives. How they are both connected and what are their tasks. Butthis time the camera will show the 4 people, splitting the screen into four squaresshowing the reaction of each person. They are told that they cannot tell anyone aboutwhat they are chosen to do, showing a close-up of each other’s faces. Now the camerawould make fade-out showing each person in their bed, thinking about what they aregoing to tell their family.In the morning, the camera would show long angles, of each person opening thedoor, receiving a yellow envelopes seal, with a description that said “Don’t open it untilyou get to your destination.” The camera will cut into a scene where each person ischanging clothes to go out. The show will be from July 1, 2013- September 1, 2013. Buteach season could be different. However the angels are the same.7. Seven Episodes: describe each episode in a separate paragraph. Make the seriescompelling, and the flow of episodes logical.First Episode: Can You do it: The first location would be California, Los Angeles. Theshow will open-up with 4 people that have different jobs but are very important to theircompany. Each one will receive a call with the news that they are now working for theFBI. The first and second person will going undercover as one being a Teller at ChaseBand and the second one a Tax Accountant at H &R Block and the third and fourth willdo the same, but their job would be an Architecture at a an Art gallery and Musician atBroadway Shows.Second Episode: Oh no, trouble: As the characters take on their first job they areexposed to robbery, they have to keep it calm; they also have to try not to loose theirundercover jobs. They have to learn to how to deal with this situation.Third Episode: What! There is not turning back: While the 4 people think that theyare finish with their jobs, they are happy that they are returning home, they all get asecond call with different tasks. They are ask to take over the top 4 Company in UnitedStates, they all are in shock and they don’t know what to do.Fourth Episode: More to come! As their duties progress, they all get frustrated andwant to leave the companies. However, the third requirement for them is to solve themystery robbery for million of dollars and they need to go undercover but outside thecountry.Fifth Episode: I’m not doing that! The fourth call requires some sacrifices, while someof the characters have wealthy lives. This time their jobs is to go undercover helping pickup garbage and clean animal, clean houses, being nannies. In this episode there is a twist.Sixth Episode: I’m tired! A character can take so much, their life it turning to a
  3. 3. nightmare to the point they can’t do it anymore. But there is always hope.Seventh Episode: I miss my life! At this point the characters are missing their familythey want to return home, but the last task might be something that they have to do.8. Final Episode: Describe how the series concludes in a manner that makes the entireseries make sense. Close with a tag line that could be used in promotions.The finally episode, it not what the characters expected. Some of them return home andthey realize that everything they have been through it’s worth having the normal life thatthey like. They also appreciated their family more than ever.9. Literature Review: Provide a review of scholarly literature that supports thereasons your show will be successful. Use the references in your text as a startingplace to locate articles and expand from there. Explain concepts in your own words.Provide full citations.My show “You Can Do It,” can be compared to “The Real world” where MTVcreated real life experience of young people that go through a lot during the show.However, this article called “Constructions of Reality on MTV’s “Real World” AnAnalysis of the Restrictive Coding of Black Masculinity,” explains what are thestereotype of African Americans, the articles give three points the first point because ofthe reality TV, people will stop talking and thinking that African American have to act acertain way, when they are not like that. Second, it’s a Reality TV that gives real imagesof real life people. Third, people like this drama. I think that, “You Can Do it,” can be agood reality TV show and drama that could help some people realized what is importantin their life and how they have to appreciated certain things. Also as The Real World’sarticle mentions, there are always stereotypes of how people are, whether you AfricanAmerican, Spanish or Italian, they have a typical way of looking at you. That’s where mysecond point come in, which is Jersey Shore, even though there a lot of stereotypes aboutGuidos but it doesn’t mean that they are like that. Now you may ask how is this going tohelp to prove why my show is good. Well they are stereotypes for cops and FBI agents,but with my show this stereotypes could be diminish, and people could actually realizedthe different between real FBI agents between FBI agents in a movie.Television promotes a certain ideological notions through its content and itsnarratives. Sometimes it has to follow a cultural norm or value that audience couldappreciate it. Reality television, have to portray a usually narrative that audience seem tofollow allowing them to related their story to the character in the Reality show. In thiscase, “You Can do it,” show can present to an audience how someone undercover couldlose their family, or how someone have to deal daily to be alive. We know that those jobsare dangerous so this could give an opportunity for people to see how hard it to be part ofthe FBI corporations. Every show has a type of history. If we are going to comparedanother show would be Amazing Race, where it educated children about social studiesand also it teaches about team work. I think “You Can do it” can show strategies andcritical thinking, This can actually be good for children. Reality TV is hard to avoid.Media help Reality shows to be advertised. Every reality TV has been promoted in a typeof media, for example “Temptation Island” was in the cover of People magazine. Anotherexample would be “Big Brother” aired five day in New York post, two successful show
  4. 4. that have touch the audience hearts. If people like these shows “You can do it” can bereally worth watching and it would also be advertise through different types of media tohelp this production come true.When we talk about reality TV, we want the audience to see real situation and reallife scenarios; this article call “How Real is Reality Television?” Can say that someReality TV are scripted like Fear Factor, Big Brother but I would guaranty that my showwould be base on real like factors. Even though some Reality TV edited their footages,we will try the best not to edit because it could help us to really get the messages across.10. Popular Examples: provide examples from current or historic televisionprograms (e.g. “ it’s Lucy vs. The Terminator”). Find ratings and sales numbers tosupport your case. ]White Collar vs. Change-up, one is a movie and the other one is a show. First let’s talkabout White Collar. The show White Collar is based on the real unsolved high-end crimesof the FBI. White Collar fans were able to see how the FBI solved the crimes. They alsohad contest for fans to participate in the show to solve the mysteries. This show has beenvery successful in the United States. Rating every season is solid. They are usuallyenough to renew the seasons, which it looks good for the show. The midseason premiereattracted more 3.2 million of viewers. Everything about the White Collar Show has beenwell written by the producer Jeff Eastin and it has been nominated by People’s ChoiceAwards, Casting Society of America and others. This show has people wondering whatwould happen next, if show is successful why not You can do it, as a reality show.Now the second Change-up is a movie about two friends, that one is married with twokids and has loving wife. The other friend is single man who likes having a good life.They switch bodies. The movie teaches both of them that it’s hard to the take the role ofeach other. Some the movie has a lesson. The rating were 6.3 even though, the ratingwere not so high, we still think that this movie might attract the younger audience thanthat adult, so White Collar vs. Change Up can be a balance while one is very successfuland the other one is average it give something different to my reality show, my show canshow a good lesson many people and can also entertain as well.11.) Citations: MLA or APA accepted must be consistent with one style or the other.Hyperlinks may be included, but cannot substitute for the full written citation.Blaszkiewicz, Z. (2009). Reality television and the promotion of weight loss: A canadiancase. Retrieved from,d.dmg
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