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Mtl communications last paper

  1. 1. Running Header: MTL Communications Internship 1 Profile:MTL Communications MTL communications is a PR firm that achieved the goals of any Public Relations Apprentice, It strong media relations they dedicated their time to work individual with students to make sure that they know what they are doing. MTL Communications works with different clients and they give interns the opportunity to work with clients to show them some type leadership and responsibilities. They also try to encourage students to write and created blogs to be able to help them improve with their skills for the field of Public Relations. When I enter the team of MTL Communications, I was interview and it was around August, and it was not a normal interview where the person would tell you to come in. It was on the phone. This was my first internship and like any student I didn’t know what to expect. I spoke to one of the supervisors, she ask many questions that I was not aware of what to answer. I was not prepared. I still try my best to answer everything that I knew about the field of communications. When I received the second interview, I thought I didn’t get it and I was already jumping into conclusion that I didn’t get it. I was wrong, she call me to explain to me what I was going to do on the first day and that I was accepted to start. I was so happy and I was ready to start the semester. What I did during my internship: My major interested was to learn as much I can. This is compared to my interview class, even though I didn’t know anything about interviewing, I feel that if I knew all about the class, I would of done better at this interview over the phone. However, it is good to keep it professional in an interview. There should be a balance between the interviewee and the interviewer. I thought I didn’t know much but I had an understanding of what to do. This started to remind me of what classes I have taken in school. My Interview Class is design to prepared student for the real world. The class is all about different interviews that help student to be prepared for any
  2. 2. MTL Communications Internship 2 type of jobs. Even though I didn’t know that at the end of the interview you have to ask questions. I feel that I was lucky to get this internship. But I know taking the interview class will now help me for any future job or internships. Communication is all about writing, so I had to send her one of my writing samples that I had written. What I noticed that my Media writing class the help me the most. The course teaches student to write for different media such as broadcast, scripts, and new media this includes journalism writing and press releases. The writing objectives for this class are to gather information and interview people to get the story across. When she gave me the first assignment she told me to write press releases. What I have learned is to deal with different type of media clients. I learn to create individual Facebook and Twitter post for specifically client. I work with ImageDesign, where I used to create her facebook and twitter post. She is an images consultant that would enhance the image of men and women by helping with their personal styling. What I would do is I would research and try to work with the fall and winter fashion and I would create looks for her to approve and put in her facebook and twitter page. ImageDesign try organized and help with their personal shopping, which I thought it was fun to start with since in the beginning of the internship they were testing me. ImagesDesign was not the only client; I was also working with Laura Clare Floral Design. This was out of my confer zone, because I didn’t know anything about design and I was also schedule to write Facebook post and blogs. But everything I was doing is research and I think it was fun to learn the different decoration and know about the type of plants. Her specialized on unique floral design and final floral arrangements. It was good to learn about something that was not familiar with. I have now an understanding of how small business runs.
  3. 3. MTL Communications Internship 3 Laura Clare is a unique floral design company specializing in fine floral arrangements and exquisite table top decor for everyday and special occasions. This class might had remind me of my photography class, since when he was telling us to go out and take pictures and be creative with the pictures. I remember that I had no idea of how to take close up or how to even take a picture. It felt like the same with Laura Clare Floral design, what I had to do is to look for pictures that would related to what she was decorating. The decoration that I found simple will help people to make their home prettier. She also had decoration for weddings that could help your wedding go smoothly. Since this internship was all about Public Relation, I had taken Intro to PR call in the spring semester and this course help me a lot. I was also assigned to do different press releases but one in particular was very hard to make. I was writing with no information only a name called Fright Night. I had to research about the place. Most of the time I would look for the internet and I would get the information through a website that helps me achieve what I need to write. Press releases are really important because they inform the public, will announce an event, promotions, sales that might be going on a business, for example MTL Communications work with a doctors that they have to pitch ideas for them to sale their products better. Press releases can also be related to a feature story. First the company sends a press release than the reporters consider the story idea to write a feature story. Two classes that I’m took this semester is the Edit class and Feature writing both classes have help me to improve my writing and help to write all feature stories. This class has made me write also free writing that is something I was doing in my internship. I was always writing blogs about skin care, Burnett Law, 8folds, Hip Event and more. Skin Savvy is the client that is an expert on skin care. I put together skin blogs for her. If I didn’t know something they would make research everything. I
  4. 4. MTL Communications Internship 4 was also researching for best top cosmetics and cream prices. Blogs are a good for any student to be notices. Some of the big companies are looking for writes. Any blogs that any student want to make will look good when they go into an internship since they always ask for sample of writing. Some of the company that I think would be good to look for first would be Fox Broadcasting Company. Let’s say that you want to create a blog about entertainment part of Fox Television, you would focus on your writing finding topic like reviews on movies, or the latest trend on fashion industry or maybe what gossip is going around news, also write about hard news. MTL communication, made us write blogs about Red Carpet celebrities best dress and worst dress. It was nice following the trends of Hollywood. Working for Fox Entertainment will give anyone the opportunity to work and have real experiences of what this industry is all about. Fox Entertainment is biggest companies in the United States that I would like to work for. If you decided to create a serious blog try companies likeNational Broadcasting Company Universal, can you imagine Jeff Zucker and him looking at your blog I would recommend taking my Editing Class because it will help you to improve your writing and also will help write serious news and learn a lot about the journalistic world. Also you can always writing a query letter. This can help you to pitch a story. MTL communications don’t focus on serious news however they do ask the interns to call the editors or producer of News12 to give them the videos or podcast of the interview of MTL communications clients. During the time of my internship I used to call every editor and research for information to get Burnett laws which it was exciting because I would try to reach every single editors. MTL communications also work with Beauty blogger because they would try to reach them to let them know about the launch of Wishcloud, where the Beauty blogger
  5. 5. MTL Communications Internship 5 would be able to buy anything. Blogs are very important in this industry I would recommend for anything student to get one. We all know that deadlines are very important whether you are a journalist or business person or full time students. My days at my intern consisted of deadline and that was always an issue because not only was always trying to rush to get thing done but I was always sending them recaps from clients. This would help whoever was working with me know what I was doing for the day. Since I was there only a limit time, they would lose track of who was doing what. I didn’t know what to expect sometimes because it was so much work that I would have to send everything around 2:00 PM every Thursday. The person I was working at the time was really nice and understood how school worked, she would let me skip the deadlines. However, when you changed staff it’s very important to meet the deadlines. I would rather stay up late and send it and then someone angry. This show me that any communication classes help us student, meet deadline a prepared us for the hectic world that we will work on. Research and Using different data bases, I would say that it all about doing research I think even in school you have to research before we write a paper that is something I have to do in my internship. I had to research about anything, an example would be when you are looking for editors or producers from NBC or ABC we know that this company hired the best editors and broadcaster and it also part of Universal Studios which is good. We cannot forget about Disney because Disney is the dream of every child. Now how do we look for them? This is the question I would ask every day going to the MTL communications offices. I had no idea how research these companies. Like a normal student I would just go to google and look for Disney and Universal studios to find who the editors were. But this company introduced a database call Cision, it is a great way to look for anyone. It will make your life so
  6. 6. MTL Communications Internship 6 easy. You can even create excel files, looking for other information like phone number, email, website pages of the organizations of the editors and producers. I was introduced to a different world I felt so good when I spend hour researching with the person, and in seconds, I was able to look and find for thousands of producers and editor. Research are also important to have accurate information, each company saved their database in Dropbox for them to know that everything they are looking is correct. One example would be when the MTL communication made me research for a press release about lice, and I found some website and I gave it to them, they check their data in dropbox to see what website were telling the truth. It help to keep records, that’s why in school we have databases like turnitin and plagiarism policy that help the professor and student not copy other word. Even though MTL communications wouldn’t be the top companies of your choice such NBC or. ABC, they are known for Universal Studios or Disney, but that doesn’t mean that MTL communications doesn’t help me. It was a good semester with a lot of negative and positive things to learn and in any company you will learn something. Many people talk about Disney how fun it is and how everything seems so easy to apply. However to be on the top you have to work really hard. One thing I learn is that in any company there is a president who dedicated themselves to make sure everything run smoothly, and it take a lot of work to be where everyone want to be. I decided find something small to see if I like it and I did because I learn a lot of things I didn’t know. I know any internship will get me some day in the company of my dreams. There was not time what I made mistake or when I felt I wasn’t doing something right. I have time to fix every single mistake I made. I really work hard to know that even if it wasn’t good enough I would try again. The important about yourjob is to learn how to work in groups,
  7. 7. MTL Communications Internship 7 research, make your sure that you know the time is limited and that you can wasted it. A typical day was for any interns is to finish the work on time. A day with MTL Communications As a Public Relations apprentice, I have learn that media is everywhere. It’s growing throughout the years, but what a lot students don’t know, how can they fit in this industry. Communication it’s so big, whether people are doing entertainment, production, or planning events. I found MTL Communications through a website called That’s how I started. At first like most people I didn’t know what to expect. I know taking all the classes that I have taking in college has help me to get through this internship. One specially has help the most and is my PR cases classes. This class at Kean University has introduced everything that you have to know about PR. First pitching to client, basically you grab an idea and you try to work with the client to see how that idea is going to benefit them. Second you make a strategies and tactics to help the client get money and customers go and buy their products. Second you make a plan of six months or a year to continue to develop your strategy of the campaign you start by sending emails and scheduling post. Everything this class has taught me is what really help me with this company. A day MTL Communications is not very simple, my first week was the day of my birthday, I was not aware that I had to go with a computer. Most independent companies have small desks and they don’t’ offer computers forstudents. So for this internship if you didn’t have a computer and you didn’t know, it was better to ask. I made the mistake that I didn’t take a computer so she made me go back home. But the good thing was that she said that it was okay to work from home. The person that was in charge of the intern was really nice and she helpsme
  8. 8. MTL Communications Internship 8 somuch in the beginning. She show me how set-up my email, get familiar with the clients, Sign up for Social Media. That’s how my first day went. In a couple weeks I had two clients already ImageDesignllc and Laura Clare, Floral Design and Event Decoration. The first tasks that they give you is to test if you know how to do the job and So basically a company will give you something to do and you have to do it even if you don’t know how to. She told me that I have to create Media Post for these two clients, which was a little bit hard, knowing that I don't know about fashion, or Flora designs. I also had deadlines. Any communication courses that you take have deadlines, even when you register you are always under a deadline. That’s why during final week we have to rush to write an essay or meet the deadline for the test. So it was not good to procrastinated because even if it is an internship or any job they might have fired you. I was lucky that I had a wonderful professor that has me to meet any deadlines. In my class Topic in Media we talked about doing creating blogs, even though there is more production evolved, I knew that class was going to help get internship and it actually did because the professor made created a blog with this things that we had done. So decided to created a blog on my own and YouTube channel, which it was good practice for this internship, so far having a blog, help me to write and promoted many things like one assignment that they give was Pink Crusade to aware the public of breast cancer awareness. Also creating press releases was something fun, especially around Halloween. I create a press release for Fright Night at the Montclair Art Museum. Even though I didn’t take a class for event planning I think that creating an event would be fun and I was lucky to be part of a dog fashion event. Now I know how event works. I prepared goodies bags for the people and it was different from what I was expecting. Finally
  9. 9. MTL Communications Internship 9 after couple weeks of being in this internship, that was not the only challenge that I had to face. They decided to switch staff and clients, this can be very uncomfortable for anyone in a company. I think when you get used to working with the people you were it could be very hard to do anything. My new client was Skin Saavy, she is an expert with skin. I had do the same thing with what I did with other clients. Also they change staff and supervisors were changed. Everything changed I was working with other supervisor. This agency is a very busy at times. Now I was learning about looking up people in CISION, calling producers for press releases sending email packages. I was also preparing kit for the month of January and December. Everything was more hectic but I can say that it was actually teaching me how to be more independent in an office like this. Everything goes back to Researches and writing but the fun part of all of this is to make called for example Jaimie Megargee Producer BBN Foundation, I call her to find a podcasts. I had to write a review on this. Since I have taken a lot of the production classes at Kean University I have to write a review for a podcasts. In my Media Performances class I was able to write movie reciews. This review was about The Debbie Nigro Show featured Alicia Grande in her show. This doesn’t fall into Public Relation, however it helps to know about production classes. Public relation is all about the right concept and strategies. Recaps are also important. That’s why deadline become really important if they give you a day you have to make sure that your information is accurate. Sometimes you have to also learn how to take notes when someone it’s talking to you. I used to do this a lot. I had a lot to write, and don’t worry if your not perfect you should ask again until they know that you got the right information. It’s better to ask than do the task wrong. This was my days at the MTL Communications, there was so much to learn and It always good to get any internship, that’s what will help you achieve any goals that
  10. 10. MTL Communications Internship 10 you might be looking into and any courses at Kean University for communication will help you get there. Specially, those free electives. Conclusion This paper is about the MTL Communication and how the classes I have taken will help me for this internship. Whatever Internship you take in your career, it will help you work for the company of your dream. If you participate in School that will also help because any program like the Toward or PRSSA, will help you understand what you will be doing in your future job. Just obtaining that internship is the door away from the giving job. Participating in school will teach you more of what communication is all about, for example in school you can learn about the industry faster because you are working with people that you know. You are also working with the equipment and that would be useful for your future job. Starting early is better. If you give 100 percent be successful. It’s better to learn and be willing to do the work even if you get it wrong you can always try again. One thing that is important you shouldn’t beshy to ask. If don’t know something, it’s better to ask. Any experience can teach so much and you can learn more. Be open to do anything. I never heard about Cision or Hootsuite, but now I know that companies used it. MTL communications was a good experience for being my first internship.