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  1. 1. This story begins in Elizabeth’s house. This house is very big and comfortable.
  2. 2. Mrs. Elizabeth Mc Donald is an old woman who lives with her little daughter, Lisa. Mrs. Mc Donald is short, her hair is gray and her eyes are very small. She is rich, polite and a kind woman. Lisa is eight years old. She is short, thin and her hair is brown and short. She is a curious and intelligent little girl.
  3. 3. Mrs. Elizabeth Mc. Donald has a big fortune and a beautiful jewel that many people desire because it is worthy. This jewel is kept in a special and secret room in the house where just Mr. Mc Donald and her grand-daughter can have access.
  4. 4. One day Mrs. Mc Donald decides to travel to another country. She travels with her personal pilot, Mr. Paul Moore, and her Flight assistant, Miss Mary Jones.
  5. 5. Mr. Moore is thirty-three years old. He is a young and handsome pilot. He is short, thin and his hair is black. Miss Jones is thirty years old. She is a beautiful flight attendant. She is tall, athletic, her eyes are blue and her hair is blond.
  6. 6. The day of Mrs. Mc Donald’s travel, her chef Mr. Ray Thompson, a forty- two years old man, big and fat, cooks and gives a delicious apple pie to the little girl.
  7. 7. While, Mr. George White, the bluter, a fifty years old man, thin and respectful with a long moustache, a big nose and brown hair; is waiting for some employees: Lisa’s new teacher, an architect and a plumber A few hours later these new employees arrive home…
  8. 8. Miss Rachel Simons is Lisas’ new teacher. She is twenty-six years old. She is a young and beautiful woman who wears brown glasses. She is a severe and angry teacher.
  9. 9. At the same time, in front of the door are Mr. Johnson, an important and famous architect and his assistant Mr. Doley, a kind and poor plumber. They are here for making home repairs.
  10. 10. Mr. Johnson is an ambitious and elegant man that loves money. He is forty-five years old. He is thin, short and bald. He has a pointy nose Mr. Andrew is a strong and tall man. He is twenty-seven years old. A naive man who makes whatever her boss says.
  11. 11. All these people are welcome to the home. Lisa is very happy to be with them. The next day…
  12. 12. Lisa wakes up but she’s feeling sick because of the apple pie she ate. Her butler, worried about Lisa’s health, calls Rose Parker Md.
  13. 13. Mrs. Rose Parker is a beautiful and intelligent doctor. She is twenty-seven years old. She has brilliant-green eyes and brown, curly and short hair.
  14. 14. When she examines Lisa, she realizes that the little girl has a terrible virus that needs to be treated with a specialized chemist. Immediately, she calls him and he (Mr. Karl Williams) arrives to the house quickly.
  15. 15. Mr. Williams is a selfish and powerful man. He is sixty years old. He is old, short and thin. He is bald and wrinkled. Mr. Williams prepares a strange medicine for Lisa and she drinks it and goes to bed.
  16. 16. Mr. Williams prepares a strange medicine for Lisa and she drinks it and goes to bed.
  17. 17. That night, while the little girl rests in her bedroom, those people walk around the house ending at the living room drinking a cup of tea. For a while they listen strange noises upstairs but nobody pays attention to them.
  18. 18. The following morning…
  19. 19. When Lisa gets up and goes to the secret room, she notices that the famous and worthy grandmother’s jewel isn’t there; it seems that somebody has taken it! So, she starts to investigate who has it but the butler suddenly appears surprising her so she cannot continue with the research because she is scared of how the butler could react.
  20. 20. Then, Lisa calls her grandmother’s best friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, a private detective who can help her to solve the mystery.
  21. 21. Mr. Sherlock Holmes is fifty-two years old. He is tall and old. He has a big nose, small eyes and gray hair. He is a polite, gentle and wise man.
  22. 22. Mr. Holmes arrives to the house without being noticed, nobody knows about his presence, once inside the house Lisa proceeds to inform him the happenings.