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V powering the suburbs


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V powering the suburbs

  1. 1. V. Powering the SuburbsFitzroy Bardon Bondi Parramatta
  2. 2. The TaskThe task is to create a V social experience and fuel social encounters. This campaign will be engaging and viral. This campaign makes V an integrated part of consumers social experiences. As a result of out activity V will be seen as a ‘cool’ brand that powers memorable moments.
  3. 3. The ChallengeThe challenge is creating something that doesnt feel like "enforced fun", like a team building exercise with your work colleagues.
  4. 4. Insight18-24 year old Australians, love free stuff, they are competitive, they are territorial and they like to feel like they belong to something.
  5. 5. The IdeaThis is an Australian nation wide campaign. It can be easily duplicated in New Zealand.The idea is to create teams split by suburb. Consumers gain entry into a team by purchasing specially designed cans of V. The Fitzroy can for example might be bright pink. The cans will include unique codes that give the users access to a facebook fan page that lives within Vs facebook profile. There will be a separate page for each suburb.
  6. 6. The IdeaEach suburb will compete to win points. The winning team will be treated to a festival hosted in their suburb featuring international and local artists from V sponsored festivals (i.e. BDO, Summerdaze). Winning suburb festival can coincide existing festival to minimize cost. Entry will be for winning suburb team members only. The line up for the festival will be voted on by the team members.
  7. 7. The IdeaAs part of this campaign, V will sponsor the build of a free V Instagram lens. Instagram, is a social network in and of itself and 18 - 24 year olds love it. A V Instagram lens makes use of an existing social media audience and a platforms native functionality. All Australians with Instagram will be offered this lens. This represents huge reach.
  8. 8. The IdeaTeam members will gain points a number of ways. To encourage repeat purchase, the unique codes from additional cans purchased will earn points. As well as this, challenges and activities will be issued though facebook pages. Proof of completion of these challenges and activities will earn points. In order to prove you have completed an challenge you must load a photo of you an your friends. The photo must be taken with the V instagram lens. This lens will be subtly branded V.
  9. 9. The IdeaThe more friends tagged in the photo that are also part of the facebook team the more points. This is to make use to facebooks native functionality and so give the campaign an organic and natural feel. Tagged friends who are not part of the facebook team will be invited to join through facebooks "event" function. The invitation will include detail on the suburb teams and encourage the receiver to buy a specially marked can to join their team.
  10. 10. The ExecutionWorking to a total investment of $1 million dollars, $100k our budget will be spent on facebook $100k will be spent on Instagram, the remaining $800k will be spent on putting on the bespoke music festival in the winning suburb.Can packaging will be taken from existing production budgets.
  11. 11. The ExecutionWe know that the way people engage with facebook is far more personal than the way they engage with a standard web site. We also know that consumers are far more influenced by their friends than they are by advertisers, our paid advertising will take heed of that.
  12. 12. The ExecutionFacebook advertising is cheap and their Sponsored Story ad units allows us to make the use of the influence friends have on one another. Our investment in facebook advertising will be organically topped up by the native functionality of facebook. When users join a team page this will natally appear in their news fees with is viewable to all their friends. When they upload photos taken with the V Instagram Lens this will also naturally appear on their feed, it will appear in their Instagram feed as well as their facebook feed. Sponsored story example
  13. 13. MeasurementThis campaign will be easily measure by an Millward Brown case study. On top of this we will be able to measure the impact and uptake by the number of specially marked cans sold. The colour coded cans means we will be able to break this impact down to ‘impact by suburb’, this will provide valuable data allowing us to focus subsequent campaigns on the most relevant suburbs, i.e. awareness campaigns in suburbs with low uptake, engagement campaigns in areas with high uptake.Facebook tracking in combination with the unique can codes will allow us to track how many people liked the V page as a result of this campaign, it will also allow us to see how many people (friends of ‘V’ friends) had the opportunity to see our campaign. It will also allow us to report on overall likes, comments and shares.
  14. 14. It All Starts with VThis campaign will leave consumers feeling that V made their social experience better.This campaigns strengths are in its simplicity and use of the native functionality of existing Social Media platforms. This coupled with the fact that there are very few barriers to participation and means that it will spread fast and be memorable.