2011 ato ato media kit


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2011 ato ato media kit

  2. 2. ATO ATO INTEGRATED MEDIA - HISTORYFounded in 2004, ATO ATO is a multi-faceted marketingand entertainment companyFormed strategic alliance with China West Entertainment, promoter of 2009international superstar concerts, in
  3. 3. Branded Entertainment…"“An advanced form of advertising in which a brand isdeeply integrated within a captive entertainment content,whether it is a TV program, TV drama series, feature film,online program, or live entertainment event”"
  4. 4. SCOPE OF BUSINESS – WHAT WE HAVE BEEN DOINGBranded Entertainment Planning+Tailored Program/Campaign for Advertisers+Comprehensive Project Creation, Management & Execution"Film & Filmed Entertainment Campaign " Live Entertainment Campaign & Celebrity Services" Television – Reality Shows, Dramas, " Concerts & Other Live Events" Online – Reality Shows, Dramas" Celebrity Appearances" Feature Film" Celebrity Endorsement / Spokespersons Agreements" Electronic Press Kits" Event Management
  6. 6. ATO ATO TV FORMATS – WHAT WE’VE DONE2011 Miss Universe China Pageant• Largest pageant production in Chinese TV history• Sponsored by Reignwood Group, L’Oreal, Coca Cola, EF, HarmanKardin, AEE Shoes, Despina, and Luk Fook • Highly watched event (GXTV / Channel Young / Star TV / Tudou /Youku / Qiyi / PPTV / SINA)• Responsible for entire event production and live show execution
  7. 7. ATO ATO TV FORMATS – WHAT WE’VE DONELYCRA WO XING WO SHOW (TV + Web)• China’s First “Idol” Format Reality TV Show sponsored by Lycra, Coca Cola,Sony Ericsson, Dragon Airlines, Maxwell, Guangming • Number 1 Show on Friday Prime Time • Avg. 100+ Million Viewers Each Season• Program Ran 6 Seasons on Prime Time TV• Brand Value Over 900 Million RMB• Responsible for entire TV & online project creation & execution• Delivered: 15 Live Episode + 200 online clips per season
  8. 8. ATO ATO TV FORMATS – WHAT WE’VE DONEPEPSI BATTLE OF THE BANDS (TV + Web)• China’s Largest Band Competition sponsored by Pepsi, Volkswagen, & SEMIR• Number 2 Show on Saturday Prime Time• 130+ Million Viewers on ZJSTV• 59+ Million Unique Visitor on Home Page• 200+ Million Page Views• 55+ Million Video Views• Responsible for entire TV & online project creation & execution• Delivered: 11 Live TV Episode + 1 Recap TV Episode + 1 Live TV Concert + 12 Live Web Show + 463 Online Video Clips + 8 Online Video Clips on LA Trip + Campaign Website
  9. 9. ATO ATO INTERACTIVE TV FORMATS – WHAT WE’VE DONE L’OREAL BUZZ MY HEART (Web + TV) • 8 Episode Online Scripted Drama Series sponsored by L’Oreal • First Airing on Yoka/Youku/Tudou/PPLIVE • 5+ Million Unique Visitors in 8 Weeks • Second Window on CQSTV • Responsible for entire online project creation & execution • Delivered: 8 Online Episode + 8 Behind-The-Scenes Online Video • Ranked #4 in 2010 of all branded entertainment deals in China by AdAge
  10. 10. ATO ATO INTERACTIVE FORMATS – WHAT WE’VE DONE THE EVOQUE EFFECT • Highly pioneering graphic novel with live action filming for Land Rover • Launched July 2011 • Land Rover pre-sold over an unprecedented 2/3 of all Evoque available in the China market within the first month of launch • Delivered: 8 Episode Graphic novel + 16 Live action video clips
  11. 11. ATO ATO INTERACTIVE TV FORMATS – WHAT WE’VE DONE TEFLON SMART COOK (Web + TV) • China’s first TV Chef Competition sponsored by Dupont Teflon • First airing on Sina.com • 15+ Million Unique Visitors • 5+ Million Consumer Votes • Second Window on Travel Channel & QHSTV • Responsible for entire TV & online project creation & execution • Delivered: 10 TV Episodes + 36 Online Episodes + Campaign Website
  14. 14. THE MANAGEMENT TEAMERIC ZHO – CEOAs one of the pioneers of branded entertainment in China, Mr. Zho has helmed several groundbreaking, high-profile projectsincluding Wo Xing Wo Show, China’s first Pop idol reality show produced in partnership with Universal Music Group and ShanghaiMedia Group. This prime time program, now in its 6th season, featured major brands Lycra, Coca Cola, Sprite, Dragon Air, SonyEricsson and Maxwell, and was a huge success for Dragon TV attracting more than 100,000 applicants countrywide and over 100million viewers each season. The show broke Dragon TV’s prime time ratings record and set a new standard for TV programming inChina. In addition, Mr. Zho co-created the biggest rock ‘n’ roll project in Chinese history with PepsiCo, Pepsi Battle of the Bands.With over ½ billion RMB in marketing investment from Pepsi, marketing support that included prime time TV commercials across keynational CCTV and Satellite TV stations, billions of Pepsi cans exposure, and nearly every large internet portal and newspaper talkingabout the project, Pepsi Battle of the Bands became a major catalyst propelling the underground band music scene in China into themainstream. The show aired on China’s Zhe Jiang Satellite Channel, and consistently ranked in the top 2 highest rated shows onprime time across China with over 130 million viewers tuning in, in addition with 55+ millions video views on the internet, 200+millions of page views on its home page (http://pepsi.sina.com.cn), and thousands of media mentions. Other notable projectscreated by Mr. Zho include Teflon Smart Cook, China’s largest online Chef competition that received 15+ millions of video views onSina.com (http://video.sina.com.cn/smartcook/), and Pepsi Creative Challenge, an online TV commercial script competition thatreceived over 120 million page views over an 8 week campaign period on Netease (http://pepsi.163.com) and is currently runningits 5th season campaign. Mr. Zho is widely regarded as an expert in the field of branded entertainment & reality programming and has been invited by theworld-renowned CLIO Advertising Awards and the American Chamber of Commerce to speak on this topic. Clients Mr. Zhorepresented in past include: Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Coca Cola, Sprite, Dupont Lycra, Dupont Teflon, Motorola, Lay’s, Estee Lauder,L’Oreal, SEMIR, Volkswagan, MAC Cosmetics, Sony Ericsson, Guess, and Diesel, to name a few. Mr. Zho has also worked withmany Greater China celebrities including: Alan Tam (HK), Hakin Lee (HK), Jackie Cheung (HK), Shawn Yue (HK), Kelly Chen (HK),Andy Hui (HK), QiQi (HK), Stephanie Sun (HK), Evonne Hsu (TW), Jolin Tsai (TW), Show Lo (TW), Wilbert Pan (TW), Vanness Wu(TW), The Fall Out Boys (US), SMASH!! (RUS), David Wu (TW), Cui Jiang (CHN), Kimi (CHN), Essay Wong (CHN), and Jason Zhang(CHN). Mr. Zho graduated from Brown University and attended NYU Film School.
  15. 15. THE MANAGEMENT TEAMSTEVE SYBESMA – COOMr. Sybesma’s entire life has revolved around the core business of live entertainment. In the process, he has touchedalmost every aspect of the American live entertainment industry, and now including concerts and live television in China,beginning when he organized and promoted his first concerts in 1971. Since that time, he has developed and co-developed many important entertainment companies and live music venues that have produced and promoted more than6,500 concerts and other events including Broadway shows, live boxing, motor sports, festivals, fairs, Live TV specials,exhibitions and more. He has produced concerts with almost every major artist in the world including The Rolling Stones,Paul McCartney, U2, Elton John, The Police, Sting, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, Prince, DaveMatthews Band, The Grateful Dead, and Michael Jackson, to name a few.In 1974 Mr. Sybesma joined with Dave Lucas and in just a few short years built Sunshine Promotions into one of the largestconcert companies in the United States, promoting concerts in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia,Georgia, Mississippi and Nevada and expanding into Puerto Rico in 1984. As early as the late 1970’s the company wasproducing in excess of 250 concerts per year, and was ranked as one of the top 10 U.S. concert promoters during thefollowing fifteen years. In 1997 Lucas and Sybesma sold Sunshine Promotions and five other companies they haddeveloped, including the 25,000 seat Deer Creek Music Center (Indianapolis, IN), the 20,000 seat Polaris Amphitheater(Columbus, OH), and the 2,700 seat Murat Theater (Indianapolis, IN), to Live Nation Entertainment’s predecessor SFXEntertainment, and where Sybesma remained as COO of the companies until October 2000. Mr. Sybesma establishedChina West Entertainment in 2004 which became a well known and respected brand in China for bringing in artistsincluding Norah Jones, James Brown, The Black Eyed Peas, Ziggy Marley, The Roots, James Blunt, Kanye West, andmore. In February 2009 Sybesma brought his experience to Ato Ato where he now serves as Chief Operating Officer.
  16. 16. THE MANAGEMENT TEAMGIL WADSWORTH – HEAD OF PRODUCTIONGil Wadsworth began his career with the Greatest Show on Earth. In 1979 he graduated from Ringling BrothersBarnum and Bailey’s prestigious Clown College in Venice Florida. Gil also holds a MFA summa cum laude from theUniversity of Florida, and is a graduate of the Directors Guild of America’s Los Angeles Directors Program. Gil hasworked as a staff Producer/Director for HBO, Showtime, Republic Pictures, United Artists, and Viacom. In 1995 hecreated two independent film and television production companies, Sterling Pacific Films and Loch LomondEntertainment. Gil has had Housekeeping Contacts with Paramount Pictures, Viacom Television, USA Network,Columbia Pictures, Universal Television Enterprises, and Twentieth Century Fox Television. He has to his credit, 43feature films, 13 television series, 8 Movies of the Week, plus assorted commercials, documentaries and musicvideos. Some of Gil’s television credits include the highest rated syndicated one-hour cable series, Team KnightRider (Universal Television and The United Paramount Network); the number one rated half hour live action comedyseries, Howard Stern’s Son of the Beach (20th Century Fox Television and the FX Network); the award winning film,The Apartment Complex (Showtime and Viacom); The Burbs (Imagine Entertainment, Columbia Pictures Television,and NBC); and he wrote and directed the film festival winner, The Glass Jar starring Tony Award winner AnthonyCrivello, C. Thomas Howell, and John Kassir.
  17. 17. THANK YOUAto Ato Integrated Media"Rm.107, Bldg.10, 652 Changshou Lu"Shanghai 200060 ChinaT: + 8621 6277 5850"F: + 8621 6277 5853WWW.ATOATO.COM