What The Crap is Next for Social Media?


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What's next after SoLoMo? What are the bigger trends taking over Social Media in the next five or ten years? Check out these six macro trends: Consolidation of Social Networks, Social Tool Aggregation, Crowdsourcing, Sharing Economy, Big Data and The Quantified Self.

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  • In 2008-2009, Dell, had been able to track just over $6.5 million in sales from promotions run exclusively via the tweet. The $6.5 million is the product of 100 employees tweeting in 35 different channels reaching customers in over 12 countries; Brazil Twitter users have spent over $800,000 in the last eight months. For a company this large and with so much effort behind it, the number sounds less impressive but still… Anyone out there taken advantage of a Twitter deal from Dell?
  • Frank Eliason might be the most famous customer service manager in the world. He started @ComcastCares, to much media attention. Comcast even goes out of its’ way to find tweets from disgruntled comcast customers (
  • The Fiesta Movement, Ford‘s recently six-month social media experiment put a new Fiesta car in the hands of 100 “agents” (members of the public) to drive and review using Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and blogs. Fiesta Movement was a huge success. The 700 videos produced by the agents have generated 6.5 million views on YouTube, and there have been more than 3.4 million impressions of Fiesta Movement on Twitter. Even photos taken by the agents have been viewed more than 670,000 times. When it comes to word-of-mouth marketing, those are serious numbers. As Scott Monty, Ford’s head of social media said while creating buzz from Fiesta Movement was certainly important (more than 50,000 U.S. consumers who interacted with the movement said they wanted more information about the vehicle, and 97 percent of those do not own Ford vehicles), equally important was the customer feedback on design and engineering issues that the Fiesta agents have delivered. This was particularly important given that Ford was introducing this version of the Fiesta—a European car—into the U.S. market for the first time.
  • Within hours, the American Red Cross made it incredibly easy to donate $10 via text by texting HAITI to 90999. Within days, millions had been raised.
  • How does Social Media work?Before Social Media, one person’s restaurant experience might be conveyed to their neighbors, parents, and co-workers.There are only so many people that one person would be in contact with to even be able to chat about a particular business or experience.
  • After social media, each person’s network will see that individual’s comments, suggestions, and possible endorsements of a company.
  • What does this mean? Companies no longer have control of the bulk of what is said about them. Across social networks, rating sites like Yelp and Citysearch, people are creating messaging that is outside the traditional realms of marketing – TV, Radio, Newspapers, Billboards. More importantly, these personal contacts are much more influential than traditional forms of Social Media, so each and every one of you can affect someone, and help to positively influence the Spark Energy message. Today, you are part of the message, and you are part of the conversation!
  • My Starbucks Idea – Starbucks’ own version of a social network where customers are asked to share their ideas on anything related to Starbucks. The site gives users the ability to see what others are suggesting, vote on ideas and check out the results. This site is a brilliant and important aspect of Starbucks social media strategy. Users who are part of this network feel that they have some role in the decision making process of the company and it makes them feel a part of it.
  • What does this mean? People are trusting other people to do the same things that used to be offered by companies. As companies you need to see how you can reformulate your offering to align with people’s expectations today.
  • Regulated Monopoly – why do you care about improving customer satisfaction/sentiment? What do complaints cost? What does it cost to avoid the complaints? Aggregated still costs company – goodwill, etc. Youtube – Social Media ROI Calculation, Salesforce.com
  • If you hold true the notion that being responsive to online customer questions, complaints and feedback is an essential core tenet of good social media marketing, then you should consider your response time a valuable success metric. Being fast (and first) to respond to the online conversation, particularly when it turns bad, is a critical component of online customer service and an engaged social business.The fast food industry certainly appreciates response time. The word “fast” is in the description of their market segment. Those computer monitors that hang from the ceilings behind counters at McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A and the like primarily display the orders yet to be filled, but secondarily also flash how long it has been since the order was placed to keep the staff focused on their basic unique selling proposition: fast.I took a few minutes to plug several restaurants into Expion, an enterprise social media management solution focused on franchise and multiple location businesses. They are a client of mine and their back-end analytics offer a pretty amazing ability to pull information about your competitor’s activity on Facebook and Twitter and allow you to compare, analyze, etc.Looking across a landscape of fast food offerings including McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-A, Burger King, Tim Horton’s, Hardee’s, Arby’s, Subway, Quizno’s, Panera Bread and A&W, we find some interesting correlations. For the time frame of Jan. 1 through Jan. 17 of this year, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut and Chick-Fil-A all had average first-time responses under 1:30. All three have over 1,100 fan posts on their wall. No other restaurants were close in fan post volume. One could correlate that the more responsive a brand is, the more engaged their fans are.Wendy’s has an astonishing 20-minute response time to over 6,000 posts (17.6 percent of the 37K posts in the first two weeks of January). Of course, the restaurant’s FryForAll promotion and application accounts for the lion’s share of their posts, but still. Some 225 entries on Wendy’s Facebook page have been deemed negative by Expion’s keyword filters and the restaurant is there to offer a response.Pizza Hut is victimized by Facebook Wall spammers quite a bit and doesn’t seem to do a very good job of moderating or controlling the issue. They responded to nine percent of all fan posts in about 1:15. Their response to the negative posts, however, was just 24 minutes, so nice steppin’ up.Chick-Fil-A has an impressive 37.2% response rate for all wall posts — highest among those I looked at. They also responded to 56 percent of those deemed negative (behind Quizno’s, Subway and Arby’s). But only Quizno’s matched their 55 minue response time. It took Arby’s almost 11 hours.
  • Guest ID number, tied to their credit card, name, or email address that becomes a bucket that stores a history of everything they’ve bought and any demographic information Target has collected from them or bought from other sources. Using that, Pole looked at historical buying data for all the ladies who had signed up for Target baby registries in the past.- Large Quantities of unscented Lotion
  • Guest ID number, tied to their credit card, name, or email address that becomes a bucket that stores a history of everything they’ve bought and any demographic information Target has collected from them or bought from other sources. Using that, Pole looked at historical buying data for all the ladies who had signed up for Target baby registries in the past.- Large Quantities of unscented Lotion
  • What The Crap is Next for Social Media?

    1. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA What The Crap Is Next for Social Media? Six Mega-Trends To Expect in Social, And How To Prepare.
    2. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Hi, I’m @EricTTung Download this presentation at erict.co/SMTULSA
    3. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Featured on Slideshare.net
    4. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA What I‟m Gonna Tell Ya. • Where Social Media‟s Been • The Future of Social Media • 1. Social Network Consolidation • 2. Social Tool Aggregation • 3. Crowdsourcing • 4. Sharing Economy • 5. Big Data • 6. Quantified Self
    5. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Where Social Media‟s Been
    6. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Generated in sales from Twitter as early as 2009 $6.5 million @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    7. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Has helped over 150,000 customers through Twitter, @ComcastCares in 2009 @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    8. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA @Ford sent Fiestas to the top 100 bloggers in Europe for a year: generated 31,000 pieces of content and 60% awareness… before the car was ever sold @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    9. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Raised $5,000,000 from 500,000 donors in 2 days after Haitian earthquake In 2010 @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    10. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Social Networking is HUGE. World Populations China 1,363M India 1,241M 1,060M 560M 400M USA 317M Indonesia 239M Brazil 201M Pakistan 185M Nigeria 173M 240M 150M @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    11. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA The Social Landscape is Changing @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    12. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    13. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA The average Facebook user age is not 16… not 22… It’s 42@EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    14. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA The Media Landscape is changing @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    15. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA slide 15 @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    16. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Francis vs. Benedict:
    17. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Bush „01 Obama „13 @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    18. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Maybe even no more newspapers… @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    19. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    20. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA “Broadcast TV will be dead in five years” Rick Kaplan (@RickNKaplan) Former President, CNN, ABC News, MSNBC @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    21. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA People are shifting away from web-based email @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    22. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA One Message Before Social Media Word of Mouth @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    23. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA One Message After Social Media Word of Mouse @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    24. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA “A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.” - Scott Cook (@kanjikid), co-founder Intuit, Board Member Ebay, P&G @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    25. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA@EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    26. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA “Companies can no longer control the message, but they can control the results if they are aware of which channels of communication their audience is using” - Dragonfly Media (@dragonflymedia_) @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    27. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA What‟s Next for Social? Six Big Trends
    28. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA 1. Social Network Consolidation • • • A • a • a
    29. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    30. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA 1. Social Network Consolidation • Networks will continue to merge • Even if not acquired, technology will continue to offer cross-sharing, posting. • Data will be shared cross- network allowing for better targeting. • Smaller networks will lose out.
    31. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA What Can You Do? • Being social is even more important than ever. • Add social sharing to products, blog posts, web pages. • Be on alert. When Twitter took TweetDeck, they dropped lots of services, Google is folding WildfireApps into other offerings.
    32. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA@EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    33. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA 2. Social Tool Integration • HootSuite, Buffer, etc. consistently add networks…
    34. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA 2. Social Tool Integration
    35. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA 2. Social Tool Integration • Bottlenose: “find and grasp trends that matter from noisy social streams”
    36. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA 2. Social Tool Integration • Tools like IFTTT and Zapier using APIs to automate social. • Tools can the integrate social into real world.
    37. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    38. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA • Real-World Inputs & Outputs • Every time a blog gets a new comment, turn a light on: • When different blogs update, change light colors:
    39. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA What Can You Do? • Use tools to help you automate some social media processes. • Be aware of acquisitions and how they can affect your business. • Check out my 10:30 session tomorrow, in Tactic Room 1 “I Am Not A Robot: How to handle Multiple Social Media Accounts with Social Media Tools.”
    40. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA 3. Crowdsourcing • “An Online distributed problem- solving and production model.” – Dr. Daren C. Brabham (@dbrabham) @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    41. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA@EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    42. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA@EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    43. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Crowdsourcing Search & Rescue – MH370
    44. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Blog for customer interaction results in 50,000 new product ideas @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    45. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA What Can You Do? • Involve customers in product creation, naming, etc. • Involve in branding, store changes. • Customers will feel like they‟re part of the team.
    46. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA 4. The Sharing Economy…
    47. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA 100 Years Ago… Agricultural Economy @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    48. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA 50 Years Ago… Manufacturing Economy @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    49. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA 25 Years Ago… Service Economy @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    50. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Now… Experience Economy. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    51. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Into The Future… The Sharing Economy @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    52. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA@EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    53. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA@EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    54. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA “Next year, people will share twice as much as they share this year, and next year, they will be sharing twice as much as they did the year before” –Zuckerberg‟s Law (@finkd) @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    55. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Some sharing is not so smart…
    56. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA • The Greatest Customer Service Story Ever Told, Starring Morton‟s Steakhouse http://shankman.com/the-best-customer-service-story- ever-told-starring-mortons-steakhouse/
    57. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA@EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    58. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA “Nature gave us one tongue and two ears so we could hear twice as much as we speak.” - Epictetus @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    59. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA 30% of all companies now use social for customer service @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    60. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA How Quickly Should You Respond? http://www.socialmediaexplorer.com/social-media-marketing/whats-your-social-media- average-response-time/
    61. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA What Can You Do? • Think about how you can use sharing or make your business easier for sharing customers. • See if there‟s a “value-add” type service you can add to sharing platforms. • Think about how you can use oversharing and create amazing customer service experiences.
    62. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Ever Wonder Why Target Always Asks If You Want Their REDcard?
    63. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA 5. Big Data • Using large data trends, Target was able to predict a teen‟s pregnancy before her dad knew. • Based on Products purchased, Target Develops a pregnancy score. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    64. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA 5. Big Data • Think about the huge amounts of data used across social daily. • How could that be used by marketers to more precisely target customers? @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    65. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA What Can You Do? @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    66. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA@EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    67. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Apple Google You
    68. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA That‟s why this button is so dangerous
    69. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA What Can You Do? • Use Data Wherever You Can • Paid Search Ads, Facebook Page Insights, Google Analytics & Wordpress, eNewsletter Unsubscribes • Auto-fill Web Shopping Cart/Contact Forms, personalize content
    70. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA 6. Quantified Self • People are using devices to track their health, movement, entertainment, etc. • Some are seamlessly collecting it and creating correlations between data. • “If someone should own your data, it should be you” @ServiceSphere
    71. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA This is Chris Dancy @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    72. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA These are Chris‟ Devices
    73. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA He‟s Really Connected @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA
    74. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA …What His Data Looks Like
    75. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA And What He Did With It…
    76. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA What Can You Do? • Know that people want to connect to services to analyze their own data. • Can you offer them their data, like the MyLowe‟s Card? • See where you can add this in to your services, store, products, online programs, etc.
    77. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA What We Talked About • Where Social Media‟s Been • The Future of Social Media • 1. Social Network Consolidation • 2. Social Tool Aggregation • 3. Crowdsourcing • 4. Sharing Economy • 5. Big Data • 6. Quantified Self
    78. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA Thank You! • All Networks: EricTTung • Web: ericttung.com • Email: Eric@EricTTung.com • SMS Card: Text “EricTTung” to 50500
    79. @EricTTung #SMTULSAerict.co/SMTULSA #SMTulsa Networking Cocktail Party WXYZ Bar