Social Media Overview for Cam Creative


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An overview of social media for the Cam Creative meeting on 26 November, 2009.

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  • Ads interrupt our everyday life, jumping up and down shouting, “here I am, see me, buy me!”
  • As a society, we are getting better and better at ignoring advertisements.
  • Community building – Engagement, being part of the conversation around particular topics and industry communities builds a good network of potential referrals and gets notice. Being an active brand in the marketplace = good brand image. Customers want to deal with businesses they feel a connection with.
  • Creating authority - by helping people, giving away info/expertise, answering questions, providing insight, etc in the social network arena a company establishes its credibility, its value, its quality.  Customers look for the credible, quality brand.
  • SEO - When ranking, Google weighs offsite SEO (external links) 75% to 25% for onsite SEO (keywords).  One of the best ways to build quality links is through blogging and social networking engagement.
  • What are customers or potential customers saying about your brand, or your competitors, or your industry?
  • When Domino’s employees posted disgusting videos on YouTube, the ensuing negative storm caught Domino’s Corporate unaware and unprepared.
  • Find out where your customers or people who share similar interests, values, etc are online and be there yourself.
  • Set objectives for your social media effort. Create the framework. What are you looking to achieve? Is it right for you? Who will be responsible? Timeframes? Milestones? Tools? How will you gauge success?
  • Plug the programme into the organisation. Staffing - internal or new? Working across departments. Tools, configuration, workflows. Train staff – marketing, customer services, HR, product development. Create guidelines, policies, procedures
  • Day to day execution of the programme. Content production and publishing. Distribution
    Community engagement. Customer support. Business intelligence. Market research. Monitoring.
  • Campaign success/failure. Impact (financial and non-financial). Departmental metrics. Individual performances within the programme. In other words, macro and micro.
  • Some people are worried that they will put a foot wrong when participating in social networks on behalf of the company. They are also worried about what they will encounter out there. The thing to remember is that the conversation about your brand, company or industry is happening whether you are a part of it or not. It’s best to be engaged and open; to deal with things as they arise in the conversation.
  • And in order to be aware of what is being said, companies should monitor the space using one of the many social media monitoring tools available.
  • Here, Ryvita wasn’t listening, but a small, startup competitor was.
  • Social Media Overview for Cam Creative

    1. limenoodle | consulting THE FUTURE OF MARKETING WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW
    2. limenoodle | consulting The old marketing is noisy
    3. limenoodle | consulting It does a lot of shouting at people
    4. limenoodle | consulting LA LA LA LA. I CAN’T HEAR YOU...
    5. limenoodle | consulting Old Marketing • Telemarketing • Print Ads • Direct Mail • Trade Shows • TV/Radio Ads • Spam Interruption! New Marketing • SEO / SEM • Blogging • Social Media • RSS • Viral Videos • WOM / Recommend Permission RE-THINKING MARKETING
    6. limenoodle | consulting The New Marketing is about being found where your customers are looking, when they are ready to buy.
    7. limenoodle | consulting The new marketing is about being found by customers when they are looking to buy what you are selling. Be found when and where your customers are looking This means on the Internet and the lips of friends
    8. limenoodle | consulting A recommendation from a friend would make 71% of people more comfortable with a product or service – more so than advertising (15%) or even personal experience (63%) MediaLab
    9. limenoodle | consulting What is social media
    10. limenoodle | consulting It’s about people having conversations, connecting and engaging online.
    11. limenoodle | consulting Remember when connecting personally with customers was standard...
    12. limenoodle | consulting “(When it comes to social media) companies focus on the tools and technologies, yet fail to understand the behaviours of their own customers online. As a result, they miss the mark.” Jeremiah Owyang Forrester Research
    13. limenoodle | consulting DON’T FOCUS ON THE TOOLS
    14. limenoodle | consulting The power of social media lies in people using these tools – the creation of self-organised communities of like-minded people – making it a good way for businesses to inform, understand and connect with the people who buy their products and services.
    15. limenoodle | consulting Why does Social Media matter?
    16. limenoodle | consulting By 2010 Generation Y will outnumber Baby Boomers
    17. limenoodle | consulting 96% of them have joined a Social Network
    19. limenoodle | consulting Social Media has overtaken porn as the no. 1 activity on the Web
    20. limenoodle | consulting 1.China 2.India 3.United States 4.facebook 5.Indonesia 6.Brazil 7.Pakistan 8.Bangladesh If facebook were a country it would be the worlds 4th largest
    21. limenoodle | consulting 80% of Twitter usage is on mobile devices People update anytime, anywhere – imagine what that means for bad customer experience!
    22. limenoodle | consulting Can Social Media help my business?
    23. limenoodle | consulting Relationships
    24. limenoodle | consulting Authority
    25. limenoodle | consulting Links for search engines
    26. limenoodle | consulting Customer insights
    27. limenoodle | consulting The odd case study
    28. limenoodle | consulting Gary Vaynerchuk grew his family wine shop from $4 million to $50 million using social media.
    29. limenoodle | consulting $0 Twitter = 1,800 new customers $7.5k Billboards = 300 new customers $15k Direct Mail = 200 new customers $0 Twitter = 1,800 new customers
    30. limenoodle | consulting sold $3,000,000 worth of computers on
    31. limenoodle | consulting Naked Pizza set a single day sales record using Twitter. -69% of sales - record day -15% of sales avg -85% of new customers -New “Twitter” sign -POS tracking/kiosk signup
    32. limenoodle | consulting Domino’s were slow to react – but pulled it out in the end.
    33. limenoodle | consulting What should I do?
    34. limenoodle | consulting Find your audience
    35. limenoodle | consulting Develop a strategy
    36. limenoodle | consulting Implement / Integrate
    37. limenoodle | consulting Management
    38. limenoodle | consulting Measure
    39. limenoodle | consulting But what if I make a mistake?
    40. limenoodle | consulting Monitor
    41. limenoodle | consulting “Your brand is no stronger than your reputation – and will increasingly depend on what comes up when you are Googled?.” Alan Jenkins Global Communication Consultant
    42. limenoodle | consulting
    43. limenoodle | consulting So, to sum up:  Listen  Engage  Share  Strategise  Monitor  Measure  Be Real
    44. limenoodle | consulting Oh, I get it now...
    45. limenoodle | consulting Thank you! Eric Swain
    46. limenoodle | consulting Big megaphone: Woman shouting: I Can’t Hear You: Squirrel and shell: Binoculars: MediaLab survey: MediaLab 2009, via Gemma Went, Coffee house conversation: Hot Soup and Conversation: Jeremiah Owyang picture: Crowd Kiss: Internet Cafe: Iphone: Social Media Stats: econsultancy, Paul Isakson and Socialnomics: Build relationships: Talk to the Experts: Chain Link: Listening Statue: Gary Vaynerchuk at Affiliate Summit West 2009: Stairway to Heaven: Large crowd: Chess pieces: Light bulbs: Leadership Arrow: Tape Measure: The Mullet Strategy: Monitor man: Squirrel with sign: Special thanks to Gemma Went, Eric Qualman, Paul Isakson, and Olivier Blanchard whose work I stole researched for a number of the concepts in this presentation. Notes and image credits: