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Trillion Dollar Coach Book (Bill Campbell)


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Open sourcing the leadership playbook of Silicon Valley's Bill Campbell. Famous coach of Apple and Steve Jobs, and Google's Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Eric Schmidt. Guide for bringing out the best in others and coaching teams.

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Trillion Dollar Coach Book (Bill Campbell)

  1. Trillion Dollar Coach Open-sourcing the leadership playbook of Silicon Valley’s Bill Campbell TRILLIONDOLLARCOACH.COM APRIL 2019 By Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Alan Eagle
  2. At Apple, Google, Intuit and startups throughout Silicon Valley, the late Bill Campbell built teams and communities that delivered well over one trillion dollars in market value. APRIL 20192 / 36 How did he do it? Here are Bill’s principles:
  3. APRIL 20193 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 01 Your title makes you a manager, your people make you a leader. To be a good leader you need to first be an excellent manager. Accrue respect, don’t demand it.
  4. APRIL 20194 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 02 It’s the people. The top priority of any manager is the well-being and success of her people.
  5. APRIL 20195 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 03 Start with trip reports. To build rapport and better relationships among team members, start team meetings with trip reports or other types of more personal, non-business topics.
  6. APRIL 20196 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 04 5 words on a white board. Have a structure for one-on-one’s and take the time to prepare for them, as they are the best way to help people be more effective and to grow.
  7. 05 Best idea, not consensus. The manager’s job is to run a decision-making process that ensures all perspectives get heard and considered, and, if necessary, to break ties and make the decision. APRIL 20197 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH
  8. APRIL 20198 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 06 Lead based on first principles. Define the “first principles” for the situation, the immutable truths that are the foundation for the company or product, and help guide the decision from those principles.
  9. APRIL 20199 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 07 Manage the Aberrant Genius. “Aberrant geniuses”-high performing but difficult team members -should be tolerated and even protected, as long as their behavior isn’t unethical or abusive and their value outweighs the toll their behavior takes on management, colleagues, and teams.
  10. APRIL 201910 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 08 Money’s not just about the money. Compensating people well demonstrates love and respect and ties them strongly to the goals of the company.
  11. APRIL 201911 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 09 Innovation is where the crazy people have stature. The purpose of a company is to bring a product vision to life. All the other components are in service to product.
  12. APRIL 201912 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 10 Build an envelope of trust. Listen intently, practice complete candor, and be an evangelist for courage by believing in people more than they believe in themselves.
  13. APRIL 201913 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 11 Only coach the coachable. The traits that make a person coachable include honesty and humility, the willingness to persevere and work hard, and a constant openness to learning.
  14. APRIL 201914 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 12 Practice free-form listening. Listen to people with your full and undivided attention-don’t think ahead to what you’re going to say next-and ask questions to get to the real issue.
  15. APRIL 201915 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 13 No gap between statements and fact. Be relentlessly honest and candid, couple negative feedback with caring, give feedback as soon as possible, and if the feedback is negative deliver it privately.
  16. APRIL 201916 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 14 Don’t stick it in their ear. Don’t tell people what to do, offer stories and help guide them to the best decisions for them.
  17. APRIL 201917 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 15 Be the evangelist for courage. Believe in people more than they believe in themselves, and push them to be more courageous.
  18. APRIL 201918 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 16 Full identity front and center. People are most effective when they can be completely themselves and bring their full identity to work.
  19. APRIL 201919 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 17 Team first. Team is paramount, so the most important thing to look for in people is a team-first attitude.
  20. APRIL 201920 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 18 Work the team, then the problem. When faced with a problem or opportunity, the first step is to ensure the right team is in place and working on it.
  21. APRIL 201921 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 19 Pick the right players. The top characteristics to look for are smarts and hearts: the ability to learn fast, a willingness to work hard, integrity, grit, empathy, and a team-first attitude.
  22. APRIL 201922 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 20 Pair people. Peer relationships are critical and often overlooked, so seek opportunities to pair people up on projects or decisions.
  23. APRIL 201923 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 21 Get to the table. Winning depends on having the best team, and the best teams have more women.
  24. APRIL 201924 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 22 Solve the biggest problem. Identify the biggest problem, the “elephant in the room”, bring it front and center, and tackle it first.
  25. APRIL 201925 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 23 Don’t let the bitch sessions last. Air all the negative issues, but don’t dwell on them. Move on as fast as possible.
  26. APRIL 201926 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 24 Winning right. Strive to win, but always win right, with commitment, teamwork, and integrity.
  27. APRIL 201927 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 25 Leaders lead. When things are going bad, teams are looking for even more loyalty, commitment, and decisiveness from their leaders.
  28. APRIL 201928 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 26 Fill the gaps between people. Listen, observe, and fill the communication and understanding gaps between people.
  29. APRIL 201929 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 27 It’s OK to love. The people on your team are people, and the team becomes stronger when you break down the walls between the professional and human personas and embrace the whole person with love.
  30. APRIL 201930 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 28 To care about people you have to care about people. Ask about their lives outside of work, understand their families, and show up.
  31. APRIL 201931 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 29 Cheer demonstrably for people and their success. Don’t just sit there, stand up and show them the love for the work they are doing. Clap loudly. Whistle and cheer. Energize people and keep them moving.
  32. APRIL 201932 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 30 Always build community. Build communities inside and outside of work. A place is much stronger when people are connected.
  33. APRIL 201933 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 31 Help people. Be generous with your time, connections, and other resources.
  34. APRIL 201934 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 32 Love the founders. Hold a special reverence for - and protect-the people with the most vision and passion for the company.
  35. APRIL 201935 / 36 TRILLION DOLLAR COACH 33 Build relationships whenever you can. When you’re in the elevator, passing someone in the hallway, or see your teammates in the cafeteria, take the time to stop and chat.
  36. We assembled these principles by interviewing over 80 great leaders, each of whom credit Bill Campbell with playing a major role in their success. We hope that you can use them to become a better manager, coach, and leader. That would make Bill happy. APRIL 201936 / 36