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Agile Marketing Workshop


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This is the deck I used as an introduction to our first Agile Marketing Workshop in Shanghai. It is quite similar to my previous presentation. Big shout out to Jonathon Coleman who is/was the biggest inspiration for a lot of the slides (including Do Not Hate Iterate).

We separated attendees into Teams of 4 to chose a project, create user stories and assign points and success criteria for the duration of a sprint.

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Agile Marketing Workshop

  1. 1.  What  is  agile    A  high-­‐communica-on,  low-­‐documenta-on,  rapid  itera-on  process  designed  to  provide  more  frequent,  more  relevant,  and  highly  measureable,  marke-ng  programs…  the  goals  are  speed  and  innova-on   Gerry Murray, IDC Agile Principles & Practices
  2. 2. agile  |  tradi.onal  Validated  learning  |  opinions  &  conven-ons  Customer  focused  collabora.on  |  silos  &  hierarchy  &  |  big  bang  campaigns  Customer  discovery  |  sta-c  predic-on  Flexible  |  rigid  planning  Responding  to  change  |  following  a  plan  Many  small  experiments  |  a  few  large  bets    
  3. 3. AGILE  PROCESS  &  WORKFLOW  ©  magia3e:  hMp://  
  4. 4. resources        Agile  Blog  hMp://  Jim  Ewel’s  blog    ScoI  Brinker’s  Blog:  hMp://    HubSpot’s  Agile  Presenta.on  hMp://­‐for-­‐marke-ng-­‐final        Agile  Topic  on  Quora  hMp://­‐Marke-ng  What  physical  tools  are  you  using  to  prac-ce  Agile  Marke-ng?  hMp://­‐physical-­‐tools-­‐do-­‐you-­‐use-­‐to-­‐run-­‐your-­‐agile-­‐marke-ng-­‐mee-ngs    Greg  Meyer’s  Posts  on  Agile  hMp://      Len  NeP’s  Agile  MARKETING  Mix  hMp://­‐marke-ng-­‐mix      Awesome  SEOMoz  WBF:  hMp://­‐marke-ng-­‐whiteboard-­‐friday    Jon  Coleman  Deck  from  Moz  Con  (Most  of  the  inspira.on  and  some  of  my  slides  (including  “don’t  hate  Iterate”  come  from  this  great  presenta.on):  hMp://­‐marke-ng-­‐4-­‐principles-­‐and-­‐13-­‐hacks-­‐seomoz-­‐mozcon-­‐2012      
  5. 5. Thank  you!   Eric  Sangerma