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Uzbekistan October 2012


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Trip to Uzbekistan October 2012

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Uzbekistan October 2012

  1. 1. Uzbekistan is one of twodouble-landlocked countriesin the world
  2. 2. Around the 14th century, the land occupied acritical place on the Silk Road. Samarkand,Bukhara, and Khiva were world famous for trade.
  3. 3. Although today the Aral Sea is disappearing due to the insatiable thirst of cotton.
  4. 4. Khiva today has an old town that may notlook much different from 500 years ago.
  5. 5. Minarets dominate the skyline
  6. 6. While hundreds of columns dominate the interiors of long ago built mosques
  7. 7. The men are not naturally friendly
  8. 8. Althoughthewomencan bewelcoming
  9. 9. …and the children playful.
  10. 10. Nan bread baked in tandoor ovens was invented here, andlater brought to India
  11. 11. We ate a lot of bread…
  12. 12. …and fresh fruits and vegetables…
  13. 13. …sold by enterprising women.
  14. 14. Farewell Khiva, as we drive through the Qyzyl Kum (RedSand) Desert along the Amu Darya (Oxus) River borderingTurkmenistan to…
  15. 15. Bukhara!
  16. 16. WHERE ANCIENT MADRASSA Where ancient madrassa…
  17. 17. Featuring mythical birds, men in the moon and pigs…
  18. 18. …and amazing design work…
  19. 19. …stand next to Jewish temples hundreds of yearsold once supporting thousands of families.
  20. 20. Small houses lead to…
  21. 21. …perfectly symmetrical mausoleums…
  22. 22. …and picture perfect mosques.
  23. 23. Market sellers love to give us a taste of everything…
  24. 24. …and weattracteveryone’sattention.
  25. 25. …especially when it is time to eat.
  26. 26. We ate a bit ourselves, and chose our food from the thoughtfullydesigned menus
  27. 27. Timurlane, conqueror of most of Asia andresponsible for 17 million deaths in the14th century is now being rehabilitatedinto a folk hero. In his birthplace hisstatue replaced Lenin’s, and now standsguard next to wedding parties and ferriswheels.
  28. 28. A local marketprovides a stopalong the road to…
  29. 29. Samarkand
  30. 30. …whose beauty cannot be captured in a photo
  31. 31. …but lunch can…
  32. 32. …along with the faces of children.
  33. 33. Beautiful vistas are everywhere.
  34. 34. The Synagogue is difficult to find…
  35. 35. …but the beauty of the country stays forever.
  36. 36. The End