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Intertek corporate brochure 2012

  1. 1. Valued Quality.Delivered.
  2. 2. Our commitment to meeting our clients’ needs and expectations is expressed in our proposition: Valued Quality. Delivered. To us it is a shared ideal that inspires and drives us. To you it is our promise that the unparalleled quality of our skills and services will deliver real and relevant value to your processes, products and brands.02 Our Services04 Energy05 Industrial07 Consumer Goods & Retailers08 Toys, Games & Hardlines08 Textiles, Apparel & Footwear09 Food & Agriculture09 Chemicals11 Electrical & Electronic12 IT & Telecom12 Aerospace & Automotive13 Building Products13 Minerals15 Medical & Pharmaceutical16 Services & Sectors
  3. 3. Your partner in a changing world Globalisation is changing the world, opening up new You can also be certain that your reputation is in markets and sources of supply but also increasing safe hands. Intertek’s in-depth and far-reaching competition. There is continual pressure to shorten expertise brings assurance to manufacturing and production cycles and control costs to maintain operations for hundreds of companies and millions competitive advantage. of consumers worldwide every day. At the same time, your obligations have never been Our global reach and local presence in more than greater. Every aspect of your business is under the 100 countries means we can deliver innovative, spotlight and every new market and regulatory customised commercial and compliance solutions change brings new rules and requirements. Your everywhere you do business, not just today but in sustainability performance is an increasingly the future as well. important factor when doing business, influencing In a world that is constantly changing, it is reassuring the future continuity and success of your business. to know that professional and expert support is With Intertek as your partner, you can pursue your always available, whenever and wherever you need business goals in the confidence that all quality and it. safety aspects of your products and processes are taken care of. Our services can help you to focus on what matters most to your business - growing revenues, increasing market share and achieving greater business success. Our global reach and local presence in more than 100 countries means we can deliver innovative, customised commercial and compliance solutions everywhere you do business.
  4. 4. Value that’s felt in virtually every sector and all around the globe. Whether saving you time or money, or enhancing your brand’s reputation, our true value lies in the confidence our expertise gives you to be powerful in your marketplace. Testing Inspection Certification Auditing Using internationally Our inspection services Intertek’s independent third- Auditing adds operational approved methods, cover every aspect of party certification services value as well as providing standards, equipment and your manufacturing and play a vital role in global you with assurance of your guidelines, we test products, distribution operations trade. We lead the way with business performance and commodities, food and raw - including factory, fast and simple processes that compliance with statutory materials to ensure that what custody transfer, pre- and accelerate time-to-market, obligations. We can conduct you produce or offer for in-production, random helping you to access new independent audits of sale meets all external safety sampling, pre-shipment, geographies and product your own organization requirements and your own and loading supervision categories and broaden your (third-party), or audit other quality standards. - to ensure compliance revenue profile. businesses on your behalf with country and industry (second-party). Drawing on a complete More than 40 countries requirements and your own understanding of government participate in our CB Scheme, Our client-focused services customer specifications. regulations and the rules that a harmonised testing range from verifying apply to your industry, we Our audits can monitor the programme that simplifies individual processes, to can also help you to monitor integrity of your supply chain domestic certification. As third-party certification of and optimise your processing and ensure that systems, well as certification marks management systems, to chain and address any management and operating that include ASTA, BEAB, full supply chain inspection, potential weak points. procedures meet expected CE, ETL, GS, S and WH, we development, safety and standards. offer our own internationally- compliance checks. These recognised Quality & are supplemented by training Performance Mark for and business solutions that products. can be customised to your requirements.
  5. 5. A stronger proposition Safety and quality are of the greatest importance We support authorities around the world by to you and everyone involved in the manufacture ensuring that consumers receive the level of and distribution of products and services. The cost protection they deserve. And we work with all of a product or process failure is measured in more kinds of companies to ensure that their safety and than just money. It can also do lasting harm to your quality systems and processes make the greatest reputation. contribution to their business success. At Intertek, we understand the different needs and With world-class expertise across the full range of concerns that apply at each stage of the product quality and safety activities, we can do more than chain, from the sourcing of raw materials through just help you manage risk and achieve compliance. to the manufacture and distribution of the finished Refining your supply chain; reducing recall; product, and the various licensing requirements, accelerating time-to-market; improving distribution regulations and standards that have to be met every - our knowledge, experience and unique set of step of the way. skills can help you to address your most important Our innovative approach and client-focused commercial challenges and gain a genuine and understanding means we can make a positive impact appreciable competitive edge in your markets. on our clients’ sustainability performance; whether With this, our unmatched value, we stand that’s through verification services on product and apart from our competitors. And coupled with environmental performance or the contribution unparalleled quality, we possess the stronger we make towards improving industry and sector proposition. regulatory frameworks. Outsourcing Advisory Training Quality Assurance Outsourcing offers Our advisory services Our training programmes We share your understanding opportunities to focus enable you to draw on offer you opportunities to that quality is as much about your capital and human our knowledge and acquire valuable knowledge the perception of consumers resources on core activities, understanding of global and skills from renowned as it is about controlling your allowing you to achieve your products, technology and technical experts, scientists manufacturing processes. commercial and technical markets to advance your and certification specialists Our testing, auditing, goals more quickly and at a business. Our insights on the from around the world. inspection and certification lower cost. Other benefits consumer and market trends, of your systems, processes, We offer a wide range of include maximisation of technology and regulatory raw materials and products courses to help you address talent in areas of greatest developments affecting can help you to fulfil all issues such as the quality return, increased capacity your business can assist expectations. and safety of your work for innovation, accelerated you with your research and environment, safe equipment Quality assurance, safety product development, development and help you handling, product safety and and training programmes efficiency gains and risk achieve global compliance. process training on technical are tailored to your needs transfer. Intertek is a world Our expertise can also topics. We can also develop at every stage from concept leader in devising innovative help you to improve the programmes to address the through to distribution to outsourcing business models effectiveness of your business specific training needs of your help you meet industry for functions ranging from strategy and the performance business. standards and adopt global corporate R&D to quality of your processes and best practices for your control. business operations. business.
  6. 6. Efficiency from innovation We have a strong track record of turning original ideas into new solutions. Our new oil analysis process has been reviewed independently and been given formal accreditation to the international standard ISO 17025. Energy The context of a changing market It is a solution that is quicker, as accurate and more Demand for the secure and sustained supply of cost-effective than conventional analysis techniques, energy has never been greater. New deposits of oil, providing our clients with commercial and coal and gas are needed to offset field declines and operational advantages. The system can be widely create growth, often in remote and inhospitable used in the field, which further enhances its appeal. locations. Speed-to-market is essential to retain and This innovation in allocation is enabling our clients win contracts. to cut costs, increase revenues and deliver greater The quality we bring profitability. As your global partner, we can help you to Our value in practice - meeting health and understand, reduce and avoid the risks you face and environmental responsibilities take advantage of opportunities to improve quality, The control of hazardous chemicals presents a yield and profitability. We are at the cutting edge of challenge for many companies nowadays. Intertek developments, testing the new breed of biofuel and helps clients to devise and implement compliance clean energy products to establish their ecological programmes to ensure that their products credentials. and processes meet health and environmental Our value in practice - faster flows laws, customer protocols and corporate social responsibility objectives. For a leading company Many field operators are seeking ways to share that provides products and services for hospitals, infrastructure for transportation of hydrocarbons our work involved supporting training, testing, data within pipeline systems. We have worked closely collection and surveillance activities everywhere that with some of the major oil companies to develop their components and products are manufactured better ways to analyse crude oils from offshore and sourced. Our service has given our client the production fields. Our services have enabled these competitive edge they desired through greater clients to organise distribution using common transparency and more effective management of pipelines. their supply chain. As a result, they can provide Intertek has developed a ground breaking approach proof of compliance with all legal and customer that uses near infra-red to conduct pipeline crude requirements and address any issues as soon as they oil analysis in combination with predictive software. arise.
  7. 7. This leading energy company was delighted to save on cost and release their supply vessel in the Gulf of Mexico one week early thanks to the expertise we were able to provide. Speed from expertise Industrial The context of a changing market and production of components and oversaw their Capital expenditure on new facilities is increasing assembly on-site. The installation proceeded so in certain regions of the world. At the same time quickly that the platform was ready for operation improving output efficiency from existing assets ahead of schedule, providing significant cost savings remains a priority for many businesses. for our client. The overall construction process was also much safer. The quality we bring Our value in practice - meeting quality and Using our in-depth knowledge of the oil, gas, reliability requirements petrochemical, power, renewable energy, civil and infrastructure fields, we can provide you Safety, reliability and performance are critical for with optimised supply chain and asset integrity any company, and in order to achieve this, a major management solutions to help you achieve energy company contracted Intertek Moody as the productivity gains. With our global network, we sole supplied quality surveillance provider for their have the local know-how to support the large-scale major capital expansion facility project. public infrastructure projects expected in coming We assisted our client on the entire project years. through input in supplier selection, development Our value in practice - producing the best of a project execution plan, conducting all global results vendor inspections as well as the provision of a communication and document control system. Companies involved in on-site manufacturing Having qualified and professional services at hand and remote assembly are always looking for ways provided our client with confidence that their to make processes more efficient and to reduce equipment met agreed quality standards. the associated risks. Sophisticated data capture and measurement and advanced laser scanning In addition, the many major engineering houses technology are the solution, and with our specialist involved in the project utilized Intertek Moody’s expertise, Intertek is a leader in this field. This is the services exclusively on a multitude of purchase orders reason why we were engaged by one of the world’s for equipment, helping ensure that the worldwide leading energy companies on the construction of execution of work stayed within our client’s time a new offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico. We limits and quality expectations. helped plan the project, assisted with the design
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Consumer Goods & RetailersThe context of a changing market Our value in practice - higher quality in storeGlobalisation has transformed the world’s consumer When one of the industry’s biggest names wantedgoods and retail markets. Goods travel thousands to improve their quality control procedures in variousof miles to reach the consumer. As a result, your countries, they chose to work with Intertek. Ourmanufacturing and distribution operations can ability to support global trade combined with aninvolve multiple suppliers and agents, all of whom on-the-ground presence allows genuine insight andmust be inspected locally to ensure that your internal understanding of local cultures and operations.and external standards are met. At the same time, Our solution balanced global and local concerns.consumers expect an ever greater choice of products Multi-disciplinary quality assurance teams workedand at an ever lower cost. closely with the client in each location to analyseThe quality we bring the supply chain and strengthen local quality controlWe understand the complex operational and procedures at source. Our innovative databaseregulatory challenges that you face and their technology provided transparency and allowed rapidimplications. Our solutions integrate safety, quality analysis and correction of problems in supply beforeand compliance into every aspect of your business. they could reach the shelf. Fewer problems mean reduced costs for our client and greater satisfaction for their consumers. These improvements are also helping to protect the company’s worldwide reputation and global brand value. Security from technology Our virtual database tools provide 24/7 transparency and allow rapid real-time analysis and documentation of field data, helping us to deliver immediate solutions and recurring benefits for clients.
  10. 10. Toys, Games Textiles, Apparel & Hardlines & Footwear The context of a changing market The context of a changing market Concern over the safety of toys and games Carcinogenic dyes in textiles are just one example made in other countries, particularly those in of the safety and environmental concerns that the developing world, has increased demand for are driving new regulation in this market. On the independent assurance of quality and safety. New commercial side, counterfeiting is a constant threat, regulations such as certification and third-party especially for premium brands. testing requirements, limits on the use of certain The quality we bring raw materials and other provisions mean that your compliance environment is constantly changing. Our testing, inspection, certification and quality assurance services can help you minimise the risks The quality we bring you face and protect your interests as well as those We can help you to make sure that your products of consumers. We perform evaluations at all stages meet new standards for design, quality and of development and production and test finished performance and fulfil consumers’ expectations. products for maximum reassurance. With our global Our proprietary certification programme provides a network, our services can be provided wherever branded trust mark that is globally recognised. you need them, from manufacturing sites to buying offices. Our value in practice - playing safe When one of the most recognised brands and Our value in practice - getting a grip on product largest corporations in the world moved into quality manufacturing and marketing toys for children, For premium brands, any customer return is a they recognised it was time to invest even further serious matter. We worked with the owner of some care and consideration in product safety. They chose of the most prestigious names in global retail to help Intertek because they wanted a service provider them focus on quality and be more proactive in their that could appreciate their concerns and meet their management of suppliers. By transferring our expert needs on a global scale, not only for today but for knowledge and skills, we helped our client to drive tomorrow as well. improvements in supplier performance. We have worked closely with our client for many As is often the case with luxury brands, the company years to ensure that safety is built into the design was sourcing from nearly 100 different suppliers and of every one of their products. Nothing is left to in small quantities. An initial monthly analysis of the chance. We have researched millions of records to quality of supplied goods revealed an unacceptably identify which toy features are most likely to cause high failure rate. Through training and root cause injury and conducted predictive analysis to assess analysis, we helped our client to spot the most how toys might be used in and outside of play. Each frequent defects, take control of the situation and toy is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure its implement changes. Our latest analysis of product appropriateness. quality shows a three-fold reduction in the failure rate. Our responsibilities extend to the policies, procedures, requirements and specifications that cover all products and product lines for children in the countries where our client operates. We have developed customised training for our client and all of their suppliers as well. The results speak for themselves - not one incident to date; no reputational damage; lots of happy children. Product safety from excellence Zero injuries have been reported following the implementation of our meticulous quality and safety programme for toys marketed by this global client.
  11. 11. Food & Agriculture Chemicals The context of a changing market The context of a changing market The importance of food provenance is a To be competitive today, your production processes fundamental long-term consumer trend. Consumers must be lean and efficient without cutting corners want to know more about what they are eating on safety. There is also pressure to produce or use and where it has come from. They are often willing the most environment-friendly chemicals and which to pay a premium for the most healthy and ethical at the same time have to be safe to humans. choices. The quality we bring The quality we bring With expertise in every area from R&D to We can provide you with competitive advantage manufacturing and distribution, we can help you to by assessing and certifying the quality and safety adapt your value chain and compliance programmes of your systems, processes and products. We can to this environment. Our outsourcing solutions can also confirm the appropriateness and integrity of assist you in managing your cost base and help you your production and distribution methods. We offer to enhance innovation as well. Experienced and global quality and safety solutions and best practices highly qualified inspectors, scientists and engineers for every aspect of your business, from field to fork. who can provide rapid and authoritative answers to your needs staff our chemical testing laboratories. Our value in practice - the perfect ingredients With thousands of suppliers dispersed across the Our value in practice - driving innovation globe, it is a major operation for food and beverage Within the automotive industry, tough and flexible companies to conduct regular on-site quality and plastics called polyolefins are prized for the food safety audits. Managing multiple service significant cost and weight savings they contribute providers brings its own challenges as well. Our to car design, assembly and ‘in service’ life. In client wanted to outsource this responsibility to a one of the biggest ever laboratory outsourcing single supplier that could provide global consistency contracts, we work with one of the world’s of method and reporting as well as deliver financial leading manufacturers of plastics who supplies the benefits through economies of scale. They also automotive industry. We provide quality control wanted to minimise any disruption to their day-to- for their manufacturing plants to assure product day operations. consistency, plant reliability and drive cost leadership. Having worked extensively with Intertek over the We’ve subsequently expanded our involvement years to improve the traceability, transparency in this area to include polymer processing and all and sustainability of their food chain, our client testing activities specifically for the automotive knew that they could trust us to deliver. They also market. A rapid response in human and capital recognised the value of our industry focus and resources was required to maintain continuity and local presence worldwide. Our local teams worked provide the cost and speed-to-market benefits that closely with suppliers in each location to review our client had targeted to secure their commercial their operations and advise any corrective action position and provide them with the capacity to required. We have raised the compliance level up to expand further. the required standard at each point in our client’s global supply chain. Our sole supplier model has also delivered on expectations of substantial operational cost savings. Within nine months we had established Success the testing methodology and installed the necessary resources, which included a from specialised large-scale injection moulder, response ahead of schedule.
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  13. 13. Electrical & ElectronicThe context of a changing market Our value in practice - energising processMany evolving regulations are focusing on climate performancechange and environmental impact throughout China has become one of the world’s biggest supplythe product life cycle. Consumers want products markets and we have worked with local companiesthat are energy efficient, not just safe and reliable. to help them compete on the global stage. WeThese trends are global, but consumer attitudes and contributed expertise in multiple areas for one ofregulatory requirements differ by region. the world’s largest manufacturers of white goods. By assisting design and R&D and providing trainingThe quality we bring to raise levels of internal capability, we helpedWe can help you to understand and satisfy the our client make and market better products at adifferent rules and expectations you face, across all much faster rate. This has enabled them to secureproduct categories, everywhere you do business. In a competitive advantages in their markets and furthercompetitive global market, product variety provides their international growth ambitions as well.opportunities for differentiation. Intertek’s distinctiveproprietary marks can give you competitive Our value in practice - cutting lead timesadvantage by demonstrating your commitment to Fast turnaround was a priority for the largest solarproduct quality and performance and providing panel manufacturer in North America. With aconsumers with additional peace of mind. US$3bn product backlog, they needed to accelerate their product certification to overcome an expensive bottleneck in their production process. Previously, the path from submission to market took up to 18 months to complete. We reduced it to less than three months, establishing a new benchmark not just for our client but for the industry as well. With new testing facilities being opened in North America and China, we are set to play an important part in our client’s future growth too. Economy from streamlining We reduced this client’s solar panel testing process from 18 months to 84 days. Accelerating product delivery by 83% has increased customer satisfaction and improved sales.
  14. 14. IT & Telecom Aerospace & Automotive The context of a changing market The context of a changing market Low-cost versions of mainstream products and new Issues such as emission levels and energy efficiency distribution models such as the bundling of products continue to dominate the regulatory agenda. and services offer creative ways to reach cost- The quality we bring conscious consumers in new markets. Through our performance, testing and validation The quality we bring services, among others, we can help you to We can help you ensure that your products comply develop technologies and materials that address with local requirements to take advantage of these environmental concerns and standards as well as and other trends. Our safety services support global your commercial requirements. We have the ability distribution of your products and provide worldwide to support you in every area, from the optimisation protection for your brands. of your product life cycles to the development of the quality management systems that you use. Our value in practice - delivering expert advice Our regulatory knowledge was instrumental Our value in practice - maximum speed in helping one of the world’s fastest-growing When an automotive client wanted help in manufacturers of own-brand IT products to increase developing an innovative fuel system to make their market penetration. We advised this Taiwan- diesel burn cleaner and more efficiently, they chose based client that switching to a more widely Intertek because they needed a well-equipped recognised safety mark could strengthen their laboratory that could handle high testing volumes competitive position in North America. By providing but also run different test programmes to the same certification services and associated technical high standard; performing not just validation testing, support, internal training and distributor education, but vibration and environmental assessments as we helped our client to adopt the new mark. With well. The client also valued our ability to deliver lead times halved, products now get to market faster instant feedback reports that could help them and in greater volumes and testing costs have been secure a commercial advantage in their market. Our reduced by as much as one-third. customised reporting tool allowed results to be read directly from the engine bays 24/7. Our value in practice - making connections Also in North America, we helped one of the leading The range of services that we can provide in so telecoms companies to connect with new audiences. many locations means we are ideally placed to Our client already had 69 million customers on their support our client’s business globally. The most national wireless voice and data network in the US, recent development is the expansion of our testing but they wanted to target many more by inviting platform from North America into Asia Pacific and manufacturers to increase the range of compatible Europe. devices available to consumers. As their first Our value in practice - mission accomplished approved independent third-party device testing lab, As one of the biggest and best-known certifiers we are responsible for certifying that these devices in the aerospace industry, Intertek was the natural comply with their technical and performance criteria. choice to provide this service to one of the global leaders in aerospace and defence. The company had been working with multiple certifiers but recognised that building a long-term relationship with a world- class partner could increase efficiency, consistency and provide cost savings. Optimisation The client’s quality management system has grown over the years, incorporating new sites and from standards as part of its commitment to continuous improvement. The company now has ISO 9001, knowledge AS9100 and ISO 14001 certification across eight facilities. Intertek was one of the first providers of AS9100 certification and we are now among the top certifiers in the world for this global standard. Our IT client achieved a 50% saving in time-to-market when they followed our recommendation to adopt a new quality mark; their previous procedure took twice as long to complete.
  15. 15. Building Products Minerals The context of a changing market The context of a changing market The market for green building materials is growing New technological developments are providing rapidly. Consumers are more environmentally-aware you with the opportunities for more accurate and and want to know that products are sustainably efficient analysis at continually improving limits of sourced. In difficult economic times, product detection. characteristics such as reliability and durability The quality we bring become all the more valuable. With high end equipment, including advanced The quality we bring instrumentation and both robotics and automated We can help you to bring your product offering into systems we can offer improved precision and line with changing market conditions and access sensitivity - not only at the point of exploration new markets for your products. We offer evaluation, but for product testing, raw materials analysis testing and certification for everything you make, to and environmental monitoring. This improves cost industry standards and your own requirements. effectiveness and enhances results. In addition, we also provide inspection of minerals shipments Our value in practice - constructing unique which remains a commercial priority especially solutions in developing economies. We provide complete As a client-focused business we are used to moving analytical solutions for your industry. fast to meet the individual needs of different companies and organisations. When a US company Our value in practice - facilitating product and wanted to test a variety of marine fire suppression process control systems within a short space of time, we worked Mining companies require fast, accurate analysis rapidly to get the job done in just four weeks. In for grade control at the mine-sites, process control that time we created a purpose-built fire testing at the plant and for quality control when shipping facility, sourced the specialist calibration equipment mineral products to customers. required to get the best results and conducted 49 When a client in Australia asked us to perform both full-scale fire tests, which involved four different services our solution was to establish two dedicated configurations of the test room. laboratory facilities linked by common methods and With a time frame that allowed little margin for technology. Advanced minerals laboratory robotic error, we had to work long and hard to meet our and automated systems are highly customised and client’s expectations, especially during the lengthy designed to meet specific laboratory requirements. shifts of the two-week testing phase. But having An onsite laboratory at the mine carries out rapid made a commitment to deliver, there was no chemical analysis of iron ore samples. Meanwhile question of missing the deadline. Using our data, the a Port site laboratory performs subsequent analysis marine industry has implemented new rules on fire and certification of all product shipments. suppression capacity and location to provide greater Sourcing staffing and accommodation in remote onboard safety. mining areas is difficult and expensive. Our fully automated solution utilising the latest robotic technology provides our client with rapid sample throughput, unparalleled consistency, a comprehensive audit trail, synchronised process control and improved reliability whilst excluding human error and dramatically reducing staffing Performance numbers and OHS exposure to employees. from systems At our client’s remote location in Australia our automated system prepares and processes more than 500 tonnes of iron ore and analyses over 275,000 samples annually with just 14 staff.
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  17. 17. Medical & PharmaceuticalThe context of a changing market Our value in practice - decisive interventionAs R&D costs continue to rise and the pathway to When a top 10 global pharmaceutical companyregulatory approval becomes more difficult, time-to- had just four weeks to quantify the levels of specificmarket has become a critical factor. trace metals present during three different stages of a production process, Intertek’s reputation forThe quality we bring troubleshooting led them to contact us immediately.We can assist your R&D efforts and help you Our team worked around the clock with the clientto meet specific regulatory requirements for the to evaluate the issue and provide validated datadevelopment and manufacture of new drugs and to quantify the trace metals. The challenge wasmedical technologies. We support every phase of complicated by our discovery of an unknown processthe process, right up to the packaging and delivery impurity that had to be identified and removed.of finished products. Our expertise ranges from As well as taking additional time to resolve, thisanalytical testing programmes and bioanalysis of discovery made it necessary to repeat the entiredrug products entering clinical trials to certification analytical programme, to prove this impurity wasand testing of the latest medical device technology absent during the production cycle. Ultimately, ourand improving the yields of tomorrow’s surgical work ensured that drug manufacture could continuetools. on schedule - avoiding the significantly greater costs of delayed production for a new medicine. Our value in practice - international regulatory insight Our regulatory knowledge and understanding are also highly valued by the world’s largest manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment for skeletal, muscular, neurological and soft tissue disorders. As well as providing testing and certification services, we help our client to navigate the labyrinth of medical regulatory standards that apply to their products. For instance, when a new edition of the IEC 60601 international series of standards for electronic medical devices was released, we were able to determine which edition Our pharmaceutical client would be most suitable for the client’s design, would have lost potential certification and market entry needs. Our client has built a reputation for engineering excellence, which revenue of US$350,000 per we are helping them to grow. day if we had not been able to validate their quality control methods within the deadline set by the regulator. Savings from proficiency
  18. 18. Services & Sector Index The services that Intertek provides meet the needs In summary, we offer: of all kinds of organisations working in the widest • Testing services to help you protect your range of fields, markets and geographies. Whatever reputation safety or quality issues you face, we have the flexibility and the experience to deliver the right • Inspection services to help you manage risk solutions for your business. • Certification services to help you reach new markets A list of the services we offer and the sectors that we serve within each industry area, as well as our • Auditing services to help you control operations cross-industry services, can be found below. • Outsourcing services to help you focus on core activities The broad categories that cover these individual services are explained in detail on p02-03. • Advisory services to help you advance your business • Training services to help you improve your performance • Quality Assurance services to help you meet expectations Cross industry services Aerospace & Automotive Environmental, Regulatory Electrical & Electronic Advisory Services Airbags & Safety Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Analytical Problem Solving Ballistics Industrial Inspection Components Auditing Services Batteries Testing Inline & PAT Services Energy Storage Certification Catalyst Testing & Optimisation Pilot Plant Services Food Equipment Climate Change Composites Testing (NADCAP Plastics & Polymers Hazardous Locations Consulting Services Certified) Power Handling Safety Testing Home Appliances Corporate Social & Durability Print & Paper Testing HVAC Environmental Responsibility EV Battery Registration & Notification Industrial Machinery Corrosion Measurement EV Component Speciality Chemicals Life Safety & Consultancy EV Charge Station Waste Water Treatment Luminaires & Lighting End of Life & Waste Compliance Engine Emissions Testing Consultancy Multimedia & AV Engineering Consultancy Engine Services Water Services Pool & Spa Environmental Compliance Fuel System Services UN Transportation Testing Power Tools Expert Legal Witness Lighting Consumer Goods & Retailers Renewables Laboratory Design & Consulting Lubricant Services Accessories Semiconductor Laboratory Outsourcing Marine Apparel Toys & Gaming Laboratory Services Metallurgy & Materials Chemicals Wire & Cable Legal & Insurance Personal Protective Equipment Cosmetics Energy Life Cycle Assessment Plastics Testing Deformulation and Product Biofuels & Alternative Fuels Management Systems Auditing Used Oil Analysis Analysis & Certification Cargo Inspection & Testing Vehicles Electronic & Electrical Products Materials Analysis & Coal & Pet-Coke VOC Testing Food & Beverage Consultancy Distribution & Retail Building Products Footwear Engineering & Consulting Outsourcing Construction Products Furnishings & Furniture Environmental & Safety Quality Assurance Door & Openings Gifts & Premiums Exploration & Production REACH & RoHS Compliance Fenestration Hardlines Flow Assurance Services Fire Doors Healthcare & Beauty Industrial Inspection Registration & Certification Fire Testing Home & Personal Care Integrity Management Regulatory Services Furniture Home Appliances Loss Control Restricted & Controlled Substances Hardware Juvenile Products Materials Consultancy & Testing Retail, Distribution Import Hearth Products Leather goods & Luggage Metrology Risk Management Manufactured Wood Packaging & Packaging Microbiology Consultancy Plumbing Materials Second Party Auditing Nuclear Roofing Products Product & Packaging Testing Supply Chain Management Oil & Gas & Certification Sustainability Chemicals Power Systems Product, Process & System Technical Staffing Additive Analysis Inspection Petroleum Training Advanced Materials Product Safety Training Photovoltaic & Solar Toxicology Air Pollution Consultancy Quality Management & Pilot Plant Services Analysis & Testing Outsourcing Production Assurance Cargo Inspection & Testing Soft Home Furnishings Production Chemistry Catalysts Textiles Refining Chemicals Analysis Toys & Games Renewable Energy Coatings, Inks & Adhesives Wind Engineering & Consulting
  19. 19. Intertek - the mark of quality For more than a 100 years, Intertek has guided clients through the challenging certification process. Offering the broadest range of certification and accreditation marks accepted in markets around the world, Intertek can help clients to succeed in new and existing markets, meet evolving regulatory requirements and win new customers. Food & Agriculture Industrial Electromagnetic Compatibility Textiles, Apparel & Footwear Cargo Inspection & Certification 3D Laser Scanning (EMC) Testing Accessories Chemicals 3D Modelling Environmental Compliance Apparel Claim Substantiation Asset Integrity Management Services Care Labelling Customs & Excise Support Capability Assessment Environment Qualification Chemicals Environmental Standards Civil & Construction Extractable Leachables Testing Footwear Exposure Assessments Condition Assessment FDA 510(k) Third Party Reviews Leather goods & Luggage Feed Additive & Approval Dimensional Control GLP Chemical, Pharmaceutical Product & Packaging Testing Food Contact Migration Testing Education & Training & Immunochemistry Product, Process & System Investigation Inspection Food Packaging Testing Engineering, Procurement & Construction Immunochemistry Soft Home Furnishings Food Testing Failure Analysis & Forensic In-Vitro Diagnostic Directive Textiles Health Claims Investigation Kinetics™ (Integrated Label Verification Toys, Games & Hardlines Industrial Manufacturing Clinical Bioequivalence & PK New Food Ingredient Safety Programme) Accessories Assessment & Regulatory Infrastructure Mechanical Testing of Medical Chemicals Support Maintenance In-Service Devices Electronic & Electrical Products Product & Process Inspections Inspection Medical Device Directive Furnishings & Furniture Product Contamination & Safety Non-Destructive Evaluations Metals & Inorganic Bioanalysis Gifts & Premiums Quality & Safety Compliance Oil & Gas Technical Training Microbiology of Medical Devices Hardlines Assessments Operational Performance to GMP Home Appliances Quantity Determination Improvement & QHSE Training & Consulting On-site Manufacturing Support Juvenile Products Study Monitoring & In-Service Failure Investigation Photogametry Packaging & Packaging Traceability Performance & Benchmarking Risk-based Inspection Materials Transport, Distribution Testing Topographic Survey Premiums Testing & Handling Pharmaceutical Auditing Vendor Assessment Product & Packaging Testing Government and & Compliance Product, Process & System Trade Services Vendor Inspection & Expediting Pharmaceutical Process Safety Inspection Government Institutions IT & Telecom Testing Toys & Games Cargo Scanning Central Office Equipment Process Qualification Certification of Origin Outside Plant Equipment Documents & Tests for Exports Mobile Star of Life Ambulance Certificate of Quality for Exports Radio Certification Destination Inspection of Software Toxicology & Exposure Risk Imports Assessment Wired Equipment Pre-shipment Inspection Validation Services Wireless Equipment for Exports Minerals Product Conformity Programme Medical & Pharmaceutical Mineral Sample Preparation for Exports Accelerated Stress Testing (AST) Precious Metals Analysis Supply Chain Security Services Accredited Persons (AP) Inspection Programme Exploration Geochemistry Verification Services for Minerals Environmental Services Container, Production, Exporter/ Bioanalysis CE Marking Ore Grade Analysis Importer & Donor Organisation cGMP Biopharmaceutical Mine-Site Laboratories Analysis Coal Inspection & Testing cGMP Pharmaceutical Analysis Minerals Cargo Inspection Electrical Safety Testing Robotics & Automated Minerals Laboratory Systems
  20. 20. Intertek plcFor more informationplease contact us:AmericasIntertek2 Riverway, Suite 500HoustonTexas 77056 USAt: +1 713 543 3600EuropeIntertek25 Savile RowLondon W1S 2ES UKt: +44 20 7396 3400AsiaIntertek2nd FloorThe Garment Centre576 Castle Peak RoadKowloonHong Kongt: +852 2173