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Content, context, and community


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Professional factions have made it impossible for the business community to make educated decisions - or even understand what the hell we do. Content strategists scream “Content is King.” The information architects yell “Structure the kingdom.” The SEO folks say, “There is no data without metadata.” The interaction designers insist “While any software system introduces some kind of formalization of the world, HCI (like AI) deals with formalizations of human cognition and activity. These are the issues that have lay at the heart of philosophical debate for centuries. In some ways, it would be hard to imagine a more philosophical enterprise.”

And the business community says, “screw you.”

To which the advertising agencies say “We can solve your problem. Don’t ask how we do it, but we can. Just throw money in our direction.”

Guess who gets the money thrown at them?

If content is king, context must certainly be the “kingdom.”
Perhaps it is time for us to start thinking about the context of professional communities. Far too often, “user experience” becomes the elephant described by the blind men – each community is convinced that their unique vantage point is the proper one. As content strategists, what can we do to build professional context, and thus convince the business community that our work truly does have value. This is our common challenge.

Let this talk be a call to action to all media professionals. To stop fighting each other, but instead to take up the battle with an uninformed and confused populace – people who mean well, but don’t know what to do about it.

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Content, context, and community

  1. 1. Content, Context, Community Eric Reiss @elreiss CS Forum July 2, 2014 Frankfurt, Germany
  2. 2. Disclaimer Absolutely no attempt has been made to make this presentation politically correct. If you can’t handle the real world, take your coffee break early. Like now. No animals were harmed during the production of this PowerPoint (even though I tried). Made entirely of recycled electrons.
  3. 3. WMC Weapon of Mass Communication
  4. 4. � The current business mentality � The current UX/CS environment � Getting to the boardroom � What to do when you get there Our agenda the next 40 minutes
  5. 5. The current business mentality
  6. 6. Survival is more important than success
  7. 7. “This is not the time to take risks”
  8. 8. “There is safety in charismatic leaders”
  9. 9. “There is safety in charismatic leaders”
  10. 10. (Often, they don’t recognize false prophets)
  11. 11. The current UX/CS environment
  12. 12. Which tool would you NOT want to have if you were building a house?
  13. 13. Pick me! Pick me!
  14. 14. User Experience CS IA SD IxD GD PM KM DM SEO SM MKT IT
  15. 15. Webmaster Webmaster Visual designer Copywriter Developer Visual designer Information architect Copywriter Front-end engineer Full-stack developer Visual designer UI designer Interaction designer Content strategist Information architect Content providers SEO consultant Social media guru Product manager Project manager Token baby-boomer 1995 1998 2000 2014
  16. 16. Clients know what they want But we know what they need
  17. 17. Clients know what they want But we know what they need This is the fatal disconnect
  18. 18. Information Architecture Knowledge management Personas Scenarios Thesauri Sensemaking Accessibility Storytelling Usability Findability Content strategy Mental models Experience design
  19. 19. We are here The money is here!
  20. 20. Getting to the boardroom
  21. 21. “Nowadays, people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Oscar Wilde
  22. 22. � Do something quick and easy that makes your client look good (show that positive change is not impossible) � Make sure the manager knows that you know they are calling the shots (Don’t threaten, be supportive) � Find out what the this person has in terms of personal goals and hidden agendas (there is always a hidden agenda) � Avoid talking about legacy decisions (don’t become a scapegoat) Before you ever get to the elevator...
  23. 23. Will your client be comfortable taking you upstairs?
  24. 24. Let’s visit our doctor...
  25. 25. So, let’s talk about clothes for a moment
  26. 26. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.
  27. 27. “If you get me into the boardroom, I will make you proud of me. And that will further your career.” [your name here]
  28. 28. What to do when you get there
  29. 29. “There are but two levers with which to set a man in motion – fear and self-interest.”
  30. 30. It’s all Greek to me....
  31. 31. „Es hört jeder doch nur, was er versteht.“ Goethe
  32. 32. “He hears only that which he understands” Goethe
  33. 33. “He hears only that which he understands” Goethe CS
  34. 34. Don’t speak geek Don’t speak geek!
  35. 35. Solve problems, don’t create them Solve problems. Don’t create them.
  36. 36. Don’t attack other disciplines Don’t attack other disciplines!
  37. 37. Think beyond your own self-interest Think beyond your own self-interest.
  38. 38. Harvard Business Review, June 2014
  39. 39. Ten things to remember 1. Look like you belong there 2. Don’t let gender get in the way 3. Exude confidence and leadership ability 4. Take charge of a situation that scares them 5. Find a champion. Become a protégé. 6. Don’t argue with the CEO or Chairman 7. Don’t use business terms you don’t understand 8. Don’t make CS sound complicated 9. Walk them through a proven process 10. Show them the money
  40. 40. And in summary Your picture here. Play nice Take control Be adult
  41. 41. And finally, our new mantra...And finally, our new mantra....
  42. 42. Sell crackers, not crumbs!
  43. 43. Danke!
  44. 44. Eric Reiss can (usually) be found at: The FatDUX Group ApS Strandøre 15 2100 Copenhagen Denmark Office: (+45) 39 29 67 77 Mobil: (+45) 20 12 88 44 Twitter: @elreiss