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Safety Awards


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Sometimes people will do stupid things, just to get the job done. However, instead of getting the job done, they might just be thinning the herd.

Safety Awards

  1. 1. We are proud to present you the winners of our contest: SAFETY AT WORK
  2. 2. 17th place The delivery man
  3. 3. 16th place The grinder
  4. 4. 15th place The mason
  5. 5. 14th place The welder
  6. 6. 13th place The luggage handlers
  7. 7. 12th place The painters
  8. 8. 11th place The shipyard mechanics
  9. 9. 10th place The air conditioner installer
  10. 10. 9th place The construction site worker
  11. 11. 8th place The expert in biological weapons
  12. 12. 7th place The WMD warehouse manager
  13. 13. 6th place The car mechanics
  14. 14. 5th place The electrician
  15. 15. 4th place The erection team
  16. 16. 3rd place The power cable installers
  17. 17. 2nd place The aircraft mechanic
  18. 18. And the winner is … The city council maintenance team !
  19. 19. And finally, a special prize to : The shooting gallery assistant