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  • Hello everyone, I’m Jihong and sungjin and thee are our team members. Today we’ll present Apple computer case
  • The first computer mouse was invented in 1963 by Douglas Engelbart at the Stanford Research Institute.The IBM 5100 Portable Computer was introduced in 1975, weighed 25 kg (55 lb), was the size of a small suitcase and needed external power to operate
  • As Core Capability: Design, Product Innovation, Customer Insight, Marketing… They allow Apple move to the different industry, which lead by core capability.
  • Apple Computer

    1. 1. Moon, Sung Jin<br />Park, Ji Hong<br />Theerawat<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br />Apple Overview<br />Apple in PC industry<br />Problem & Analyze<br />2<br />
    3. 3. Apple History<br />3<br />2007, iPhone<br />2007, Apple TV <br />2006, MacBook <br />with intel chip <br />2003, iTunes/ Power Mac G5<br /> 2001, iPod / os X<br /> 1998, iMac<br />1997, rehiring Jobs<br />1996, Acquisition withNeXT<br />1994, PowerMac family <br />1991, Powerbook <br />1987, MacII <br /> 1985, First ever quarterly loss, laid of one-fifth of employees <br /> 1985, Resignation of Jobs<br />1984, Macintosh<br /> 1983, Apple Lisa<br />1978, Apple II<br />1976 Foundation<br />1976<br />1989<br />1985<br />1980<br />2005<br />1993<br />1997<br />1991<br />1995<br />The Steve Jobs Years<br />The Steve Jobs Years<br />The Sculley Years<br />The Spindler Years<br />The Amelio Years<br />
    4. 4. Apple Overview<br />4<br />Mac<br />Macs<br />Main Product Line<br />Key Numbers<br />Accessories<br />Revenue<br />$ 32.48 billion<br />(2008)<br />Applications<br />Servers<br />Operating income<br />$ 6.28 billion(2008)<br />Op. Margin 19.82%<br />Wi-Fi<br />Net income<br />$ 4.83 billion(2008)<br />Profit margin 14.88%<br />iPod<br />+<br />iTunes<br />Products<br />Total<br />Assets<br />$ 39.57 billion(2008)<br />ROA 12.21%<br />iTunes<br />Accessories<br />Total<br />Equity<br />$ 21.03 billion(2008)<br />ROE 22.97%<br />iPhone<br />Employees<br />35,000<br />(Q1 FY 2009)<br />
    5. 5. Apple Core Capabilities<br />5<br />Leadership<br />Steve Jobs<br />Business<br />Innovation<br />Performance<br />Sales/Profits<br />Customer<br />Insight<br />Design<br />Innovative <br />Graphic & Design<br />Ease of Use<br />
    6. 6. Apple Core Business<br />6<br />
    7. 7. Agenda<br />Apple Overview<br />Apple in PC industry<br />Problem & Analyze<br />7<br />
    8. 8. 8<br />History<br />The first portable computer<br />The first computer mouse<br />1963, Douglas Engelbart<br />1975, IBM 5100 <br />The first IBM PC<br />The first laptop computer<br />1979, Grid Compass 1100<br />1981, IBM 5150<br />
    9. 9. x86 CPU vs. CPU for MAC<br />1991, 386 microprocessor<br />1981 First IBM PC<br />1982, 80286<br />1986, 386 microprocessor<br />1993, Pentium<br />1999 Pentium III<br />1989, 486 microprocessor<br />1996 Pentium II<br />2006 Intel Core Family<br />2008 Intel Atom<br />2000 Pentium IV<br />2003 Pentium M<br />1976<br />1983<br />1994<br />2005<br />9<br />
    10. 10. OS VS. MAC OS<br />1981 DOS<br />1985, MS Windows<br />1991, LINUX<br />1998, MS Windows98<br />1988, IBM OS/2<br />1995, MS Windows95<br />2000, MS Windows ME<br />2000, MS Windows2000<br />2001 , MS Windows XP<br />2006 , MS Windows Vista<br />1992, MS Windows 3.1<br />2009 , MS Windows 7<br />1991<br />1984~1987<br />1987<br />1988<br />1999<br />1997<br />2001<br />10<br />
    11. 11. 11<br />PC industry overview<br />PC industry ( Momentum Scarcity, Worse Profitability )<br /><ul><li>Potential Market Growth ↓ ; New Demand(X), Exchange Demand(O)
    12. 12. Overcapacity ; Customer Needs ( Capacity Mobility, Networking, AV)
    13. 13. Entry Barrier ↓ Competition↑  Price ↓ = Worse Profitable
    14. 14. Red Ocean ; HP, Dell, Renovo(IBM), TOSHIBA etc.
    15. 15. POOR ; IBM Sells PC area to Renova.</li></ul>Apple<br /><ul><li>Brand image ; The Most Innovative Company (Biz Week), Steve Jobs
    16. 16. Product Performance/Software/Design
    17. 17. Design Priority Management
    18. 18. Product Innovation/R&D Technology ; Mac Air</li></li></ul><li>12<br />Analyzing for PC Industry<br /><ul><li>Fabrication Companies </li></ul>★★<br /><ul><li>Professionals
    19. 19. Educators
    20. 20. Home
    21. 21. Students
    22. 22. Government</li></ul>Entry<br /><ul><li>HP / Dell
    23. 23. Toshiba
    24. 24. Acer / Gateway
    25. 25. IBM / Sony</li></ul>★★★★<br />★★★★<br />Buyer<br />Supplier<br /><ul><li>Processor Chip
    26. 26. Graphic Card
    27. 27. Software
    28. 28. Peripheral equipment</li></ul>★★★★<br />Rivalry<br />★★<br />Substitution<br /><ul><li>Microsoft Touts FonePlus
    29. 29. Adesso’sCyberPad
    30. 30. PDA / UMPC / PMP</li></li></ul><li>13<br />Analyzing for PC Industry<br />★★<br />★★★★<br /> ★★★★<br />★★★★<br />★★<br />Rivalry<br />Entry<br />Supplier<br />Buyer<br />Substitute<br /><ul><li>Low product</li></ul> differentiation<br /><ul><li> Brand name</li></ul> - Entry barrier <br /><ul><li>Economics of </li></ul> Scale ↓<br /><ul><li> No legal or</li></ul> governmental<br /> barriers<br /><ul><li> Threat of new</li></ul> entrants<br /><ul><li> Highly price</li></ul> sensitive<br /><ul><li> Reliability and</li></ul> customer<br /> service <br /> become<br /> important<br /> factors.<br /><ul><li> Insignificant</li></ul> switching cost<br /> (except, Macs) <br /><ul><li>Large number </li></ul> of suppliers for<br /> components<br /> like hardware,<br /> keyboards, etc.<br /><ul><li> But two major</li></ul> inputs are<br /> monopolized<br /> - MS, Intel<br /><ul><li> High switching</li></ul> costs <br /><ul><li>Table PC, </li></ul> Auto PC, <br /> PDA, <br /> iPhone, <br /> Smart Display<br /><ul><li>Strong Presence of PC
    31. 31. High</li></ul> concentration<br /><ul><li> Price War</li></ul> - Low Margin<br /><ul><li> Decreasing</li></ul> profitability<br /><ul><li> Low</li></ul> differentiation<br />
    32. 32. 14<br />Key Success Factor_PCIndustry<br />
    33. 33. 15<br />Components of the Strategy_APPLE<br />Product Positioning<br />High Price<br /><ul><li>Apple
    34. 34. Lenova (IBM)
    35. 35. HP</li></ul>High Performance<br /><ul><li>Dell</li></li></ul><li>Agenda<br />Apple Overview<br />Apple in PC industry<br />Problem & Analyze<br />16<br />
    36. 36. Questions<br />Has Jobs finally solved Apple’s long-standing problems?<br />Is the iPod different?<br />17<br />November 23, 2009<br />Growth Strategy: Apple Computer 2006<br />
    37. 37. Core Business & Business Expansion<br />Home Entertainment<br />(Apple TV)<br />Music Distribution<br />(iTunes)<br />PC Manufacturing<br />Telecommunication<br />(iPhone)<br />MP3 Manufacturing<br />(iPod)<br />18<br />November 23, 2009<br />Growth Strategy: Apple Computer 2006<br />
    38. 38. Products & Ecosystem: iMac<br />19<br />Alternative Technologies<br />Wintel as the Alternative Technologies<br />Application Software<br />Specifically on Mac OS and OS X, there would be only made to support Mac OS and OS X even today such as iWork, iLife, etc.<br />Operating System<br />Initially, Allow only Mac OS and OS X with non-compatible<br />Lately, OS X is more compatible to MS product<br />Recently, allow Windows to install on “OS X Boost Camp”<br />Device & Microprocessors<br />Initially, Use the G4 as proprietary hardware technology<br />Lately, Use the Intel for better performance and allow more open and compatibility<br />Consider: Controlled Openness<br />November 23, 2009<br />Growth Strategy: Apple Computer 2006<br />
    39. 39. Products & Ecosystem: iPod<br />20<br />Alternative Technologies<br />Consider as ecosystem and device synchronization and compatibility, there is no alternative technologies or competitor arises<br />Application Software<br />Open for Music both label and indies<br />Open for Application Development<br />Sell with acceptable price & business model (pay by piece)<br />Operating System<br />iTunes as Platform or OS, which offer free download as well as Mac & PC compatible<br />Device & Microprocessors<br />Serve the different market purpose and functions such as iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPod limited edition with the price, which is available for everyone.<br />Consider: Openness<br />November 23, 2009<br />Growth Strategy: Apple Computer 2006<br />
    40. 40. Products & Connection<br />21<br />November 23, 2009<br />Growth Strategy: Apple Computer 2006<br />
    41. 41. Growth Connection<br />New Value Chain<br />New Geographies<br />OS X on Intel<br />iTunes<br />5<br />Mac Related<br />Dev.<br />Content Distribution<br />9<br />6<br />Music Distribution<br />2<br />7<br />New Channel<br />Pixar Animation<br />New Business<br />3<br />Apple<br />iPhone<br />8<br />1<br />5<br />iPod<br />iMac<br />4<br />5<br />Apple TV<br />iMac<br />+ Intel<br />New Customer Segment<br />New Products<br />5<br />22<br />November 23, 2009<br />Growth Strategy: Apple Computer 2006<br />
    42. 42. Long-standing problem solved?<br />End of the case<br />Jobs as CEO<br />Jobs return as interimCEO<br />iPod was introduced.<br />iTunes was introduced.<br />In General: All of the new territories and development are on the initial state. However, the long-standing problem may not be completely resolved as controlled openness with business model.<br />23<br />November 23, 2009<br />Growth Strategy: Apple Computer 2006<br />
    43. 43. Additional: Leadership<br />24<br />Mature Business: Operators<br />Create Value<br />Growth Business: Business Builder<br />Emerging Opportunities: Entrepreneur<br />Invest<br />Time<br />Leadership: The successor of Steve Jobs would be the person to maintain the sustain growth and position Steve Jobs as advisor and/or explore new opportunity.<br />November 23, 2009<br />Growth Strategy: Apple Computer 2006<br />
    44. 44. Thank you<br />