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Meeks amia 2012 cri poster final


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Meeks amia 2012 cri poster final

  1. 1. UCSF Profiles as a Web Platform for Integration and Collaboration Eric Meeks, Leslie Yuan, MPH, Anirvan Chatterjee, Mini Kahlon, PhD Clinical and Translational Science Institute, University of California, San FranciscoIntroduction Results Contribute! DiscussionSocial networking sites such as Facebook, As our application library grows, our adoption rate and pool of application developers Tim O’Reilly coined the term “A http://www.opengadgets.orgGoogle+ and LinkedIn are more than just expands, resulting in a virtuous cycle . This accelerating growth of available applications Platform Beats an Application Everyweb sites - they are web platforms. At UCSF raises the value of adopting OpenSocial within an institution. We are also seeing Time.” Social networking sites havewe recognize the value in making a research increasing sophistication within the applications in our library. The first wave consisted of listened and research networkingnetworking site a web platform which can small two-tier applications centered around local data. This was followed by a second tools need to listen as well. Modernsupport applications for collaboration. We wave of multi-tier applications which access external web APIs for data and services. With research often requires cross-want to integrate our research networking our third wave of applications we plan to deliver cross institutional collaboration as a disciplinary teams which result insystems with collaboration tools so that the seamless experience within our local research networking tools! members with disparate locations.same systems our researchers use to Online tools are an obvious solutiondiscover experts can also be used to interact for this challenge. Our researchand collaborate with experts. 2013 networking tools currently answer the 2012 discovery component of team 2011 Cross-Institutional formation. To answer the 2010 collaboration component we should Access to Online make our tools platforms that integrate with existing services. We External Services Collaboration need the functionality of LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook while Simple Local continuing to own the data and online research experience. Applications ApplicationsMethods RecognitionWe integrated UCSF Profiles with This project was supported byApache Shindig to add OpenSocial NIH/NCRR UCSF-CTSI Grantcapabilities into our system, and built Number UL1 RR024131 and Harvardnumerous applications based on the Participating Catalyst Grant Number 1 UL1OpenSocial standard. We have made RR025758-01. Its contents are solelyour work open source and our code Institutions the responsibility of the authors andhas been adopted by Wake Forest do not necessarily represent theand Baylor, both of which are official views of the NIH.contributing to our OpenSocial Standards UI Security Data We would like to thank Andy Bowlineapplication library. These extensions of Wake Forest, Kevin Musgrave of and APIs HTML, Javascript, OAuth, SSL, JSON, REST, Activity, * Researcher RDFwill soon be a part of the Profiles Baylor, MIT Libraries, the VIVO team,product and we are working with OpenSocial Views Security Token Message, Person* the OpenSocial Foundation and theVIVO to achieve the same ends. Apache Software Foundation. The Platform Profiles and OpenSocial Clinical and Translational Science Institute / CTSI Accelerating Research to Improve Health