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Real Estate Investing - A Primer

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Thinking of getting into real estate, this document can help get you started.
The basic dos and don'ts , why you should get a real estate agent, how to do market research etc.

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Real Estate Investing - A Primer

  1. 1. Real Estate Investing : A Primer1 Real Estate Investing: A Primer
  2. 2. M ost people deal with selling or buying real estate by themselves and this may lead to bad buying or selling decisions. People, most of the time, underestimate the experience and knowledge of real estate brokers which is the reason why they try to make deals without amiddleman.Many people who are novices in the real estate scene think that they know what they are doing andthey do not think they need the services of a real estate broker or agency. Beginners are prone tomaking bad decisions if they don’t have someone with more experience to guide them in their buying orselling journey. If you are not convinced to use a real estate broker, here are some reasons to get one toguide you.For Those Who Want To SellSelling with a middleman may not sound good at first but if the middleman is a professional, then havingthat person guide you may be the best option. Not everyone has had the experience of selling aproperty and most people who have sold some piece of property haven’t really sold enough propertiesto gain enough wisdom in the industry. A broker’s experience can lead to the property being sold at a higher price because they know the right people who will pay for the property at those prices. This will make the sale easier for the seller with less stress and fewer resources spent. Brokers are able to do this because of their skill in marketing the best assets of a property. Brokers also know how to deal with buyers who haggle. Those with more business acumen should try listing their properties on online property listings. This helps gets you noticed as most buyers do some research before contacting a real estate agency. You can entirely cut out the middle man if you advertise on good property websites. The listing charges are generally insignificant and many also helps with the sale. If you are looking to sell properties in France, visit this website.For People Who Wants To Buy A PropertyIf you are a buyer, your concern is buying an overpriced property. The possibility of this from happeningis significantly lower if the buyer has a real estate agencies. This will prevent the possibility of beingcharged too much and being tricked into buying properties you don’t really want. Some examples ofthese properties are houses that are repainted to look new and buildings that are presented well inpictures. 2 Real Estate Investing: A Primer
  3. 3. You don’t even have to blindly trust the broker, just do some online research to get an approximate ideaof price listings. Vary your options by locations and look for historical price data, that can help youdetermine if the listed price is fair. Real estate in France, for example, is in high demand, check outimmobilier 86 for some good property listing in France.Double check the paperwork. If the buyer is not good with paperwork and contracts, a real estate brokermay come in handy in taking care of the legal aspect of the process. This will be especially convenient ifthe buyer is new to an area or country and he or she doesn’t know the legalities of transferring propertyownership.Summary:Given the recessive phase the global economy is going through, it is a good opportunity to invest in realestate. Prices are at some of their lowest. If you are vigilant, do your research well, and hire a good realestate agency, you can never go wrong. 3 Real Estate Investing: A Primer

Thinking of getting into real estate, this document can help get you started. The basic dos and don'ts , why you should get a real estate agent, how to do market research etc.


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