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Careers Brochure

  1. 1. Why just join a company when you can help build a great one? GROWTHOWNERSHIPLEADERSHIP Building a great company ... one person at a time.
  2. 2. Building a great company... one person at a time!“This business was built on integrity and offering personal service.We want to fulfill our customers’ needs by doing everything we can toguarantee they have a memorable experience.” David Shiller Founder & Chairman
  3. 3. table of contents Who we are“After just three years with BTG, I now have the A leader in the home fashion industry 4 confidence to proudly predict this is thecompany I will retire with! Why customers love us Unlimited opportunity for Our commitment to personal service 6 advancement fuels my passion to succeed ... The support and constant development by my BTG Careers at BTGpeers compels me to mentor A guide to career development 8 others, promoting theirsuccess as well as my own. Every working day Management Training Program makes me smile!” Our core leadership development programs 10 Catherine Fisette, Sales and Development Manager, Montreal MLDP and BSAT Program Alternative leadership development programs 12 General Management Careers Leadership development for operating managers 14 “Blinds To Go® culture is very strong. The commitment to the company’s vision and the personal growth of each individual is firm. I had no management experience when I started. Now, I’m running a training store and am very confident in my ability to continue to grow.” Apurva Patel, General Manager, Washington, DC 3
  4. 4. TRANSFORMATIONAL BUSINESS MODEL Existing Industry Structure BTG Paradigm Manufacturers Fabricators Retail Shops CONSUMER4
  5. 5. A history of success makes us who we are he Blinds To Go® story begins in 1954 T with a young entrepreneur, David Shiller, who left his job at a local house- wares store to set out on his own. David would load up his family’s station wagon and drive hundreds of miles to sell homegoods door to door. It was during these long trips that David learned to go the extra mile to make a cus- tomer happy. This philosophy of old-fashioned customer service is the foundation of our leg- endary Blinds To Go® "red carpet" service. Our attention to customers has made us the leading retailer and manufacturer of window blinds and shades in North America. Blinds To Go® superstores offer consumers the largest selection of custom-made blinds and shades at low, factory-direct prices. Every superstore is staffed with an expertly trained team that works closely with customers to find creative solutions for their window decorating needs. Our employees ensure every customer is 100% satisfied and their custom-made win- dow treatments are available for pick-up with- in 48 hours. Blinds To Go® brand blinds and shades are of the highest quality and are cur- rently manufactured in the company’s 100,000 square foot plants in Lakewood, New Jersey and Montreal, Quebec. The company currently operates over 120 superstores throughout the eastern United States, the midwest and Canada under the Blinds To Go® brand name (except in Quebec where it operates under the Le Marché du Store™ brand name). “Blinds To Go®, Over the next four years, the company plans to double its size by increasing sales in existing a leader in the stores and continuing to expand throughout the midwest and southeast United States as well as in existing markets. home fashion industry, is very profitable and is rapidly expandingacross North America” 5
  6. 6. “…Catherine and Meredith discharged their responsibilities with the utmost efficiency and courtesy. Their competent suggestions and comments were very helpful, contributing to a pleasant shop- ping experience and total satisfaction…. I’ll soon be back for more purchases for our bedroom. Furthermore, I will encourage my friends to visit your store to take advantage of the impressive choice you offer.” - Magda Ferretti, BTG Customer, Washington, DC6
  7. 7. Our commitment to personal service is why customers love us Expert Knowledge, Service Since blinds are our only business, we can guarantee expert knowledge and the very best in service from our highly trained staff. All of our asso- ciates are graduates of our extensive BTG University training program, ensuring that they will cater to every need and detail in helping cus- tomers find the perfect solution for their windows. Fastest Delivery We offer the fastest, factory-direct delivery available. Orders are sent directly from our showroom to our factory. Custom blinds, made exact- ly to specifications, are ready in as fast as 48 hours, versus the current industry standard of 4-6 weeks. Lifetime Guarantee It’s simple – at Blinds To Go® we know we will provide quality products because we are the manufacturer! That’s why our custom blinds and shades are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Customer Satisfaction Our business was built on integrity and personal service. At Blinds To Go®, we strive to provide customers with our legendary “red carpet” service,Best Value for the Dollar guaranteeing our customers have a pleasurable experience. OurFor fifty years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the finest commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched in the industry andquality blinds and shades at the lowest, factory-direct prices – delivered has been winning us loyal customers for fifty and custom made to our customers’ specifications. And since wemanufacture everything we sell, our customers are always guaranteedthe best quality, service and selection. That is why we have becomeNorth America’s largest and most trusted manufacturer and retailer ofblinds and shades.World’s Largest SelectionWe proudly carry the finest and largest collection of styles and fabricsavailable anywhere! We travel the world for the best materials possible,and then manufacture the blinds and shades ourselves, making ourquality products fashionable and affordable.Low, Factory-Direct PricesSince we manufacture everything we sell, the savings are astonishing!We cut out the middleman so our customers are guaranteed the lowestprices every day. “…Amid the hectic demands of the store, the manager took the time to explain what we needed, guided Bonnie (design consultant) patiently through the order, and contacted the contractor to clarify his measurements. It was the sort of customer interaction__and for Bonnie, I imagine, the sort of training interaction—that made us feel good to be doing business with Blinds To Go®.” - Joshua Margolis, BTG Customer, Boston, MA 7
  8. 8. The development programs that guide your Career at BTG A key component of our success is our commitment to developing and promoting our leaders internally. This ensures that our leaders share our values and promote the unique culture that has made us successful. Our growth creates many advancement opportunities, and to feed this growth, we need to attract and develop future leaders. Thus, the need for our Management Training Program and our other development programs. The many career options available to college graduates can be seen below, beginning with our management training program. GENERAL MANAGEMENT CAREERS STORE SUPPORT MANUFACTURING CENTER MANAGEMENT Regional Business Manager CAREERS CAREERS Training Manager Management Information Operations Resources Finance Systems People Supply Brand Chain Plant District Manager General Manager ALTERNATIVE MANAGEMENT TRAINING DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS PROGRAM Business Support Manufacturing Analyst Training Leadership Development (BSAT) (MLDP) Sales & Development Manager } INTERIM MANAGER MANAGEMENT TRAINEE Design Consultant Today’s management trainees are our future leaders. We expect our manage- ment trainees to grow rapidly into managers for our showrooms and to con- tinue to grow into district, regional and store support leaderships positions. “After graduating from university, I was looking for a management training program where I would be able to build leadership and people management skills – a program where I would be able to make an impact on the business and the people around me. BTG provided hands on, personalized training to help me succeed in that process. Three years later, I am a development manager, continuing to build skills and impacting people everyday.” Kate Quigley, Sales and Development Manager, New Jersey8 Building a great company... one person at a time.
  9. 9. Everyone starts their career as a Design ConsultantWe believe that the individual relationships that we establish in our showrooms with customers are the keydriver of our business success. That is one of the reasons we insist that every person who joins the BTG familystart their career on the front line as a Design Consultant. Everyone gets to experience first hand what it takesto provide our customers the red-carpet service that makes us special. This store experience helps build a commoncompany culture focused on supporting our front-line customer service agent, the design consultant.As a Design Consultant, you are the front line person responsible for implementing Blinds To Go®’s legendary customer service.Design Consultants begin by learning about our products, as well as how to effectively create and manage Blinds To Go®’s mostvalued resource, our customers. In this entrepreneurial role, you have the ability to not only create and build a life-long client,but also the rare opportunity to express your creativity throughout the selling process. Design Consultants have the ability to giveeach customer a truly positive experience by using their expertise in BTG products to meet the specific need of each customer.Where you end up dependson your desire, drive and ability “Over the last three and a half years I have developed the people management skills to directly impact future leaders in the company. It is amazing to see people grow into leadership roles in the company, and know that I have contributed to their development. Each person makes a difference, so we take the time to develop each person individually. Together, we are learning from each other and helping build a great company.” Lilibeth Hernandez, General Manager, New YorkMore development tools...Throughout your career at Blinds To Go® you will have the opportunity to benefit from our substantial training anddevelopment infrastructure, starting with Blinds To Go® University. As participants in the Management TrainingProgram, you will be able to participate in: BLINDS TO GO® UNIVERSITY BTG LEGENDS PROGRAMBTG University is a week-long training program that equips all new hires The cornerstone of our management development, the Legends program,with the tools to sell in our showrooms. New hires learn company culture, is an on-the-job accelerated apprenticeship where a management traineeacquire product knowledge, build key relationships and leave BTGU with spends approximately eight weeks with a training manager in a designatedthe confidence necessary to start serving customers in one of our show- training store learning the fundamentals of general management.rooms. BTG MBA PROGRAM Q-TEST EVALUATION Making use of the case method learning techniques and jointly moderat-The Q-Test evaluation is a standardized methodology developed by ed by development and operating managers, BTG MBA brings togetherBlinds To Go® to help evaluate management skills and create an small teams of existing managers to share real experiences and best prac-individualized development plan to guide growth going forward. tices. A BTG manager will rotate through several MBA sessions during the course of their career. For information: • To apply: 9
  10. 10. Our core Leadership Development Program Management Training ProgramManagement Training Program We bring on a carefully selected group of people who share our values and passion for building a great company. We start every new partner off at BTG University to build a common foundation. We provide structured training and individualized development feedback that allows everyone to grow at their own pace. At every stage of your career, you will be given clear, concise development objectives and individualized feedback to help you grow. Management Training Program PHASE KEY TRAINING STEPS ANTICIPATED DEVELOPMENT • Rotation into development seminars, • Demonstrate ability to increase business Sales & Development Showroom and people workshops, courses as needed • Recruiting training • Gain ability to build team • Demonstrate ability to develop new hires Manager development manager • Manager of showroom • Develop ability to juggle multiple priorities Legends™ • Acting Manager under guidance • Learn/practice new management Program of “BTG Training Manager” techniques in a “safe environment” • Develop management style and confidence Interim Manager Introductory Management Training • Formal management / leadership skills diagnosis (Q-test) • Gain exposure / perspective on key management / leadership challenges in people management Rotation • Interim Manager in store • Identify key development needs with no other manager • Mentorship by experienced managers • Build key relationships, formal and informal mentors Management Trainee Sales and customer service training • Training store rotation • Develop ability to mentor new hires • BTG University • Demonstrate ability to be a consistent top performer Design Consultant • Gain foundation in business, business systems, culture Individualized Development Feedback to Accelerate Growth We recognize that people grow faster if they are put in a training-focused but “live” environment. And we know that you will grow faster if given clear devel- opment objectives and constant individual development feedback. We have created training-focused showrooms, under the leadership of general man- agers who excel in training, to accelerate the growth of our management trainees. As a management trainee, you will receive: Weekly/monthly development feedback and objectives during scheduled sessions with your training manager. Quarterly performance reviews by your district manager or regional business managers. “I feel very fortunate to have found a company that is willing to invest time in me and now is giving me Periodic advice from your formal mentor. A mentor is a the opportunity to develop others and make them current manager who recently was in a similar position. successful. This has been a great balance of working with people and a creative outlet, and Quarterly development seminars led by regional business it continues to be a great learning experience.” manager or senior managers. Maria Serrahima, Sales and Development Manager, Philadelphia 10 Building a great company... one person at a time.
  11. 11. More tangible skills to acquire... Management Training ProgramWe expect our management trainees to develop skills andadvance into management positions fairly quickly. Wehave a track record of helping talented, driven collegegraduates grow into leadership positions with realresponsibilities within a few years of graduation. By thetime a management trainee has advanced to sales anddevelopment manager, he/she has acquired highly valuablemanagement and leadership skills such as: People management Multi-tasking and prioritization Training and development Coaching and mentoring Recruitment People assessments Business development Relationship building Planning and time management Critical thinking and analysisA graduate of our management-training program has a fairly complete set of core generalmanagement skills and is a candidate for one of our leadership development programs. “The emphasis on people development is unlike anything I had seen before. Feedback flows openly among senior managers, peers and design consultants. That feedback, more than anything else, has helped me to develop critical skills necessary to run my region.” Adolfo Criado, Regional Business Manager, Washington, DCMore advancement opportunities and rewards!With the rapid career advancement that Blinds To Go® provides, you can expectan equally rapid increase in your earnings. At Blinds To Go®, we believe in rewardingsuccess, and offer top tier competitive salaries and benefits as well as numerousfinancial incentives that reward individual, store and company success. $ 90K Avg. Earning Potential of Recent Graduates $ 80K BTG $ 70K $ 60K Earnings $ 50K $ 40K average recent graduate salaries $ 30K $ 20K $ 10K 1 2 3 4 5 YEARS AFTER GRADUATION For information: • To apply: 11
  12. 12. We develop our manufacturing leaders in our MLDP Manufacturing Leadership Development ProgramMLDP: Manufacturing Leadership Development Program Our MLDP builds on our highly successful Management Training Program, and gives graduates with broad career interest in manufacturing management or supply chain management an opportunity to quickly develop skills and assume a leadership position early in their career. Our MLDP is ideal for the engineer- ing graduate with an interest in leveraging core technical and problem solving skills into a leadership posi- tion in a people-intensive manufacturing environment. Our MLDP is organized in three phases, each with a different focus. Phase One is in our showrooms and is focused on developing basic core people interaction skills and a broad base of relationships with the organization. Phase Two is in our plant and is focused on developing basic manufacturing skills and core people management and development skills. Phase Three is focused on developing advanced people-leadership skills and preparation for a leadership role as a production manager or a supply chain manager. “I was amazed with the commitment BTG has to people development. It almost sounded too good to be true during the interview process, but once I came onboard I quickly realized how deep the commitment really went!” Jeff Bischak, Supply Chain Manager in Training MLDP Structure KEY TRAINING STEPS ANTICIPATED DEVELOPMENT Phase Manufacturing • Cross-functional and multi-plant projects • Tailored to each individual • Assignments in production and non-production Three or areas Supply Chain Phase Production • Recruitment training • Demonstrate ability to build team and develop people Supervisor • Day-to-day manager of key production • Demonstrate ability to meet cost, service, and quality Two department requirements • Acting Supervisor under guidance of • Develop people management and leadership skills Introduction to “BTG Training Supervisor” • Develop planning and multi-tasking skills Manufacturing • Basic process training • Learn and practice supervision in “safe environment” Management Phase Introductory • Formal management / leadership skills • Identify key development needs Management testing (Q-Test) • Broaden exposure and perspective on key management and One • Interim / acting manager in store leadership challenges in people management Training Rotation with no other manager • [Timing dependent on growth] • Develop key relations and formal and informal mentors Sales and Customer • Rotation into other store • Demonstrate ability to successfully mentor new hire on sales floor Service Training • Initial assignment in training store • Demonstrate ability to consistently be a top performer • BTG University • Foundation in BTG business, business system, culture 12 Building a great company... one person at a time.
  13. 13. We develop cross-functional leaders in ourBSAT Business Support Analyst Training Program BSAT: Business Support Analyst Training ProgramOur BSAT Program builds on our highly successful Management Training Program, and gives graduateswith broad career and problem-solving in customer service and project management an opportunity toquickly develop general business skills and assume responsibility early in their career. Our BSAT Programis ideal for the graduate with a broad interest in business who wants to develop basic customer service andproblem solving skills. Our BSAT program consist of three phases: Phase One is in our showrooms and is focused on developing basic core people interaction skills and a broad base of relationship with the organization. Phase Two is primarily in our Business Support Group call center and is focused on developing a broad range of skills necessary to sup- port our stores and customers. Phase Three (optional) is focused on developing core people man- agement and leadership skills and prepares you for a leadership role at the support center or the retail or manufacturing teams. BSAT Structure KEY TRAINING STEPS ANTICIPATED DEVELOPMENTPhase Management • “Legends” Program • Learn and practice supervision in “safe environment” • Develop people management and leadership skills • Q-Test EvaluationThree and Leadership • Interim Manager (store or call-center) Training Root Cause and • Business Support AnalystPhase • Lead cross-functional team on specific • Demonstrate ability to identify root-causes and solve issues Problem Solving • Demonstrate ability to plan, prioritize and multi-task Two issue Training • Analytical training Introduction to • Business Support Associate • Develop people management and leadership skills • Develop multi-tasking and follow-up skills Business Support • Manufacturing training • Learn and practice customer service across broad spectrum Center Operations • Basic training of business activities (POS, Store Support, E-commerce) • Formal management / leadership skills • Identify key development needsPhase Introductory testing (Q-Test) • Broaden exposure and perspective on key management and One Management Training • Interim/acting manager in store with no leadership challenges in people management Rotation (Optional) manager • [Timing dependent on growth] • Develop key relations and formal and informal mentors Sales and Customer • Rotation into other store • Demonstrate ability to successfully mentor new hire Service Training • Initial assignment in training store on sales floor • Demonstrate ability to consistently be a top performer • BTG University • Foundation in BTG business, business system, cultureFrom day one, you will be given clear objectives and be heldaccountable for business results as well as development objectives.Through all three phases a training manager, specifically focused onyour development, will mentor you. For information: • To apply: 13
  14. 14. We develop operating managers in our General ManagementLeadership Development Program Leadership Development Program The General Management Leadership Development Program is for successful sales and development managers with an interest in further developing their general management skills and growing into operating roles with profit and loss responsibilities at the showroom, district and regional level. We work on enhancing the core general management skills and specifically focus on developing the assessment, analytical, recruitment and time management skills as the manager advances. Special emphasis is put on tailoring assignments to each individual to develop the business experience, judgement and leadership skills as the manager advances. Hands-on mentorship is provided by our senior managers to ensure the success of every future leader. “Ive learned the business from the ground up and have developed valuable skills that have helped me build a confident team in my market. The greatest satisfaction that Ive experienced is when I see the people that I have trained and mentored advance in their careers and move up in the company.” Ramneeta Taluja, General Manager, Philadelphia REGIONAL BUSINESS MANAGER General Management The Regional Business Manager is a general manager of a professional sales and customer Careers service team of several hundred professionals, operating out of 25-50 retail showrooms. The Regional Business Manager Regional Business Manager directly manages the entire sales and operations field team and directly supervises the district sales, development and operations team. He/she is responsible for setting the priorities for all people development, operations, District Manager marketing and mechandising initiatives in his/her region and works closely with coun- terparts in the plant, brand and people resource team. DISTRICT MANAGER Training Manager The District Manager is a multi-unit general manager responsible for staffing, devel- oping, and identifying and mentoring future leaders within the district. A District General Manager Manager manages, and has profit and loss responsibility for, an eight to twelve store district and needs to have a very broad array of skills to be successful, including very good multi-tasking and time-management skills. Management Training Program TRAINING MANAGER The Training Manager is a top general manager responsible for developing other man- agers for a district. A training manager is a district manager-in-training and needs to juggle district-wide recruiting and training duties in addition to managing a multi-mil- lion dollar showroom. GENERAL MANAGER A BTG General Manager is responsible for the entire operations of a multi-million dol- lar showroom, including building a clientele, and attracting and building a winning team. He/she is accountable for maximizing the business, developing people, and maintaining the brand. The General Manager must balance people development, busi- ness development and customer relation management activities and needs to have good multi-tasking skills. “In the search for the right fit, I looked at several different companies. The reason I chose BTG was because I wanted a place where I could grow, get individual attention and impact the business. The reason I am still here after three and a half years is because this is still true.” Heidi Cox, General Manager, Boston 14 Building a great company... one person at a time.
  15. 15. A search for leaders Leadership Development Program At BTG, we believe our leaders need to under- stand our business and have a set of relation- ships throughout the organization to be effective. We like to develop and mentor our managers and seek to promote from within to ensure that our leaders embody our culture. Ours is a people business Our offering is as much a service as it is a product. Our product and brand are only as good as the service our peo- ple provide. This is why we invest so much in our people and why our culture is so people-focused. From our hiring process, to our development programs, to our ‘promote from within’ culture, PEOPLE make all the difference. “This is exactly what I was looking for. In a short time period, I’ve been a design consultant, management trainee, store manager, recruiter, district manager and now, a regional business manager. It’s been a whirlwind, but I’ve learned the business from the ground up and have developed important relationships. Today, I’m leading a team in one of our most important markets and it feels so natural.” Franck Koestel, “A brand is only as good as Regional Business Manager the people its customers interact with. I joined BTG Our leadership team is a very talented and driven team of successful because I got the sense that entrepreneurs, seasoned managers and former managementthe senior management truly consultants. All of our leaders share a common passion for people understood this truism and development and excel in mentoring future leaders. were very dedicated to training and developing the team. Through the management training program, I have learned a great deal about people management and effective leadership, and as a result,I have learned and continue to learn how to transform the theory of building a greatbusiness into practical results.” Crispin Murira, Regional Brand Manager in Training For information: • To apply: 15
  16. 16. Fax: (732) 906-0888 Telephone: (732) 321-5000 70 Wood Avenue South Iselin, New Jersey, USA 08830 US STORE SUPPORT CENTER General information Fax: (514) 259-9992 3510 St-Joseph Blvd. East Telephone: (514) 255-4000 CONTACT A BTG CAMPUS RECRUITER AT Canadian STORE SUPPORT CENTER Montreal, Quebec, Canada H1X 1W6ore • Carle Place • Huntington • Levittown • Rego Park • Staten Island • Westchester • New Jersey • Deptford • East Brunswick • Eatontown • Lakewood (factory outlet) • Livingsto ®/TM Trademarks of Blinds To Go Inc. rel • Paramus (Rte 17) • Paramus(Rte 4) • Somerville • Springfield • Totowa • Woodbridge (Metuchen) • Connecticut Superstores • Milford • Norwalk • Michigan Superstores • A Clinton Township • Dearborn • Novi • Pontiac • Taylor • Troy • Utica • Westland • Virgina Superstores • Bailey’s Crossroads • Dale City • Fairfax • Fredericksburg • Springfield • Sterli’s Corner • Tysons Square • Maryland Superstores • Columbia • Frederick • Laurel • Rockville • Massachusetts Superstores • Avon • Everett • North Attleboro • Peabody • Florida Sup Brandon • Florida Superstores • Tampa • Pennsylvania Superstores • King of Prussia • Montgomeryville • N.E. Philadelphia • Oxford Valley • Springfield • Whitehall • Willow Grove • Wy v.0906 • Delaware Superstore • Wilmington • Mill Creek Shopping Center • Ontario Superstores • Barrie • Brampton • Burlington • Hamilton • Kanata (Centrum Center) • Kitchener • Lond