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Building a Virtualized Development and Testing Environments


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A virtual testing and development environment is the perfect place to test applications, operating systems and hardware before you place them into production -- whether it’s virtualized or not. Testing and development environments are frequent candidates for server virtualization deployments, especially for companies just starting out with virtualization. Testing and development environments provide a low-risk medium in which to test out virtualization and can improve resource allocation and storage. But there are several potential challenges for virtualized test and development environments, including networking, backup and recovery and high-availability concerns. In this session, we will talk about how to address these challenges with Windows Server 8 Hyper-V.

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Building a Virtualized Development and Testing Environments

  1. 1. Building a VirtualizedDevelopment and TestingEnvironments Lai Yoong Seng (MVP Virtual Machine) |
  2. 2. Session Objectives & Key Takeaway Get excited! Learn what’s • Scalability • Mobilityhot and new in • High Availability Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Video & Demo 2
  3. 3. Scalability Run more Take advantage demanding of newer hardware, while applications still using with better existing hardware performance to maximum advantage
  4. 4. Hyper-V Host Scale and Scale-up Workload Support Maximum number ImprovementSystem Resource Windows 2008 R2 Windows Server 2012 factor Logical processors on hardware 64 320 5Host Physical memory 1 TB 4 TB 4 Virtual processors per host 512 2048 2 Virtual processors per virtual machine 4 64 16Virtual Memory per virtual machine 64 GB 1 TB 16machine Active virtual machines 384 1,024 2.7 Nodes 16 64 4Cluster Virtual machines 1,000 8,000 8 4
  5. 5. New virtual hard disk formatVHDX Features • Storage capacity up to 64 TBs • Corruption protection during power failures • Optimal structure alignment for large-sector SQL DB disks 2 TB (VHD) Up to 64 TB (VHDX) Benefits • Increases storage capacity • Protects data • Helps to ensure quality performance on large-sector disks 5
  6. 6. Dynamic Memory Improvement New configuration Item: Minimum Memory • Configure dynamic memory while the VM is up and running • Increase the maximum memory • Decrease the minimum memory • Hyper-V Smart Paging 6
  7. 7. DemoLive Dynamic Memory
  8. 8. Live Merging Snapshot Test Writing Yellow Code
  9. 9. DemoSnapshot
  10. 10. MobilityManage virtual machinesindependently from underlying Handle changing needs oninfrastructure demand
  11. 11. Improve Live Migration Concurrent Live Migrations: Multiple simultaneous LMs for a given source or target Live Migration Queuing: In-box tools queue & manage large numbers of VMs
  12. 12. Migrate Virtual Machine Without DowntimeLive migration based on Modified pages transferred Memorymigration setup Storage handle moved Liveserver message block (SMB)share Improvements VM Modified memory pages Configuration data Memory content VM MEMORY • Faster and simultaneous migration • Live migration outside a clustered environment IP connection • Store virtual machines on a File Share SMB network storage 12
  13. 13. Move Virtual Machine Storage Without Downtime Disk writes Reads and writes go to new are mirrored; outstanding changes areLive migration of storage Disk Reads and writes go to new source VHDVHD contents are copied to the destination destination VHD replicatedMove virtual hard disks attachedto a running virtual machine Computer Benefits running • Manage storage in a cloud environment Virtual machine Hyper-V with greater flexibility and control • Move storage with no downtime • Update physical storage available to a virtual machine (such as SMB-based Source device Target device storage) • Windows PowerShell cmdlets 1
  14. 14. Migrate Virtual Machines Without Downtime Disk writes are are copied to new the changes Disk contents mirrored; outstanding Reads and writes go to destinationShared-nothing live Live Migration Completes Live Migration Continues source VHD. Live Migration Begins are replicated source VHD VHDmigration Source Destination Live Migration Hyper-V Configuration data Hyper-V MEMORY Modified memory pages Memory content Benefits Virtual machine Virtual machine • Increase flexibility of virtual machine IP connection placement • Increase administrator efficiency • Reduce downtime for migrations across cluster boundaries Source device Target device 1
  15. 15. DemoConcurrent Live Migration
  16. 16. High AvailabilityEnsure highest uptime – Ensure Business Continuity and99.999%, 99.99%, 99.9% ….. Setup Disaster Environment
  17. 17. Hyper-V Clustering Enhancements External Storage iSCSI SANFlexible VM Guest Arrays Storageclustering•iSCSI Remote File Servers•Fiber Channel FC SAN•SMB 3 Clustering File Server Support SMB 3
  18. 18. Hyper-V VM Monitoring
  19. 19. Virtual Machine Failover Priority MySQL VMHigh Medium Low IIS Web Server SQL DB VM VM
  20. 20. VideoFailover Priority
  21. 21. 22
  22. 22. Network Quality of ServiceNetwork Quality ofService (QoS) MySQL VMAbility to control thethroughput of thenetwork and networkbandwidth control. IIS Web Server SQL DB VM VM 23
  23. 23. DemoNetwork QOS
  24. 24. NIC Teaming Technology• Provides network fault tolerance and continuous availability when network adapters fail by teaming multiple network interfaces• Vendor agnostic and shipped inbox Virtual adapters• Provides local or remote management Team network adapter Team network adapter through Windows PowerShell or UI• Enables teams of up to 32 network adapters• Aggregates bandwidth from multiple network adapters• Includes multiple nodes: switch dependent and independent 25
  25. 25. Disaster Happen Anywhere … Tsunami…Earthquake … 911 incident…How to protect your datacenter?
  26. 26. Hyper-V ReplicaNew feature Primary site Replica siteReplicate Hyper-V virtual machines from a Exchange virtual machineprimary site to a replica site CRM virtual machine IIS virtual machine Exchange replica SQL virtual machine virtual SharePoint virtual machine machine Benefits CRM replica virtual • Affordable in-box business continuity and machine disaster recovery R2 • Failure recovery in minutes Replicate over R1 R3 P1 P2 WAN link • More secure replication across network • No need for storage arrays • No need for other software replication SMB file share SAN Hyper-V role and tools Hyper-V role and tools technologies Hyper-V Hyper-V PS Hyper-V Hyper-V PS • Automatic handling of live migration cmdlets integrated UI cmdlets integrated UI • Simpler configuration and management Send/receive replica traffic Hyper-V Management Module Hyper-V Management Module tracks and replicates changes for receives and applies the changes to each virtual machine the replica virtual machine 27
  27. 27. DemoHyper-V Replica
  28. 28. Client Hyper-VRequirements : Features Not Supported: 64 bit Windows 8 Pro RemoteFX Capability Live Migration SLAT Hyper-V Replica Hardware Virtualization SRV-IOV Network Min 4GB of Memory Virtual Fiber Channel
  29. 29. 64 virtual processors per VM1TB virtual machine memoryNew 64TB VHDX formatNative 4k disk supportHyper-V ReplicaHyper-V virtual fiber channelLive storage migrationWindows NIC teamingConcurrent live migrationSupport for AES/NISupport for up to 64 nodes perclusterSupport for 4000 VMs per clusterHyper-V support for up to 2 TBof physical memoryHyper-V intelligent second levelpagingLive VHD mergeCluster shared volumes v2SMB 3 SupportRDMA support in SMBScale-out file serverMulti-channel SMBSRIOV Networking 30Thousands of PowerShellcommands
  30. 30. Q&A Virtual Lai’s BlogThank you DOWNLOAD Windows Server 2012 http://www.microsoftvirt us/evalcenter/hh670538.aspx 31
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