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Coffee with cc


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Coffee with cc

  1. 1. WelcomeCoffee with the College Counselor
  2. 2. AgendaCollective role in college planning andSelectionCollege planning and selection 101Thinking about college - outside the boxFamily Connection
  3. 3. Begin withThe End in sight
  4. 4. Education is a process, not a product.Students are learners, not customers.College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.
  5. 5. Higher educationOver 4500 colleges and universitiesIn CaliforniaIn the United StatesIn the world
  6. 6. Admissions to four-year universitiesare determined by eligibility andselectivity.
  7. 7. Factors to consider when choosing where toapply to collegeType of schoolSizeLocationStudent bodyAdmissionCost AcademicsCampus lifeOther factorsDON’T be overly impressed by: -rankings (different methodologies are used to achieve rankings)-only one person’s opinion-colleges’ advertising and recruiting-and, to some extent, reputation (often not based on student engagement – keepan open mind.)Two pieces of advice:1. Apply to a variety of schools, but make sure your list includes at least one school that islikely to admit you and that you would happily attend.2. Never apply to a college whose offer of admission you would not gladly accept.
  8. 8. Tests – a necessary piece (maybe)SAT Reasoning Test (aka SAT I)ACTTake in spring of junior year – relax for nowSAT Subject Tests (aka SAT II)Take at end of year you take the class that best prepares you for the subject. Consult with teachers and college counselor!
  9. 9. Get (stay) involvedFind your passionDepth of involvement is more significant than breadthDevelop leadershipMore isn’t always better
  10. 10. The Family ConnectionTo explore colleges and understand how Saint Mary’s students fare in
  11. 11. Useful
  12. 12. Selected BooksCollege Unranked, edited by Lloyd ThackerColleges That Change Lives, by Loren PopeLooking Beyond the Ivy League, by Loren PopeThe Fiske Guide to Colleges