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What is Sagatica?


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Sagatica, from Latin Sagacity, acuteness of mental discernment and ability to make good judgments.

Our work leads to Practical Wisdom – a no-nonsense application of insight and good judgment. Wise executives make better decisions, apply good judgment and achieve better results through engaged people.

We consult and coach senior leaders and executives to make clear judgment calls that cut through complexity, enhance trust and produce better results. Together, we create culture-specific excutive development programs for established and growing companies in Life Science, Electronics, Technology and other industries.

Our meaningful work with our clients is a strategic and profound partnership and we are driven by being authentic, generous, and creative.

Deep expertise in:
• Boardroom Facilitation
• Executive and Team Coaching
• Customized Leadership Training
• Validated Assessments
• CEO Round-tables
• Keynote Speaking

Be Inspired and text WISDOM to 42828 for leadership insights.

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