Prospects of Pharmaceutical Industries - by Eric IttahThe word pharmaceutical is derived from the Greek word “Pharmakeia”....
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Eric Ittah Pharmaceutical Consultant | Eric Ittah Article


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Eric Ittah is a renowned Biopharmaceutical Consultant. This article is shared by Eric Ittah. Visit to learn more about Eric Ittah.

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Eric Ittah Pharmaceutical Consultant | Eric Ittah Article

  1. 1. Prospects of Pharmaceutical Industries - by Eric IttahThe word pharmaceutical is derived from the Greek word “Pharmakeia”. The industriesdealing in pharmaceuticals develop, produce and markets drugs that are used for medication.These companies are allowed to deal in generic and medical instruments. They are subjectedto a series of laws and regulations pertaining to the testing, safety and marketing of drugs.They deal in a lot of discovery, research and development while making different types ofdrugs.One of the major works carried by an industry dealing in pharmaceuticals is drug discoveryand development. Discovery of drugs is a process in which potential drugs are discovered anddesigned. The professionals working in this industry focus on understanding the metabolicpathways related to a disease state or pathogen. They then manipulate these pathways usingbiochemistry. The drugs are developed when various activities are undertaken afteridentifying whether the compound is suitable for medication or not. The main goal of drugdevelopment is to determine appropriate formulation and dosing, and also to establish safety.Apart from research and development of drugs, the other challenging job of professionalsworking in pharmaceuticals filed is marketing of developed drugs. Marketing ofpharmaceuticals products refers to the business of advertising or promoting the sale of drugs.The companies dealing in drugs spend a lot in the marketing of their products. As there aredozens of such companies in the market, there is tough competition in this field. Thecompanies ensure that their marketing professionals are trained properly about the applicablelaws , regulations, and industry codes of practice and ethics This helps the professionals tomarket their drugs properly in market. Immense knowledge of trained and experiencedprofessionals help companies gets good returns on their investment.Pharmaceutical care helps in improving the health and quality of life of a patient. The resultof this care is cure of disease, elimination or reduction of symptoms, arresting any diseaseproblems and preventing any disease or symptoms. A professional helping a patientevaluates the patient’s drug related needs, and works with patient and other healthcareprofessionals to design, implement and monitor a plan that will resolve the problem.The common goal of pharmaceutical industries and professionals in these industries is toprotect the well being of people in all parts of the world by ensuring quality, proven safetyand efficacy of all medicinal products. Another important job is ensuring the rational use ofmedicines. This ensures that the patients receive proper medications in relation to theirclinical needs.About the AuthorThis article on pharmaceuticals industry has been provided by Eric Ittah from Montreal,Canada. Eric Ittah has outstanding knowledge in the field of pharmacy and medicalsciences. He has deep interest and long years of experience in this field. To know more aboutEric Ittah, visit