Food Grade Chemicals - Eric IttahFood grade chemicals are chemicals that are used in food industry. They are not toxic toh...
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Eric Ittah Canada, Eric Ittah article | Food Grade Chemicals by Eric Ittah


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Eric Ittah is a leading consultant in Montreal, Canada. Eric Ittah article about "Food Grade Chemicals".Learn more about Eric Ittah, visit!

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Eric Ittah Canada, Eric Ittah article | Food Grade Chemicals by Eric Ittah

  1. 1. Food Grade Chemicals - Eric IttahFood grade chemicals are chemicals that are used in food industry. They are not toxic tohuman health and are deemed safe to eat. The main aim of these chemicals is to protect thecontent from dampness, oxygen, warmth, insects and other environmental factors. They arequite effective food packaging products and prevent spoilage of foods such as fruits,vegetables and meat. These chemicals are subjected to pass a number of quality parametersso that they are safe and disinfectant.There are several food grade chemicals available in the market these days. One such chemicalis oligosaccharides. Oligosaccharides are one of the most important food grade chemicals.They are comparatively new functional food components that have great capability toimprove the quality of many food items. In addition to offering useful modifications to foodtaste and physico chemical features, many of these sugars hold properties that are vital to thehealth of consumers. Both the production and the applications of food-grade oligosaccharidesare increasing rapidly these days. They have major uses are in drinks, baby milk powders,confectionery, bakery products, yoghurts and dairy products. Research continues into theprogress of new oligosaccharides with a range of physiological properties and applications inthe food industry.Oligosaccharides are chemicals that are gaining increasing interest as prebiotic functionalfood grade chemicals. They can be obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis from a number ofbiomass sources or can be synthesized from simple oligosaccharides by enzymatic transferreactions. Some of the major prebiotic oligosaccharides available in the market includeinulin, fructo-oligosaccharides, and galacto-oligosaccharides. These chemicals have beenchecked using a range of in vitro and in vivo methods. These sugars of various origin likebacteria, algae, and other plants have been used widely both as food ingredients andpharmacological alternatives. The non-digestible ones are used as dietary fibre, weightcontrollers and humectants in confectioneries, bakeries and breweries. Apart from being usedin pharmacological applications, they also find great application in drug delivery, cosmetics,animal and fishery feeding, agriculture, etc.A lot of information about different types of food grade chemicals is available on the Internet.If you want to educate yourself more on these chemicals, you can take help of differentonline resources. There are a dozens of websites available on the Internet that offer reliableinformation about these useful chemicals.About the AuthorThe author of this article is Eric Ittah.Eric Ittah is a reputed Biopharmaceutical consultant in Quebec, Canada. Eric Ittah has earneda bachelor’s degree in Food Sciences and Agricultural Chemistry from the University ofMcGill. He has a good understanding of different types of food grade chemicals. He loves toshare his knowledge with people around him. To know more about Eric Ittah,