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Good Practice in Pharmaceutical Microbiology labratories


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Eric Ittah is a renowned personality from Canada. He is a chemist by profession and loves trying new things.

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Good Practice in Pharmaceutical Microbiology labratories

  1. 1. By – Eric Ittah Good Practices in Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratories
  2. 2. Pharmaceutical Microbiology Lab It is a specialty lab to test the identification of pathogens and isolation of infecting agents.
  3. 3. A pharmaceutical microbiology lab is involved in : Sterility Testing Detection, isolation and identification of microorganism Examining different samples with the use of microorganisms Scope of a pharmaceutical microbiology lab
  4. 4. Microbiology testing must always be performed by professionals who are qualified in microbiology. Adequate training is required for competent performance of tests and operation of equipment.Porfessionals must be trained in safe handling of the microorganisms. Personnel
  5. 5. Microbiology laboratories must be designed to suit the tests that are carried out in them. Sufficient space must be there so that there is no mix up of activities or samples. Access to this area must be restricted to authorized personnel only. Environment
  6. 6. A proper cleaning and disinfection program should be there to ensure that all the testing activities are performed in a proper manner. Cleaning and Hygiene A proper procedure must be there to deal with the spillages. Hand washing and sanitization facilities must be there in place.
  7. 7. Each type of equipment or any other devices must be there in the microbiology lab to ensure that testing, verification and calibration can be performed in a desired way. The devices must be maintained so that the tests can be performed accurately. Equipment
  8. 8. All the chemicals including the reagents, media, diluents, and other suspending liquids must be Labeling of chemicals labeled to indicate their identity, concentration, storage conditions, preparatio n date and expiry date
  9. 9. Using good practices in pharmaceutical microbiology labs will ensure that all the tests are performed by experienced professionals in a very hygienic and disinfected environment using proper devices to get accurate results. Summary
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