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Eric Ittah PPT | Eric Ittah Team Building PPT


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Eric Ittah's presentation on team building. Eric Ittah is a leading consultant in Canada.

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Eric Ittah PPT | Eric Ittah Team Building PPT

  1. 1. By Eric Ittah
  2. 2. A team is a group of people working together toreach a common goal.
  3. 3. PerformanceSkillsUrgency to do the workPositive feedbackMeeting challengesWinning attitude
  4. 4. Good leadership skillsExcellent communication andinterpersonal skillsGo getter attitudeUnderstanding responsibilitiesDedication & positive attitudeDefined objectivesStrive to meet the goals
  5. 5. •Clear objectives•Agreed goals•Individual development•Balanced and defined goals•Effective inter-group relations•Good support and trust•Transparency and clear in dealings
  6. 6. •Bullies – When team member speaks for all•Lack of faith – inauthentic leadership•Communication gap – When all team members aretalking at once and no one is listening to anyone.
  7. 7. •Team members whose loyalty rests elsewhere•When goals are not defined or understood•Where the team members are not on the same page•Team members treat each other with suspicion•Where the team members are allowed to opt out
  8. 8. •Encouragement – Fostering new ideas•Shared values and vision – Working for a common goal•Clear and direct communication – using a consistent andclear communication•Taking ownership – Taking ownership makes members morefocused and responsible
  9. 9. •Build demanding performance standards anddirection•Set ground rules of behavior•Spend a lot of time together•Select team members with good skills andknowledge•Give more attention to details
  10. 10. Contact