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Eric Ittah's presentation on Good Manufacturing Practices. Eric Ittah is a leading Pharma consultant in Montreal, Canada. For more info about Eric Ittah, visit!

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  • Grade A stuff, Eric Ittah. I'm unqusetionably in your debt!
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Eric Ittah Good Manufacturing Practices PPT | Eric Ittah

  1. 1. Prepared by Eric Ittah
  2. 2. Good manufacturing practice, also known as GMPis a testing practice that helps to ensure that theproducts produced are of superior quality.
  3. 3. Contamination in food industry and pharmaceuticalindustries mainly occur by individuals working there, byfood materials, packaging materials, by hazardousmaterials and by miscellaneous materials.
  4. 4. Individuals working in direct contact with food or foodpackaging must to stick to hygienic practices. This willprotect against food contamination by microorganismsor unwanted material.
  5. 5. Any activity that can result in food contamination suchas eating or use of tobacco or chewing is not allowed inareas of food or drug production. Any other unhygienicpractices must not be entertained in food handling areaor drug processing area.
  6. 6. No eating, drinking or chewing while at workMaintain personal hygieneNo jeweler to be wornFinger nails must be trimmed and no applying nail polishNo medication in the factory areaIncase of a open wound or any injury, clean bandage to cover it
  7. 7. All employees must wash their hands thoroughly :When they enter any food handling areaBefore starting any workOnce they have handled contaminated materialsAfter using toilet facilitiesAfter breaks
  8. 8. Good food handling practices ensure that processed food is freefrom any type of contaminations
  9. 9. Do not keep gloves, mask and any other items unattendedDo not keep crates, boxes, containers or buckets directly on thefloorKeep mops and dust pans at the place provided for themKeep minimum hand contact with the food ingredientsCheck the expiry date of the ingredients usedAll the containers must be covered and labeled properly
  10. 10. While food processing is going on in an unit, ensure that theunscreened doors and windows are closed. If there is anyevidence of pests, it must be reported at the earliest. Work areamust be cleaned regularly throughout the shift and it must be leftclean after the work is completed.
  11. 11. Contact Eric Ittah –