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Food and Science By Eric Ittah


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Eric Ittah has shared a food and science PPT. He is a leading biopharmaceuticals consultant holding strong knowledge of different food processing methods

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Food and Science By Eric Ittah

  1. 1. By Eric Ittah
  2. 2. Definition Food Science is the study of production, processing, preparation, evaluation, and utilization of food. It is a science that is entirely based on the application of chemistry, biology, physics, and psychology as subjects. Objectives To produce better food items To improve processing and storage techniques To determine ways for storing high quality, perishable food safely
  3. 3. What are nutrients? Substances found in food that help in growth of mind and body.
  4. 4. What is nutrition? It is a basic understanding of how food is consumed and used in body for the betterment.
  5. 5. Leading Nutrients Carbohydrates Proteins Fats Vitamins Minerals Water
  6. 6. Similarity between Food Science & Nutrition Both are helpful in studying the nature of food. Both are used for understanding how food help in development of body and mind.
  7. 7. Difference between Food Science and Nutrition Food Science is more broad and involves the entire study of food products staring from production, processing, preparation and evaluation of food. On the other hand, nutrition is more specific and aims only at studying the nature of nutrients.
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