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Eric Ittah is a renowned consultant in Canada. The article 'Agricultural Chemistry' is shared by Eric Ittah. In this article, Eric Ittah has discussed the scope of studying agricultural chemistry.

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Eric Ittah | Eric Ittah Article | Eric Ittah Agricultural Chemistry Article

  1. 1. Agricultural Chemistry by Eric IttahAgricultural chemistry is the branch of the science that deals with the study of both chemistry andbiochemistry that are important in agricultural production and in the processing of raw products intofood and beverages. This field of science mainly lay stress on the relationships between plants, animals,bacteria and their environment. Students who are interested to build career in agricultural industrymainly study this science because it aims at preserving the fertility of the soil, improving agriculturalyield and improving the quality of the crop.Professionals who study agricultural chemistry are called agricultural chemists. They do a lot of researchwork and experimentation and advice people and farmers involved in agricultural field. They advisethem on the effective and safe use of chemicals to enhance the production of agricultural field.There are thousands of chemicals used in the making of different types of herbicides, fungicides andinsecticides that are used in the agricultural industry. It is really difficult for a farmer or a common manto understand whether these chemicals are safe to use or not. Agricultural chemists come as greatrescue during these scenarios and help farmers and others involved in agricultural field to understandmore about the use of these chemicals. These professionals are experts in this field and help inidentifying whether these chemicals are safe for human and environment or not.The role of agricultural chemists is immense. They work with food producers to increase yields, enhancethe quality of the produced food and reduce the cost of food production. Not only this, theseprofessionals also study the causes and effects of bio-chemical reactions related to the growth of plantsand animals. They also try to find out ways to control these reactions and formulate chemical productsthat help in controlling these reactions.Professionals who hold good degree in agricultural chemistry also work with scientists working in otherfields including agronomists, biologists, toxicologist and biochemists. A person working with so manyscientists get an opportunity to work on a number of different projects and carry different type ofresearch work. Agricultural chemists generally work in lab or a simulated environment. They arebusiness oriented professionals and always try to market their products in a better way. They worksincerely to identify market needs and find ways to meet them. They are concerned with thedevelopment of chemicals at a reasonable cost to their buyers and with minimal impact onenvironment.About The AuthorThe above article “Agricultural Chemistry” has been written by Eric Ittah.Eric Ittah has earned a reputable degree in Food Sciences and Agricultural chemistry from McGillUniversity. People know Eric Ittah as a successful chemist and consultant with sound knowledge inAgricultural Chemistry.