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Content Marketing as a Customer Acquisition System in a Marketing Ecosystem


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You may have heard of “marketing platforms“, but I’d like to introduce what I’d like to call “marketing ecosystems”.

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Content Marketing as a Customer Acquisition System in a Marketing Ecosystem

  1. 1. You may have heard of "marketing platforms" But I'd like to introduce what I'd like to call " marketing ecosystems"
  2. 2. What is a Marketing Ecosystem? While a marketing platform contains a 'home base' such as a web site and its corresponding marketing channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Books - a Marketing Ecosystem takes a slightly broader view and encompasses: The Marketing Platform The People Doing the Marketing The Processes of the Platform & the People The Technology used by the People • • • •
  3. 3. A Marketing Ecosystem is a... Customer Acquisition System that funnels traffic and buyers from the Marketing Platform into a trusted Onboarding System that has Feedback Loops to the Marketing Platform. The outputs are blog posts, videos, social shares, books, events, products, and services.
  4. 4. Licensing & Commercialization of Intellectual Property (Twofers) In marketing terms, this is referred to as "repurposing content". Content is the energy that keeps this Marketing Ecosystem running. Content creates traffic. Traffic leads to revenue. The most effort should be spent on making the best content possible. Marketers will say "make it share-worthy", but let's get back to basics. It needs to be quality. Quality
  5. 5. An Example of Content Flow Through the Marketing Ecosystem A trusted, knowledgeable person is mined for their insight. This insight is edited into a series of blog posts, a book, and several videos. In each of these marketing channels, backlinks are placed to buy a product or service and sign up for an email list. The same content is then sent to this email list with more links to buy products or services, but everything should be tested.
  6. 6. Test Everything (Beta Title for this Slide Until Further Tests Completed) In SEO, conversions, and sales, the single most important element is the TITLE of the page, post, book, or sales brochure. In books, the cover is the second most important element. But how do you test? Using Facebook, Twitter, and Google Ads, test titles and covers until a significant
  7. 7. Don't Forget About the People or the Products and Services Remember that this marketing ecosystem is made up of people talking to people who have problems that the products or services solve. People are messy, emotional, and rarely rational. They make decisions based on copy, design, urgency, FAQs, or personal referrals.
  8. 8. Products and Services (Continued) But all of this cannot happen without quality products and/or services. The marketing ecosystem can be perfect, but it will implode if the product or service is awful. A Marketing Ecosystem Engineer must suffice whether or not a product or service is worth supporting or whether the product or
  9. 9. On Building a Customer Acquisition System using a Marketing Ecosystem Once a marketing ecosystem is fully understood and the product or service has been fully vetted, a Customer Acquisition System can be built. This system would provide the editing and implementation of the web and social design, content creation, distribution, events, referral connections, email marketing, onboarding training, and do A/B testing and analytics.
  10. 10. An Example of a Customer Acquisition System at Work A dentist is interviewed for his dental knowledge. This is turned into a series of blog posts and videos. Each of these have the opportunity to directly sell or add to an email list. The blog posts are turned into a book, which is sold on Amazon. This book also has links back to his products and services + the ability to sign up for his email list. The dentist can now claim that he is a published author. Each title and cover is A/B split tested to ensure the highest ranking and