Classroom rules


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Classroom rules

  1. 1. Classroom Rules Professor Cruz English 10th
  2. 2. Rule #1Be in your seats and ready to beginwhen the bell rings. Listen whenothers are speaking. Stay on thesame track or topic as the otherclass members. Wait to be dismissedwhen the bell rings.
  3. 3. Rule #2A student is considered tardy toclass if he or she is not inside thisclassroom by the time the bell rings.Tardies are kept for the entiresemester. Three (3) tardies are equalto one (1) absence.
  4. 4. Rule #3After an absence, written excusesare required. Check about due datesfor make up work. This is yourresponsibility, not the teacher’s.
  5. 5. Rule #4Bring materials and have them readyat all times. Leave other people’smaterials alone.
  6. 6. Rule #5No food or beverages of any sort,except bottled water, is allowed inthe classroom. There will be no useof sunglasses in the classroom.
  7. 7. Rule #6No electronic devices (iPods,headsets, etc…) will be allowed. Nocell phones will be allowed by thestudents in the classroom. This rulescomplies for personal use. If theteacher requires them foreducational use then they may beused.
  8. 8. Rule #7Special assignments will only beaccepted on lined loose-leaf paperwritten in pen or pencil. No spiralpaper, colored paper, half-sheets,graph paper, or recycled paper.
  9. 9. Rule #8Late assignments will be acceptedbut points will be deducted fortardiness. (Assignments are due atthe beginning of class inside theassigned tray.) Plagiarism andcheating are unacceptable and willresult in a zero (0) grade.
  10. 10. Rule #9Work on other academic subjectsonly after completing assigned workfor this class. Work time should beused appropriately.
  11. 11. Rule #10Work according to your individualpotential. Set goals for yourself.Keep a positive attitude. If you arefeeling frustrated, schedule aconference with the teacher.
  12. 12. Rule #11Be polite to teachers and classmates.Keep distractions to a minimum.Avoid unnecessary body movements,rude comments, trips to the pencilsharpener or waste basket. Keephands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  13. 13. Rule #12Leaving the classroom: No one will leave theclassroom once the bell has rung because everyminute of educational time is important. However,students will be allowed to go to the school officefor medical care or illness, but the student mustfirst receive permission from the teacher andmake it clear what the situation is. It is thestudent’s responsibility to go to the bathroombetween passing periods or lunch.
  14. 14. Rule #13No vandalism. Don’t write or carve onyour desk or school property.Maintain your work area clean.
  15. 15. Rule #14To best benefit the education of thestudents in the classroom, theteacher reserves the right to amendthe rules if the need arises.
  16. 16. Rule #15Consequences for breaking theclassroom rules: infractions willresult in the student being referredto the social worker, guidancecounselor, or principal.