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Trees Down In Maplewood


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Shots of trees down in Maplewood after the storm that rolled through here the evening of June 10, 2008.

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Trees Down In Maplewood

  1. 1. Maplewood, NJ – the aftermath of whatever rolled through here last night – June 10, 2008.
  2. 5. Yes – those are sidewalks up in the air, near the corner of Summit Ave, on Midland Boulevard.
  3. 8. While we didn’t count these, we were told there were 12 of these biggies down on the same block.
  4. 9. Panning to the right…
  5. 16. Typical street today (while the schools are all closed)…
  6. 18. Elsewhere in town …
  7. 21. Same story all over town. Some blocks were fine. Others had a single tree down. And others were littered with branches and leaves.
  8. 23. No school for the kids tomorrow either.