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Ffa, then and now


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Ffa, then and now

  1. 1. FFA: then and now a keynote by eric hamDate: 8/28/12
  2. 2. The beginning of FFA
  3. 3. The beginning of FFA The FFA (future-farmers of america) was founded in 1928. A handful of farmboys saw the importance of agriculture education. They got together and fleshed out the future for this soon-to-be organization that would soon educate young people on agriculture. But they could not for-see what it would soon come to be. Nowadays, the FFA teaches millions of students, (that’s alot). That fact itself is a big change from the handful that it started with.
  4. 4. The public law 105 - 225
  5. 5. The public law 105 - 225Formerly known as the “Public Law 81-740”, when the 81st congresssaw the importance of ag education. They granted a federal charter tothe FFA. But in 1998, the 105 congress reviewed and passed thetechnical amendments. This shows through the revisions as the publiclaw of 105-225.
  6. 6. Numbers
  7. 7. NumbersSince the beginning of FFA started out small, but has grown to be wellknown and very big. Currently, the FFA welcomes anyone into it’sorganization. Hundreds of thousands are part of FFA. Today, the FFAexists in all fifty states, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. virgin islands.