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REDmonitor-the next wave in vertical market data collaboration

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REDmonitor-the next wave in vertical market data collaboration

  1. 1. 12014©conpex solutions sdn bhd What will be the next wave in cloud data storage and business collaboration? redMonitor-USP,differentiation,r.1-270814
  2. 2. 2 Value proposition / USP, Differentiation Our USP/ Differentiation  REDmonitor is embedded with industry standard templates and forms for immediate adoption by industry stakeholders.  It is a Single-Point Cloud Platform for project management, control and monitoring of Real Estate Development & Construction Projects 2014©conpex solutions sdn bhd “Industry-specific solutions are the wave of the future” [Tom Kershaw, product manager for Google’s cloud service] 24 August 2014
  3. 3. 3 Value proposition/ USP, Differentiation 1) Provides instant access to project progress /status reports +records: 2) Enables instant project reporting , monitoring and tracking through the project Lifecycle 3) Allows the CEO/ Project Director a helicopter view of the project performance 4) Emulates the current way construction supervision and progress monitoring is carried out by the industry stakeholders. 5) Critical real time information is accessible in the cloud at affordable cost without the user having to know any IT technical knowledge. 6) Con/t> 2014©conpex solutions sdn bhd
  4. 4. 4 [5] Value proposition / USP, Differentiation 6) Property buyers can be given the option to monitor and track the progress of their property under construction in real time. 7) Time, cost and productivity savings 8) Embedded with alert system for faster decisions 9) Part of Green Initiative > saving paper, environment 10) Transform real estate development and construction industry’s traditional manual paper based project reporting and monitoring system to digitized virtual cloud platform 2014©conpex solutions sdn bhd
  5. 5. 5 REDmonitor™ allows the developer/ contractor to track and monitor their projects anytime, anywhere using multiple devices 2014©conpex solutions sdn bhd click link here>