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Eg cic-detail profile[1]-081011

  1. 1. Profile: Eric CL Gan: E-mail: Ar. ERIC CL GAN B.Architecture(University of Singapore),APAM, M-FIABCI QMS Assessment Certificate (University of Portsmouth) Registered Professional Architect (Malaysia, Dubai) Certified Construction Project Manager (CIDB-MALAYSIA)1 Name: Eric CL Gan2 Academic Qualifications:  Bachelor degree in Architecture- University of Singapore  Quality Management System Assessment Certificate - University of Portsmouth, UK.3 Professional Career and Experience:  More than 30 years experience in the real estate and building industry as an Architect, Project Manager, Quality/Management Systems Manager, General Manager, Corporate Trainer, Consultant and Public Seminar Speaker.  Have worked for major corporations in Malaysia and Singapore such PETRONAS [the National Oil Corporation of Malaysia], the Housing and Development Board of Singapore and Sunrise Bhd, a public listed property development company in Malaysia which is renowned for its innovative and quality buildings.  Has undertaken numerous multi-million-dollar property development projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Africa.  Current Designations:-  Managing Director, Conpex Sdn Bhd.  Managing Director, Conpex International Consortium Sdn Bhd  Managing Director, Conpex International Vietnam  Director, Teo A. Khing Design Consultants Sdn Bhd (TAK Group)  Certified Construction Project Management Trainer, CIDB MALAYSIA Conpex International Consortium Group provides “one-stop” solutions for real estate development consultancy, project management and training.The company is a multi- disciplinary consortium group providing project management, urban design, town planning, architecture, interior design, engineering, quantity surveying, construction management, quality management and ICT/knowledge management solutions such as RED-Monitor™ and ProjectSiteTracker™ []4 Expertise and Specialization: o Specializes in business process mapping, coaching, training, quality management (ISO 9000), strategic and project management consultancy for the real estate and construction industry.EG-CIC-detail profile[1]-081011 1
  2. 2. Profile: Eric CL Gan: E-mail: ericgan2@gmail.com5 Major Achievements / Awards:  Was a key member of the ISO 9000 Quality Task Force responsible for overseeing the implementation of SUNRISE Bhd’s ISO Quality System.  Was the Quality Management System Manager responsible for the development, maintenance and upkeep of the company’s ISO 9000 Certification. Sunrise is an award township developer and was the First Malaysian developer to obtain ISO 9000 certification for condominium development.  Quality Assurance Consultant for successful implementation of ISO9000 Certification for 3 companies within the Bukit Kiara Group.  Lead Conpex Group to undertake various township development advisory services in Vietnam  Founder of the ProjectSiteTracker web portal that enables any real estate and construction industry personnel to monitor and track his construction projects anytime, anywhere on multiple devices.  Awarded RM50,000.00 Cradle Grant for Contractor e-Projects Reporting System-an online Project Reporting Web Portal  Develop customised training packages for the real estate and construction industry covering project management, standard operating procedures and quality management.6 Others (professional appointments / Institutions / organisations): Member of Malaysia Business Chamber, Vietnam Member of FIABCI International, Malaysian Chapter Member of Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) Previous member of the following Professional Organizations;  National Council Member 2000-2006, 2008-2010 of FIABCI- Malaysia, the Malaysian Chapter of the International Real Estate Federation, an umbrella body for real estate professionals from 56 countries worldwide.  Competition Evaluator for FIABCI- Malaysia Property Awards.  Organizing Committee Member for FIABCI Prix d’ Excellence 2002 Award  Organizing Committee Member for National Real Estate Convention (NREC)2006  Past member of the Construction-SIG (Special Interest Group) of the Project Management Institute, Malaysian Chapter (PMIMY)  Government Liaison Committee Member of the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM)  Funding Committee Member-Technopreneur Association Malaysia (TeAM)  Government Liaison committee member of the Malaysian Master Builders’ Association (MBAM) 7 Advisory / Expert Committees / Lectureship: Member, FIABCI Asia Pacific Regional Secretariat Taskforce Previous appointments include the following; o Special International Investment Consultant/Advisor to Board Chairman, of a Vietnam township developer comprising 1,235 acres. o International Architecture Competition Jury for Vietnam Property Developer o Member, Presidential Taskforce on Growth & Expansion to FIABCI World President Dato’ Alan Tong. (2005-2006) o Committee Member, CIDB-MLVK Industry Expert Group for Development of National Competency Standard (NCS) for Malaysian Construction Project Manager (2002-2004). o CIDB-PMIMY Study Team member for development of Construction Project Management Practice. o Project Advisor (2006),Sentoria Development Sdn Bhd o Academic Advisor (2006), Imperia Institute of TechnologyEG-CIC-detail profile[1]-081011 2
  3. 3. Profile: Eric CL Gan: E-mail: o Industry Supervisor for MSc in Engineering Business Management Course awarded by Business & Advanced Technology Centre (BATC)- a collaboration between University Technology Malaysia (UTM) & University of Warwick, UK. o Chairman, Panel Session for Exporting Property Services, National Real Estate Convention (NREC) 2006, Kuala Lumpur. o Chairman, Panel Session for Property Development, Land Administration and Construction Project Management Conference 2002, National Property Development Conference 2004. o Part-time Lecturer/Facilitator for MBA/Master/Bachelor/Diploma/Certificate in Project Management/Construction Management programs for Heriot-Watt University (UK)/Imperia Institute of Technology, Southern California University / University of Newcastle (Australia) / Institut Wira, BATC /University of Warwick (UK) in collaboration with University Technology Malaysia, Australian Training College and TAR College.8 Seminar Speaker / Trainer / Course Facilitator Some of the Seminars and corporate courses conducted by Eric are as follows;  Successful Management for Property Development Projects through effective planning, monitoring and control procedures, 2007-2011 (Organizer: Asia Pacific Diligence)  Property Development + Construction Project Management (Organizer: Bridge Knowle Events)  Project Management: Strategies, Techniques, Operations and Control, 2011(Organizer: Asia Pacific Diligence)  Land Development & Investment Professional Course,2011 (Organizer: SIC Smart Investor Club)  Successful Project Management for Property Development (Client-Glomac Bhd/Organizer: Asia Pacific Diligence), Nov. 2006.  Certified Construction Project Manager Training & Certification Program, 2008-2011(Organizer: CIDB-Malaysia)  Managing Property Development Projects Successfully through Knowledge Management System, 2008 ( Organiser: AREA, HCMC, Vietnam & Bangkok)  In-House Project Management Training for Vietnam Client, 2008 (Nam Long Investment Corp)  Project Management for Property Development: A Tactical Mapping Approach, 2008 (PAM)  Purchaser’s Guide to Build&Sell or Sell&Build-the Quality Perspective(Organizer: Star Property Fair/Henry Butcher Property Consultants) Sept 2006, Penang  Developing the Property Developer’s Project Operations Manual vide Tactical Mapping (organizer: Asia Business Connection Sdn Bhd), April, July 2005.  Implementing ISO 9000 Fast-track Certification for Property Developers & Contractors vide Tactical Mapping (organizer: Asia Business Connection Sdn Bhd), April, June 2005.  Construction Project Management Skills (Organizer: CIDB-Malaysia), 2002 – 2006.  Integrating Construction Project Management effectively through Tactical Mapping (Organizer: Asia Business Forum),May 2005  Certified Construction Project Management Program(CCPM), o r g a n i s e d b y SBS Training & Development Sdn Bhd, 2003(Aug-Nov).  Construction Site Management, Planning, Monitoring & Control Procedures (Organizer: CIDB- Malaysia for Contractors registered with the Board), 2004-2005.  KPIs for Award Winning Property Development Projects, Sept 2004, (PROLAND 2004 Conference organized by Uni-Link Smart Venture Sdn Bhd).  FIABCI-Malaysia Property Awards of Distinction (FPAD): Critical Success Factors (Organizer: Bukit Kiara Properties Sdn Bhd, Sept 2004)  Strategic Project Management (MSc in Construction Management, Imperia/ Heriot –Watt University, Edinburgh, UK), 2004.  Construction Site Management & Planning (BSc in Construction Management, Imperia/ Heriot – Watt University, Edinburgh, UK), 2003.  Project Management of "Malaysia Boleh" Success Stories-A Project Methodology Approach,organised by Asia Business Forum,2003(July)..  IT solutions for the construction industry - the next wave? , o r g a n i s e d b y Project Management Institute Malaysian Chapter, 2 0 0 3 ( J u l y ) .  Managing Construction Projects Virtually Using The Electronic Project Management System (e- PMS), organized by Uni-Link Smart Venture, 2003(Aug).EG-CIC-detail profile[1]-081011 3
  4. 4. Profile: Eric CL Gan: E-mail:  Managing Construction Projects virtually through web based electronic project management system, organized by Asia Pacific Diligence, 2003 (April).  Construction Quality Management System (Client: MSc in Construction Management (Project Management) candidates, Imperia/ Heriot –Watt University, Edinburgh, UK), December 2002.  Total Quality Management module for MBA program, 2003 –2004.  Project Management module for MBA program, 2003-2004.  Project Management module for Executive Diploma in Management Operations organized by EMC Management Sdn Bhd on behalf of UTM-BATC), 2003 (March).  Implementing an Effective Construction Management System (Client: Urusbudi Consult Sdn Bhd), September 2002.  Quality Control for Construction Site Supervision (Client: Metro Kajang Group), August 2002.  Construction Management & Innovative Trends in Project Management (Organizer: Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM), July and Sept 2002.  Managing a Property successfully through the Integrated Property Maintenance Program (Client: Resorts World Bhd / Genting Group), July 2002.  Managing a Property Development Project successfully through the K-DEVELOPER System (Client: Darulaman Realty Sdn Bhd ), June 2002 and August 2002 ( PROLAND 2002 Conference organized by Uni-Link Smart Venture Sdn Bhd).  Leading towards Successful KM in Construction & Property Sector (Organizer: Uni-Link Smart Ventures Sdn Bhd, at National Conference on “Best Practices in Knowledge Management”), April 2002.  Managing People on Projects (participants: Diploma in Project Management conducted by Institut Wira/University of Newcastle, Australia), January 2002.  Why Housing Developers must adopt the new ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standards to Survive the Property Price War (Organizer: Asia Pacific Diligence), Nov 2001.  Project Management for IT Professionals (client: Mesiniaga Bhd), June 2001.  Project Termination/Closure (client: Malaysian Shipyard Engineering Bhd), 2001-2003 (Executive Certificate in Project Management Course conducted by EMC Management Sdn Bhd on behalf of UTM-BATC), Diploma in Project Management Candidates-Nov. 2002.  Integrated Approach to Quality Management for Property Developers and Contractors (Organizer: Asia Pacific Diligence), Nov. 2000.  The need for ISO 9000 Quality Management Services in Property Management (The Property Management Convention Seminar organized by Akademi Millennium), October 2000.  The Integrated Approach to Quality Management for property development (Real Estate Convention Seminar organized by Akademi Millennium), July 2000.  Integrated Approach to Quality Management for the Property Developer: Case Study-Sunrise’s approach to Quality Management (client: Labur Bina Sdn Bhd), May 2000.  Achieving ISO 9000 using an Integrated Approach to Quality: A property sector perspective (Total Quality Management Forum organized by The Asia Business Forum), April1997  ISO 9000 for the Developer-Sunrise Experience (Organizer: Sunrise Bhd), July 1995. Contact: Eric CL Gan email: MALAYSIA ------------------------------------------EG-CIC-detail profile[1]-081011 4