Customer Experience Workshop


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A Quick-Results Method for Moving Up the S-Curve and Improving Customer Service.

Widely proven: Fast, Effective and Affordable (under $10K)
Identifies customer touchpoints or Mopment Of Truth (MOT)
Brings Customer Focus to each MOT.
Improves the customer experience to help bolster loyalty and profits.
Description of the S-Curve.
How do I do the workshop? Methodology and Deliverables.
Link to quick self assessment of your service, plotted on the S-Curve.

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Customer Experience Workshop

  1. 1. A Quick-Results Method for Climbing the Customer Service CurveCustomer Experience Workshop SHARPER CUSTOMER-FOCUS • SHARPER COMPETITIVE EDGE 147 Monarch Park Ave • Toronto • Ontario • M4J4R5 P: 416/465-0800 • E:
  2. 2. Climbing the Customer Service Curve to Loyalty & Advocacy Requires a Consistently Superior Customer Experience Loyalty => $$$ Only 15% of NEED CENTERED Companies ! CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP The Customers are supplied with services and service, Always Being Proactive Advocacy the way they want them, “Shoot ahead of the duck” Customer Behavior when they want them Consistently Exceeding ExpectationsRelationship Leaky Point of Satisfying “Under-promise and over-deliver.” Expansion Barrel VALUE CENTERED PARTNER RELATIONSHIP Distinguished through Neutral Point of Value Creation, Consistently Meeting Expectations Delighting Product and Service “Preach what you practice” Delight Neutralizing Service IrritantsDiminishment “Wipe out the coffee stains” Customer Relationship Management Defection Attract Serve Grow Nurture Reactive Service Delivery Customer Satisfaction Management Proactive Value Creation
  3. 3. Climbing the Customer Service Curve to Loyalty & Advocacy Requires a Consistently Superior Customer Experience  The link between satisfaction and behavior is not a straight line but more like an S curve, with two points of inflection.  The first one is the Point of Satisfying, where customer expectations for service are met to the degree that they don’t feel the need to scale back or defect.  Below that point the enterprise is like a leaky barrel, topped up by attracting new customers while at the same time customers and profits leak out at the bottom. Point of Satisfying Point of Delighting  The second one is the Point of Delighting, where customers’ expectations are exceeded through differentiated customer service, prompting them to become an advocate for the company.  Research by the Forum corporation suggests that only 15% of companies operate at the Point of Delighting or higher, where their customer service actually contributes to loyalty.  Below this level, and also in absence of an effective customer relationship management process that provides recognized value, satisfied customers my yet switch supplier. Climbing up this Customer Service Curve cannot happen if the day-to-day Customer Experience is not managed by paying detailed and fanatical attention to the customer touch points (Moments of Truth) that occur throughout the cycle of service and to developing an effective strategy for service recovery.
  4. 4. Customer Experience ManagementIn todays customer  Customer relationships are built on trust, establishedeconomy, companies through consistent, repeated good experiences throughout theresults are increasingly customer journey or Cycle of Service.judged by the depth and  The quality of the customers experience determines thevalue of customer customers loyalty to a brand and to the company behind the brand.relationships.Every organization has a  Most organizations do not [sufficiently] appreciate theircustomer experience. Customer Experience.It is what happens for or  Neither do they proactively and in detail manage theto your customers as Customer Experience throughout the Cycle of Service.they learn about yourcompany, try and then buy  Successful Customer Experience Management startsyour product or service, with mapping and detailed analyses of all customer contactget help, and share ideas. points - “Moments of Truth”.
  5. 5. Customer Experience ManagementIf you haven’t identified the  The operational silos take over in determining what they’re going to do toopportunities that exist to the customer and when.impact your customer’s  The customer experience happens by default…the outcome of the collisionexperience, then you can’t of your silos’ interactions with the customer.manage it.  The “Moments of Truth” enlighten the organization to understand the stagesThere are sound reasons for that form their interaction with their customers.pushing people together to  They push the organization to create a common language and framework forcreate a common language to understanding of the touch points with the customer that cross the organization.define the stages of customer  The identification of the “Moments of Truth” inspires creativity by openinginteraction and the people’s minds to thinking through what should be delivered at key“Moments of Truth” which intersections with a customer to deliver valued and memorable experiences.define the customer  The process of identifying the “Moments of Truth” drives awareness aboutexperience. They’re valuable where a company can impact a customer relationship and customerin driving operating strategy profitability.and climbing the customer  The “Moments of Truth” burst across the silos and push the silos to workservice curve towards together in the optimum delivery of the experience. Building an operatingincreasing customer loyalty plan for the execution of the key “Moments of Truth” clarifies the organi- zational and operational hand-offs where so much customer dissatisfactionand profitability. and defection occurs today (Leaky Barrel).
  6. 6. “Moments of Truth” Create the Customer Experience Managed successfully, Moments of Truth help create a positive perception of Service Moments of Truth happen … Quality — an “experience” Every time a customer comes into contact with your organization or a “feeling.” During contacts in person, by phone or other means But, each Moment of Truth is also a potential Planned and unplanned failure point, a negative During service as expected experience that can make the customer decide to During service recovery defect to a competitor. Moments of Truth need to“Manage the dickens out of those unique, never-to-be be well understood andrepeated opportunities to distinguish ourselves in a managed proactively andmemorable fashion from each and every one of our intensely to climb thecompetitors.” customer service curve. — Jan Carlzon, President, Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS)
  7. 7. Managing your Cycle of Service for Detail Chronology of Moments of Truth and other factors which influenced dealers’ Service Quality perceptions of a cellular telephone companyMost organizations Issuing Credits Sales Callsdo not [sufficiently]appreciate their Service Order GenerationMoments of Truth. Other Factors InfluencingNeither do they Service Delivery:proactively and in Returns •Management Style Issues Order Processingdetail manage the Order Generation •Distribution Channel IssuesCustomer Experience •Systems Issues •Marketing Servicesthroughout the •Telephone and Paging Collecting Back OrdersCycle of Service. Invoicing Credit Approval Moments of Truth Delivery Order Picking
  8. 8. Managing Internal Service the Same Way Simplified chronology of Moments of Truth and other factors which influenced employees’ Service Quality perceptions of an IT Help DeskMost organizationsdo not [sufficiently]apply the same Closing Ticket Experiencingcustomer service Other Factors Influencing Service a Problem Delivery:discipline internally “Headcount” Large # of they do externally. XYZ Software CapabilitiesThis is vital for key Order Generation Customer Service Skills Training Managing Customer Expectationsinternal service Service Level Agreements Knowledge Managementproviding functions, “Quantity over Quality” “Treadmill/Burnout”such as: IT, HR and Solving Problem Calling Help DeskFinance. Moments of Truth
  9. 9. Climbing the Customer Service Curve Through the Customer Experience WorkshopThe Customer Experience Workshop is a hybrid of a Moments of Truth typicallyfocus group and a brainstorming session — with a appear on or near the front-linefocus on the customer experience (outside-in). of organizations. Involving those employees means that practical, customer-focused service improvements will be suggested and implemented.The Customer Experience Workshop Provides… Chronological Inventory of Moments of Truth in a Cycle of Service The workshop involves front- line employees from a cross- Customer-Focused Definitions of Excellent versus Bad Service Experience section of business functions in Pragmatic Ideas for Changing Bad to Excellent Service Experiences the open and honest exchange Opportunities for setting standards and measures of ideas. Management is not Identification of Non-Value Added Activities included and all input is kept Identification of (Organizational) Barriers to Improving Service Quality confidential.
  10. 10. The Customer Experience Workshop Provides High Value-for-FeesA Customer Experience Workshop: I guarantee a value-packed Improves both external and internal Customer Experiences through written report and verbal Understanding and Analysis of Moments of Truth presentation full of Identifies Short- and Long-Term Service Quality Improvement pragmatic improvement Opportunities opportunities and Brings the Voice of the Customer in Key Business Processes strategic recommendations. Promotes Cross-Functional Cooperation and Interdepartmental Communication These are based on my Kick-Starts, Feeds, or Accelerates a Continuous Improvement Process Creates an Agenda for a Service Quality Improvement Council or extensive consulting Task Force experience in managing Provides Input for Designing Qualitative and Quantitative Customer Service Quality issues in a Satisfaction Research Tools wide variety of industries Provides Input into Questionnaire Design for Customer Surveys and and companies. Relationship Reviews
  11. 11. Credentials Eric Fraterman Extensive international customer-focus consulting experience:Clients who have benefited from the  Customer-Focus Strategy Planning,Customer Experience Workshop: Deployment/Alignment  Customer Satisfaction, Employee and Building Materials Engineering Consulting Firm Supplier Research Performing Arts (Not-For-Profit) Mutual Funds  Key Customer Relationship Reviewing Cellular Telephones Advertising Media Services  Total Quality/Service Management Life Insurance Charitable Organizations  Service Quality Diagnostics Hospital (External & Internal) Law firm  Front-line Service Quality Improvement Computer Distribution Beverage Packaging  Internal Service Quality Improvement Computer Service Equipment Rental  Leadership Values Path Development IT Department (internal) Country Club  Customer-Focused Organization Design Finance Department (Internal) Alcoholic Beverages  Quality Function Deployment HR Department (Internal) Software Electrical Contractor
  12. 12. Free Phone Consultation & Self Assessment Book a free phone consultation and click here. Conduct a simple self assessment of where your transactional service fits on the S-Curve and click here. For more information about my services visit .