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Benoit Poirier, CFA, Analystn	Bombardier outpacing Embraer and ATR on the regional                                Positive...
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Focus AoûT 2012 En


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august focus

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Focus AoûT 2012 En

  1. 1. F CUS Volume 23, N°8, august 2012 EDITORIAL Ed Sollbach, CFA Portfolio Strategy and Quantitative Research Analyst retail strategyMessage from theGeneral Manager “Stocks have shown resilience over the last month because they have become very cheap vs bonds, their competing asset class.“Bruno DesmaraisVice-President and General ManagerFull Service Brokerage Europe Monetary Fund aid payments needed toSomeone you can count on! The outline of a comprehensive pan- avoid a debt default that could lead to its European banking union, similar to what quick exit from the eurozone. However,The international situation has been we have in Canada and the US, was finally the EU will likely avoid a disastrous break-problematic for several months now, announced at the end of June. up. The all-powerful European Centralwith Greece in a downward spiral, Italy Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi said onon the brink, and now Spain joining Although Europe has made some progress July 26, “the ECB is ready to do whatever itthe ranks of too many European over the last month, policy makers are takes to preserve the euro. And believe me,countries in serious financial difficulty. still not moving fast enough to deal with it will be enough”.Hardly a cheerful picture, especially serious bank and sovereign debt problems.when you consider the problems we’re Infighting among the 17 member nations Chinaexperiencing at the provincial level, has prevented concrete details from China’s GDP growth slowed to 7.6% year-particularly the impasse our government emerging as much as a month after the over-year in the second quarter from 8.1% infinds itself in following its negotiations 21st emergency eurozone summit. This the first quarter. However, the strong increasewith the student associations. Although means it will likely take months before the in lending activity in June suggests that itsit’s hard to be optimistic, there are some much needed reforms are put in place. growth should bottom this summer, thenencouraging signs, so we mustn’t give rebound as borrowed money is put to work.up hope. Certainly not. Hence, eurozone worries, centred on Spain and Greece especially, will likely continue to United StatesNow more than ever, your Investment overhang the markets. Spain is in the difficult The US economy has also slowed inAdvisor is the person who can answer position of having to cut unsustainable deficits 2012, making the historically high USyour questions, ease your concerns while also raising 100 billion euros to bail out unemployment rate of 8.1% the mainand, especially, reassess and align your its banks. At the end of July, 10-year Spanish issue in the November presidential election.investment strategies so that they take bond yields spiked through 7.5%, a level at Ben  Bernanke confirmed that the Federalinto account your investor profile and which it becomes increasingly difficult for any Reserve (Fed) “is prepared to take furthercurrent economic conditions. government to borrow in the debt markets. action” to bring down this number. If US jobs This situation highlights the urgent need for a growth continues to be weak, we believe banking union where all EU nations share the the Fed will roll out a third quantitativeEnjoy the rest of the summer! burden of backstopping the banks. easing program in September in the form of mortgage debt purchases. This would drive Greece continues to struggle with its mortgage rates even lower than the current austerity program, risking the International record lows of 3.6%. continued on page 2 Please see the last page of this document for company specific disclosures.
  2. 2. EDITORIAL (continued) Recommendations Bombardier Inc. 7It is record-low mortgage rates that are Contrarian analysis 6spurring the emerging recovery in US Despite record-high bond prices (low yields), PRICE ($) 5housing after a five-year depression. Prices strategists in general have increased their 4have increased 7.9% year-over-year, the bond allocation to record highs. Likewise, 3largest gain since 2005, which eases the despite cheap valuations, equity funds also Volume (M) 60burden of struggling US consumers and have a record allocation to cash. In both 40makes banks more profitable as there are cases, previous record allocations occurred 20 0fewer defaults on mortgages. at or near stock market bottoms. Jul-11 Oct-11 Jan-12 Apr-12 Jul-12 RATING BUY–ABOVE-AVERAGE RISKOver the past month, US bond yields have Contrarian investing suggests going against Target $6.00fallen 20 basis points (bps) to a record low prevailing market trends and sentiment, Symbol BBD.B Sector Transportation & Aerospaceas capital continues to flee Europe. More particularly when these hit multi-year Recent price $3.83importantly, with a continuing “need for extreme levels. Thus, we believe stocks will Total potential return 57%yield” from investors, corporate bond 52-week range $3.30–6.42 rise as negative sentiment and funds flows Market cap $6,603myields have fallen even more, plunging turn more positive toward stocks, while Year-end Dec-3130 bps this month to new record lows. All record-high bond valuations (with record- Adjusted EPS 2012E US$0.36 2013E US$0.52companies with debt are benefiting from low yields) are at risk given extremely P/E 2012E 10.6xcorporate borrowing costs that are down positive sentiment toward bonds after a 2013E 7.4x136  bps (25%) from last year, but the Dividend yield 2.6% 32-year bond bull market. Sources: Desjardins Securities, company reports, Bloombergbiggest beneficiaries are stable companieswith high debt levels such as REITS, utilities Investment strategyand telecoms that can continue to refinance Stocks have shown resilience over the lastdebt at significantly lower rates. month because they have become very cheap vs bonds, their competing asset Yamana Gold Inc.Relative yields class. We continue to advocate owning a 20At the time of writing, there is a positive core portfolio composed mainly of high- 18 PRICE (US$)spread of 75 bps between record-low yielding stocks—REITs, utilities, telecoms 16US bond yields of 1.40% and the S&P 500 and pipelines—to which we recommend 14yield of 2.15%, a situation only seen for a adding a smaller but riskier component 12few days in December 2008 and January comprised of growing companies (pref- 30 Volume (M)2009 when dividends were being slashed. In erably with a dividend yield greater than 20 10contrast, dividends are now up an attractive 2% to provide protection) in the financial, 015% year-over-year. technology, industrial, consumer discretion- Jul-11 Oct-11 Jan-12 Apr-12 Jul-12 ary, transportation and gold sectors. Also, RATING BUY–ABOVE-AVERAGE RISKNorth of the border, 10-year government Target US$22.00 we have become more positive on the oil Symbol AUY, YRIbond yields have fallen to a record low of & gas and oil  & gas services sectors as we Exchange NYSE, TSX1.58% with the global slowdown while the believe oil prices have probably bottomed at Sector Gold Recent price US$14.07, $14.30TSX currently yields ~3.15%. The TSX–bond US$79 per barrel. n Total potential return 59%spread is now over 150 bps, the biggest 52-week range US$12.35–18.16spread since World War II. Of note, 67% Market cap US$10,496m Year-end Dec-31of TSX companies and 81% of TSX market Reserves 18.6m ozscapitalization now yield more than 10-year Resources 23.9m ozs Adjusted EPS1 2012E US$1.35Canadian government bonds. CFPS2 2012E US$1.86 Dividend yield 2.6% 1 From continuing operations 2 Before changes in working capital Sources: Desjardins Securities, company reports, Bloomberg
  3. 3. Benoit Poirier, CFA, Analystn Bombardier outpacing Embraer and ATR on the regional Positive news on the development of the CSeries aircraft is a key cata- aircraft order front so far in 2012 lyst, in our view. Bombardier continues to aim for first flight in late 2012n Transportation division provides a support level of ~US$3.50/share and entry into service in 2013, whereas we believe the market is alreadyn Attractive dividend yield of 2.6% pricing in a delay of six months (the flight control system is the main concern).Bombardier (BBD) is an international, diversified manufacturing com-pany that operates within two segments, Aerospace and Transportation. Operations in the Transportation division continue to perform well and, based on our calculations, provide a support level of ~US$3.50/share—In contrast to poor booking activity last year, Bombardier Aerospace post- which should significantly reduce downside risk for the shares. Bookinged a solid first half of the year in 2012 as its recent marketing campaigns activity remains solid and there is a strong pipeline of opportunities;(Nordic Aviation Capital, WestJet, NetJets) are starting to pay off. The back- management remains committed to achieving EBIT margins of 8.0% inlog is now much sounder and we estimate it is meeting management’s 2013 (we forecast 7.8%).guidance for four out of five aircraft families (vs one out of five at the end of2011). In our view, this is very positive as it provides strong revenue visibility. Given the aforementioned factors, we maintain a constructive view on Bombardier. At current levels, we believe the stock offers an at-Moreover, we believe momentum in Aerospace will continue to build, tractive value for investors and dividend yield of 2.6%.given BBD’s strong booking activity as additional marketing campaigns arescheduled in the US (Delta, SkyWest, US Airways, American Airlines). Most We rate Bombardier Buy–Above-average Risk with a $6/share target,of the orders should be placed in 2013 (unlikely this year) and will depend which is derived from an average of four valuation methods andon airline negotiations with labour unions in connection with the right to includes a value of US$1.20/share for the CSeries program.operate larger regional jets and on the ability to secure financing. Brian Christie, Analystn Forecast cash costs of US$485/oz GEO in 2012 below the Yamana also operates the Chapada copper-gold mine in Brazil, with industry average annual production of 145-150m lbs of copper, and holds a 12.5% equity interest in the Alumbrera copper-gold mine in Argentina.n Expected production increase of 27% year-over-year in 2013 With these assets, the company is poised to benefit from a with the start-up of new operations potential increase in copper prices in the event of a global economic recovery.n Proposed acquisition of Extorre’s 2.4m oz Cerro Moro project should provide further production growth in 2015–16 Thanks to its portfolio of stable or growing operations and its focus on organic growth, the company has outperformed many of itsYamana Gold Inc. is a Canadian-based gold producer focused on peers during the recent economic turmoil. With a diversified assetLatin America, with significant production, development and ex- base and significant near-term production growth, Yamana is cur-ploration properties, and land positions in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, rently our preferred large capitalization gold producer.Mexico and Colombia. Our net asset value for Yamana is US$14.88/share. Our target priceThe company’s key assets include the El Peñón, Gualcamayo and of US$22.00/share is derived by applying operational multiples ofChapada mines, which provide the bulk of 2012 production of 1.6x to El Peñón and Chapada, 1.4x to the remaining mines and1.21m ozs GEO (gold-equivalent ounces). Furthermore, produc- 1.3x to the development assets.tion recently commenced at the Mercedes mine in Mexico at a rateof 120,000ozs GEO per year. The company is considering increas-ing throughput, which it expects will allow production to surpass130,000ozs GEO per year in 2013. Sources: Desjardins Securities, company reports, Bloomberg Volume 23, N°8, August 2012 2-3 3
  4. 4. Desjardins Securities Top 25COMPANY TICKER RATING & RISK TARGET PRICE ($) MARKET CAP (M$)Toronto-Dominion Bank (The) TD Top Pick–Average 97.50 71,990Bank of Nova Scotia (The) BNS Top Pick–Average 65.00 58,690Brookfield Asset Management Inc. BAM Top Pick–Average US$40.00 US$20,565TransForce Inc. TFI Top Pick–Average 22.00 1,596Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. AQN Top Pick–Average 7.75 1,095Royal Bank of Canada RY Buy–Average 66.50 74,432Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. POT Buy–Average 58.00 39,171Canadian National Railway Company CNR Buy–Average 88.00 37,967Enbridge Inc. ENB Buy–Average 43.00 32,767BCE Inc. BCE Buy–Average 43.20 32,075Teck Resources Limited TCK.B Buy–Average 52.45 17,482Yamana Gold Inc. AUY Buy–Above-average US$22.00 US$10,496Cameco Corporation CCO Buy–Average 33.75 8,847First Quantum Minerals Ltd. FM Buy–Above-average 28.00 8,240Tim Hortons Inc. THI Buy–Average 60.00 8,205Bombardier Inc. BBD.B Buy–Above-average 6.00 6,603CGI Group Inc. GIB.A Buy–Above-average 27.00 6,164SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. SNC Buy–Above-average 54.00 5,780Metro Inc. MRU Buy–Average 59.00 5,319Baytex Energy Corp. BTE Buy–Average 68.00 5,068Vermilion Energy Inc. VET Buy–Average 59.00 4,596Dundee Real Estate Investment Trust D.UN Buy–Average 39.00 3,898Finning International Inc. FTT Buy–Average 33.00 3,865CAE Inc. CAE Buy–Average 14.00 2,610PetroBakken Energy Ltd. PBN Buy–Average 21.00 2,247Source: Desjardins Securities Portfolio Advisory Group in collaboration with Research analysts. DESJARDINS SECURITIES INC. LEGAL DISCLAIMERS For company specific disclosures, analyst certification and legal disclaimer, please visit or send request to Desjardins Securities Inc., 1170 Peel Street, Suite 300, Montreal, Quebec H3B 0A9, Attention : Research Dissemination of Research financial situation or specific needs of any particular client of Desjardins Securities. Before making an Desjardins Securities makes all reasonable effort to provide research simultaneously to all eligible clients. investment decision on the basis of any recommendation made in this publication, the recipient should Research is available to our institutional clients via FirstCall Research Direct, Multex and Bloomberg. consider whether such recommendation is appropriate, given the recipient’s particular investment In addition, sales personnel distribute research to institutional clients via email, fax and regular mail. needs, objectives and financial circumstances. Desjardins Securities suggests that, prior to acting on any of the recommendations herein, you contact one of our client advisors in your jurisdiction to Analyst Certification discuss your particular circumstances. Since the levels and bases of taxation can change, any reference Each Desjardins Securities research analyst named on the front page of this research publication, or in this publication to the impact of taxation should not be construed as offering tax advice; as with any at the beginning of any subsection hereof, hereby certifies that (i) the recommendations and opinions transaction having potential tax implications, clients should consult with their own tax advisors. Past expressed herein accurately reflect such research analyst’s personal views about the company and performance is not a guarantee of future results. securities that are the subject of this publication and all other companies and securities mentioned This publication may contain statistical data cited from third party sources believed to be reliable, but in this publication that are covered by such research analyst, and (ii) no part of the research Desjardins Securities does not represent that any such third party statistical information is accurate or com- analyst’scompensation was, is, or will be, directly or indirectly, related to the specific recommendations plete, and it should not be relied upon as such. All estimates, opinions and recommendations expressed or views expressed by such research analyst in this publication. herein constitute judgments as of the date of this publication and are subject to change without notice. Additional Disclosures US institutional customers: Desjardins Securities International Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Desjardins Securities’ equity research analysts are compensated from revenues generated by various Desjardins Securities Inc.) accepts responsibility for the contents of this report subject to the terms and Desjardins Securities businesses, including Desjardins Securities’ Investment Banking Department. limitations set out above. Institutions receiving this report should effect transactions in securities in the Desjardins Securities may have a long or short position or trade as principal in the securities discussed report through Desjardins Securities International Inc., an institutional broker/dealer registered with herein, related securities or in options, futures or other derivative instruments based thereon. The FINRA and the US Securities and Exchange Commission. reader should not rely solely on this publication in evaluating whether or not to buy or sell the Although each company issuing this publication is a wholly owned subsidiary of Desjardins Group, securities of the subject company. Desjardins Securities expects to receive or will seek compensation each is solely responsible for its contractual obligations and commitments, and any securities products for investment banking services within the next three months from all issuers covered by Desjardins offered or recommended to or purchased or sold in any client accounts (i) will not be insured by the Securities Research. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”), the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation or other Legal Matters similar deposit insurance, (ii) will not be considered a deposit or an obligation of Desjardins Group, (iii) This publication is issued and approved for distribution in Canada by Desjardins Securities Inc., a member will not be endorsed or guaranteed by Desjardins Group, and (iv) will be subject to investment risks, of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and a member of the Canadian including possible loss of the principal invested. Investor Protection Fund (CIPF). In the US, this publication is issued via the exemptive relief described in SEC The Desjardins trademark is used under licence. Rule 15a-6, and through reliance on Desjardins Securities International Inc., a member of FINRA and SIPC. © 2012 Desjardins Securities Inc. All rights reserved. Unauthorized use, distribution, duplication or This publication is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute an offer disclosure without the prior written permission of Desjardins Securities is prohibited by law and may or solicitation to buy or sell any securities discussed herein in any jurisdiction where such offer or result in prosecution. solicitation would be prohibited. The securities mentioned in this publication may not be suitable for all types of investors; their prices, value and/or income they produce may fluctuate and/or be adversely NOTE: All information (including prices and returns) as at July 23, 2012 affected by exchange rates. This publication does not take into account the investment objectives,Desjardins Securities1170 Peel Street, Suite 300, Montreal, Quebec H3B 0A9514-987-1749 1-888-987-1749 Volume 23, N°8, august 2012 4