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Modular CSS with Sass in Cascade Server


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Demonstration of using Sass (SCSS) and Web Services to update CSS files in Cascade Server. Code available at

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Modular CSS with Sass in Cascade Server

  1. 1. Oh No You Di’int: Modular CSS with Sass in Cascade Server Eric L. Epps @ericepps
  2. 2. Overview Why to use Sass (SCSS syntax) Modular Sass Managing (S)CSS in Cascade Server Code!
  3. 3. Remember This?
  4. 4. Why SASS? Variables Nesting Mixins Extend/Inheritance Operators Partials/Import
  5. 5. Why SASS? Variables
  6. 6. Why SASS? Nesting
  7. 7. Why SASS? Mixins
  8. 8. Why SASS? Extend/Inheritance
  9. 9. Why SASS? Operators
  10. 10. Why SASS? Partials/Import
  11. 11. Requirements Compile SCSS Modular for content re-use Minify CSS Easily publish changes In Cascade Server
  12. 12. Modules Code Rendered SCSS Page SCSS Site PHP Compile SCSS Minify CSS Cascade Web Services Target Site CSS File Pages Website
  13. 13. Links Server-SCSS @ericepps